4-30-2006 It needs to be said

Thanks entirely to the deliberate restrictions placed upon our free speech rights by political correctness, we can only speak that which we truly believe while in the company of trusted friends, relatives, co-workers or what have you. And that’s why whites preface their racial comments by saying “I’m not a racist, but…,” blacks frequently make reference to their abject loathing of white people by way of music, film and literary pursuits; and our illegal neighbors from due south of Texas make it painfully obvious that they don’t want to interact with anyone but their own.

With that having been typed, I’ve already thrown enough into the mix to offend damn near everyone who happens to read it.

But, to be painfully honest, I’m tired of being subjected to people who either want nothing to do with me, or happen to hate me for some past sins that were perpetrated many years before my mother was born. And I’m thoroughly tired of watching my culture--my once harmonious society--being eviscerated by people who constantly fight for their rights, but seem to think that mine no longer matter. Should I keep my mouth shut if most of the residents of Bolivia pick up and move into my town even though they entered the country illegally? And should I have to tolerate the insufferable indignity of their readily-apparent arrogance when I happen to encounter them? Despite having no legal rights at all, they demand their piece of the now-elusive American dream, while $900 disappears from my paycheck completely against my will?

Upon our arrival at Kirby Park yesterday afternoon, the very first thing we encountered was a large group of Latinos playing soccer. I couldn’t help but to wonder how many of them are here legally, and “What is happening to my country?” passed through my lips. Only my son caught what had slipped out, and if I passed along his rapid-fire retort--he’d be brought up on fedrule charges and tortured until he admitted that white people are the lowest of the racist pond scum.

(Here’s the part where I get my web site deleted due to complaints for the third time.)

Truth be told, I don’t know a single person that is happy about the fact that our politicians will not enforce our borders, will not provide for our national security by enforcing those borders, and will not ensure any future economic stability by way of clamping down on our borders. And if that’s not infuriating enough for the hard-working hoi polloi currently scratching their heads in stunned disbelief, our politicians steadfastly refuse to militarize our borders while the undocumented hordes violate our national sovereignty as if it’s their birthright, and while terrorists are openly scheming to deliver nuclear devices to American cities. Again…despite their apathetic voting tendencies, I have yet to meet a single person who is happy about the current goings-on in this country.

And where does our local Congressman stand on this issue? Well, visit his predictable Winter 2005 Newsletter and find out. Yeah, he’s sure got the Democratic talking points covered, as they all do. But what of us?

The way I see it, the Democrats are too busy protecting us from Republicans to protect us from terrorists, or illegal invaders. Conversely, the Republicans are too busy protecting us from Democrats to protect us from terrorists, or illegal invaders. Despite the clear lack of leadership or forward-thinking whereas problem solving is concerned, the very best our well-entrenched major political parties can deliver to us is a steady stream of suffocating gridlock and the ultimately debilitating political infighting.

Meanwhile, back here in the rapidly-decaying urban wastelands, frustration grows and folks such as my son find themselves just about ready to lash out at the wrong people. He’s young, he’s working hard trying to provide more for his growing brood, but he knows that he belongs to the one voting bloc who’s best interests are being completely ignored, if not completely undermined by the folks in Washington, D.C.. He’s a young white guy trying to join the ranks of the middle-class, but the illegal invaders who make up the underground--under-the-table--economy bleeding our local economies dry seem to curry more favor with the elected folk on the national stage.

So…if he does or says something deemed to be a “hate crime,” then what? Will he be beaten, shackled and thrown into a rat-infested hole for thirty years, while those who defiantly enter this country illegally continue to drain the scant resources we have remaining? Are average, hard-working Americans being properly represented by those who raise their own salaries, benefits and retirement packages while living in a tramp-filled cocoon? Oh, and while our “gross” paychecks get us to thinking “What if we didn’t have such confiscatory tax policies?”

