6-6-2006 Sounds kind of weird to me

Sorry about the freak out session the other night. The blogger it was directed at probably didnít deserve it, but, well, too late now. I dunno. Itís just that Iíve always had a tough time with the anonymity thing. I just canít feature anyone thinking theyíre clever or what have you when theyíre too completely afraid to sign their own name to their budding genius and suchlike.

Besides, do we really think, say, Paul Kanjorski gives a hoot about Zippy the Wonder Pundit, some anonymous assassin from BlogInANanosecond.com? Iím not saying anonymous bloggers donít add to the oft-intelligent internet discourse, Iím just saying I think they command much less respect than they would if they were making with the critic routine under their own names. Shoot me.

And Iím not blowing my own horn except to say that Iíve had to face very many of the people I ripped to shreds on these electronic pages of mine, and Iíd do it all over again if I thought it would help to further Wilkes-Barre along. In fact, many times over it was a rush going toe-to-toe with those that deal in intimidation and threats. Fact is, they bitch at us when weíre apathetic, while my example proves that they will bitch even louder when we pay too much attention. Ahhhhh. Close scrutiny got you down? Tough.

Anyways, sorry about going ballistic and all, but after listening to Sue Henry today, Iím almost certain Iím suffering from intermittent explosive disorder. Can I go on disability now? Can I drink all night, sleep all day and beat the tar out of the mailman when my government check doesnít arrive on time? Can I? Can I? Huh?

Does anybody know if the Leisure Tavern delivers?

LookÖif I road rage all the time, then I shouldnít be trusted with a driverís license. And if I canít be trusted with what all of those illegal aliens find it so easy to obtain--a driverís license--then I canít be gainfully employed in any meaningful sense. SoÖwhatís left? I go on the public dole.

Yippee! Victim status at last!!!

The latest news from Wilkes-Barre? Well, letís start with the bad news--the Coal Street Pool.

Iíve heard some grumbling about this latest development, but I would caution people to reserve commenting until we know more about the on-going developmental discussions between the Penguins organization and city officials whereas the future of the Coal Street complex is concerned.

Without knowing too much about the decision to close the pool, if the mayor says itíd take a quarter million to return it to itís glory days, Iím inclined to take him at his word. Much like the decision to shutter the Heights fire station, this sounds like another example of not throwing good money, which happens to be in short supply, after bad. Or what heíd likely call, ďnot being afraid to make the tough the decisions.Ē

Unlike some communities around here, in spite of the closing, weíve still got a city pool to enjoy down at Kistler School. And a nice one at that.

Even so, I canít help but to think about all of the poorer kids that reside in both the Interfaith complex and Sherman Hills. Fact is, they donít have a pool of their own out back. And I know from 1.) being poor and, 2.) living at Interfaith, it was a genuine treat to have a first-class pool waiting for us right down at the bottom of the hill. Truth be told, thatís where I first laid eyes on wifey.

Back in my day, if any mayor closed the pool, weíd likely ride a train all the way down to South Wilkes-Barre and dive into the other pool. These days, there arenít too many trains running from the Heights to South Wilkes-Barre. In lieu of the pool, maybe Tom Leighton can bring the freight trains back? Besides the convenient transportation and all, itíd give us something else to break into and pillage. Again, just like those old days. How did it go again? There was whiskey in the Norfolk & Western boxcars, and gigantic spools of paper in theÖah, forget it. Iím not sure what the statute of limitations is on all of that.

Anyway, despite our mayorís penchant for not announcing anything until the girders are being delivered, heís got big things in mind for that park. Only time will tell, but I hope he pulls it off. Whatever it is.

From The Citizensí Voice:

Leighton: Coal Street Pool will not open this summer

NowÖon to the good news.

R/C Theatres will begin showing second-run movies, with an admission price of just $1 a ticket, beginning June 24 ó a full week ahead of the official grand opening set for June 30.

