5-10-2006 Day? Or one of the duds?

The subject of the 121st race to replace Kevin Blaum recently came up on Gort 42, and Wilkes-Barre Politics. And if you click on the provided links to the reader’s comments, things got a bit testy, some name-calling ensued and someone even mocked Brian O’Donnell’s appearance.

Actually, the reader’s comments got downright nasty when the following appeared at the Wilkes-Barre Politcs blog:

I think my blogger friends may have been looking at the computer screen for to long....

Ok, so much to say but I'm going to keep it brief. Ed Pashinski has a better chance of winning a Grammy, than he does becoming our representative.

Some of you may have forgot what he did when he was union leader. Most people haven't however. I'm telling you they haven't forgotten about the great Pashinski STRIKE!!

Now let me tell you why Eddie can't win…

Look, it’s been obvious since day one that Brian O’Donnell and Bob Reilly are well-connected in the political circles, and they’d have to be considered the favorites from the get-go. Still, we do remember the Miracle Mets, the Miracle at The Meadowlands and Miracle on Ice. As in sports, there is a reason why we play these election games. And if anyone is willing to bet his last working gonad on any political race, I’d have to ask them why Al Gore has gone all Norman Bates on us all of a sudden.

There’s really no reason for the candidate’s supporters to get to throwing mud, while the candidates themselves have managed to take the high road up ‘til now. A while back, some claimed I was playing dirty by making mention of two things about O’Donnell that I find to be very, very troubling. So troubling, in fact, I think they should be politically crippling. Howsoever, none of those who took offense to my comments cared to defend him based on my arguments. I got stuff like, he’s a good guy, he’s got a family, he’s got a business, and he’s on the school board.

The fluff stuff aside, at least for me, “serving” on a school board is about as impressive as having sex with an empty Pepsi bottle. At least after you have at it with an attractive-looking Pepsi bottle, nobody suffers through yet another tax increase, suffers with children on par intellectually with the mental dwarfdom that is being a full-time pot washer, or suffers with teachers who’s teaching exploits will never approach the dizzying heights that their obviously bloated salaries did. As far as I’m concerned, when somebody on a school board steps up and says he wants to run the state, I’m thinking he needs to receive a hearty and collective Fu>k you! Based on what? Declining standards, a preoccupation with the mundane, rising salaries, rising taxes and the always lurking--new schools on the drawing board. Of course, those would include the sure-as-sh*t cost overruns. Oh…oh, but the phony baloney test scores are up! Yeah, and most high school graduates these days can’t end a single sentence without saying “You know what I mean,” or starting a sentence without stammering, “And…like…” (LMAO)

If enabling the illiterate is somehow proof of capable leadership--I ain’t seeing it. But don’t be so greatly alarmed by what I happen to think.

I think being able to crush a beer can with one hand is an achievement.

Agin’, it’s all well and good if everybody wants to get to hacking on everybody else, as getting things all a’boil over nuthin’ on the internet is surely much more fun than those mostly anemic campaign ads.

But know this, while I may have stared at my ‘puter screen for far too long for years now, never did I say that Eddie Day was a shoo-in, or even close.

I said what I had to say last night, but if Ed goes really, really heavy with the door-to-door routine, don’t be surprised if another O’Donnell gets shot down in flames on election day.

Anybody ever hear of William Amesbury?

Let’s vote!

If, kiddies. If.

Ed has an infectious way about him and he always has. If he hit’s the streets real hard, he could change some minds out there. With his self-effacing demeanor and his disarming smile, he could win a grass roots campaign against a couple of favored cookie cutter candidates. Whether he does or not remains to be seen, but his yard signs are popping up at an alarming rate. Well, that is, alarming if you went into debt figuring that said debt coupled with the family pedigree was a sure bet.

Take another look at the Leader story endorsing Ed. They elude to some of what I’m trying to say. Ed connects with people.

Pashinski’s assets are passion, he’s baggage-free

Y’all can fight if you want to, but don’t even come close to putting any words in my mouth. All I said was, I’m voting for Ed Pashinski. Oh, and there’s a reason why, against whatever odds, we still go on with the games.

Never…say never.

From The Citizens’ Voice:

Wilkes-Barre council toughening city’s landlord ordinance

Good. But I wholeheartedly agree with Jim McCarthy. If we don’t have enough inspection manpower to bring to bare with the tougher standards well on the way, then hire some more. Nothing irks us faster than passing laws and never enforcing them. Just watch this illegal immigration issue all but boil over as the Hillary ‘08 watch continues to heat up.

This particular witch, sans the flying monkeys, has political Achilles heels like I got empty beer cans. And they called John Kerry a flip-flopper?

Question: Hillary, where do you stand on illegal immigration?

Answer: Which year?

She’s gonna need the protection of The Wild Turkey Federation when she seeks the final prize.

Sez me.

From the e-mail inbox Mark,

The other day when I wrote you about the music being downloaded to my desktop, I forgot to mention that I also have a Mac. Maybe it is a quirk limited to Mac's only. Oh, and the file has now changed from Zappa to a Beach Boys song. You must have updated your music file.

Take care.

WBFD retired

Macs, heh? Doesn’t much matter. I’m going to do away with that tonight. Although, I thought Macs were supposed to be superior and whatnot. I can’t embed tunes because of their reaction to them? That’s malarkey. I guess.

From The Citizens’ Voice:

Trio of teens charged for vandalism

13 graffiti arrests in 2 months. You have to like that. I know I do. The “Brown Skin Soldiers?” They’re kidding, right?

The only part of this that I don’t like is that we are not privy to the names of these “soldiers.” Sorry, but if you can’t control your kid, I wanna know about and see to it that he doesn’t spend any time with my kids, or spend any time in close proximity to anything I own or hold dear. If your kid is an asshole, I wanna know all about it.

Anything that encourages lawlessness among juveniles needs to be done away with and fast. And shielding them from the public scorn they so richly deserve does just that.

Something needs to give.


From The Times Leader:

Unwelcome sign for barn animals?

No barn animals in Wilkes-Barre? Lemme get this straight. I can have a 150-pound dog. But I can’t have a smallish goat? My Rottweiller can eat your toddler, and that’s allowed. But, my goat might eat some neighbor’s lawn, and that’s a problem? Yak droppings would be unacceptable in an urban environment. Yet, horse droppings scattered all over the city is proof that the police are doing their jobs?

Besides…what the heck are we supposed to do for sex?

Whatever. City council must be getting bored again.

Next session: The newt vote.

I’m going. I’m beat.

Theater garage entry

Two many jobs. Two many hours. Too many miles on the Hummer. And much more to come in just a few hours. I figure I ought to sleep like an Al Gore supporter, er….a baby tonight.