We’re soon to be watching the reporting of the mass demonstrations held by people who entered this country illegally and are now demanding to be subsidized by people such as myself, my son and yourself. And while Paul Kanjorski and his self-centered partners in ineptitude pretend that we should be grateful that we can still afford a case of beer after the attached fedrule sin taxes, I’m here to tell you that the discontent is growing amongst the disbelieving populace and it might end up manifesting itself in some rather ugly ways. The up-and-coming racial discord between the illegal invaders and the legal residents of this country should be attributed to those who caused it in the first place, and not those who might eventually perpetrate it.

I’ll stop. I’m done. I guess.

But, please tell me, am I somehow off-base? Are you good with our borders resembling Swiss cheese, while our politicians debate how to better serve those that don’t even belong here and while they simultaneously conspire to assuage those of us that have done all that was demanded of us. We worked, we paid our taxes, we abided by the laws, we mowed our lawns and we threatened to kill our kids if they didn’t do what was right. And now, we’re being told that we should be expected to tolerate, subsidize and somehow make nice with those who want to lower our standard of living because their country won’t raise theirs?

Sorry, but it needs to be said.

Never before has such a powerful sovereign nation been told by it’s elected “leaders” that it’d be preferable for the apathetic occupants of said nation to sit on their hands and watch NASCAR while they were being invaded.

As of this moment, I’m not real keen on embracing the growing Hispanic, but completely separate by design, community within my own community. But I am beginning to think that if anyone needs to be lashed out, it should be those increasingly nefarious, self-serving trolls in Washington D.C. currently running this country into the ground.

And if my kid beats up on some Hispanic kid out of sheer frustration, arrest his ass.

But if he takes to beating up on politicos for the very same reasons, you might consider applauding his efforts.

Paul Kanjorski wants to dam a polluted river, but he wouldn’t dare dam the flow of illegal aliens into this country.

You tell me.

From the e-mail inbox Hi Mark.
First, let me say I really enjoy reading your blog. I'm fairly new to it, I found it a few days before that article appeared in the Times Leader. Can't remember how I found it, though. LOL You'll understand when you get old.

I'm originally from WB, was born and raised there and have a lot of family living in WB and I don't live that far outside of WB.

Ok, my question. Is there anyone in WB selling souvenirs commemorating WB's 200th birthday? I have a friend in CA who is from WB as well and has been reading the Times Leader online and asked me if I could send her something. Maybe the city has something in mind?

BTW I don't live that far outside of WB so any place would be within accessibility. (Oops, I already said that)



First, thanx.

Ah, the “boxers” story in the Times Leader. I think that’s going to be the longest-running joke in this family no matter what the heck happens from here on out.

As to your question, your sense of timing is uncanny. Why, just yesterday, I purchased 2 of those nifty bicentennial shirts from the Wilkes-Barre200 folks who had a tent at the Cherry Blossom Festival. Now, being the idiot that I am, you know I had to muck about with them. I asked them how much the shirts were going for. And when I was told they were ten bucks each, I responded by telling them the very same shirts were going for a mere seven bucks a pop just down the concourse a ways. I can’t help it. It just happens. Further proof that shock therapy is totally ineffective.

Anyway, if you want one of those smart-looking shirts, contact the people in charge of the following Web site.


My lovely model, the irrepressible Gorgo, was off-duty today, but here’s them there shirts for your perusal:



Read the following story from The Citizens’ Voice and understand that I am going to rip Paul Kanjorski’s deflatable dam a brand new asshole sometime tomorrow.


Stay tuned.

From the e-mail inbox Mark:

FYI - Joe Leonardi is running ~60 to 80 thirty second campaign ads this weekend on your local cable channels. No specific channels were mentioned, but from prior media advertising experience, they usually pick ~6 - 8 channels, some premium and some second tier and spread the ads based upon what type of package he paid for.

The ad is 100% about the river and his stance against the dam. Great timing. I remember comments like "inflatable dream world".

Dream world? When Paul Kanjorski figures out how to replace all of the long-missing street signs in Nanticoke, I might…that’s might…listen to what he has to say about what Wilkes-Barre needs.

In actuality, I am completely bored by his constant droning on, and I wish he’d move on to much greater pursuits. How about paving just one of those broken trails they call streets in his now-Act 47 hometown?

The stereo is blaring and I am gone.