Downtown theaters will open one week early

Thatís sounds doable to me depending on which second-run movies they decide to show. I mean, I donít wanna see no Broken Prostrate Mountain or anything polluted by that utter puke Sean Penn. But otherwise, this sounds like a plan. They should run the indisputable all-time classics like, say, Smokey and The Bandit, Killdozer, Dirty Mary & Crazy Larry, Solar Babies, or anything with John Saxonís name neatly displayed on the marquee. But, a buck a ticket? Hell, Iíll buy. Whoís in?

Junior Mints, anyone?

Buy your own, prick!

CanĎt wait

This is by no means a shock at this point, but itís really good news for the downtown.

The Innovation Center is situated near Public Square next to Boscovís Department Store and less than a block away from the cityís theater scheduled to open later this month. The bookstore will fill the basement and first levels of the former Woolworthís building.

Frank said the Barnes & Noble plans also feature a full-service cafť that serves Starbucks products, similar to the cafť located inside the Barnes & Noble store in Wilkes-Barre Township.

Downtown bookstore on the way

Being a voracious reader, Iím liking this development. Add it to my suddenly growing list of downtown businesses I can either walk to, bicycle to, or drag a wagon loaded down with grandrodents to. City living just keeps sounding better and better with each passing day, doesnít it? OhÖadmit it already! Jeez.

Hell, I might even plunk down five bucks so as to buy me a Starbucks coffee and see for myself what all of the hoopla is about? Five bucks? For a frickiní cup of coffee? It had better be better than liquid sex, or my recently diagnosed disorder might kick in Johnny on the spot.

County to 580...557: ďWe got a call of a man assaulting a copy of Atlas Shrugged at the book store on South Main. No description given.Ē

557: ď17.Ē

580: ď17.Ē

Not my fault, officer. See, I gots me one of them newfangled disabilities, and ainít no yuppie sumbitch gonna rip me off.

From the e-mail inbox Mark,

Don't know if you heard or not, Hollenback fire station will be opened/dedicated on Thursday. Don't know what time or any other details, but thats what I was told today. Was also in it today, very nice. Should work fine.


No, I hadnít heard, but I figured it had to be soon. You know, after personally being in North, Northeast and East stations and then getting a glimpse inside this new firehouse, I got to thinking that the folks who eventually staff it ought to be fairly pleased about doing so. Oh, by the way. I showed up there a couple of weeks ago wearing a ďhose dudesĒ shirt and sporting a chirping scanner, so the construction dudes didnít even give me a second thought when I got to poking around in there just a tiny bit. They probably thought I was the fire chief or some such thing. Sneaky bastard, ainít I?

Iím pretty sure thereís still some hard feelings in the department in the aftermath of the regrettable Heights brouhaha and all. And Iím quite certain the staffing issues are causing some lingering discontent. Especially whereas the reduced overtime is concerned.

But, isnít this $50 million over five years devoted to the fire department starting to look like a plan? Am I somehow wrong? Weíve got two recently rehabbed firehouses that are certainly not ancient by any stretch of the imagination. New doors, new roofs and new HVAC systems in place. Weíve got a brand-spanking new firehouse. And weíve got new apparatus soon to be in every single station.

A couple of years ago, we had nothing but aging apparatus always in need of some sort of repair. We had a rain forest in which dam near everything rusted out, a turn of the century firehouse barely bigger than an expensive Home Depot storage shed, and the Heights firehouse that was built before the advent of electricity, which, ironically, had something to do with itís eventual undoing. Is it just me, or is the fire department in much better shape than it was just two short years ago?

I know about the staffing issues. And I understand the effect the staffing has on the safety of everyone involved, be they resident, or be they firefighter. Iím just wondering about the current mood of those who rush into burning structures while the rest of us run away. Are you folks feeling better about things, or not?

Believe it or not, Iím all good with Bush bashing when itís well-deserved.

How do I protect myself against gay marriage?

UmÖtry urinating yourself and mumbling profanities whenever any of those gay boys get too close for comfort. Then again, thatíll cause the straight boys to steer well clear of you too. Damn near everyone, for that matter. Trust me, it works.

Should homosexuals be allowed to marry? Sounds kind of weird to me. The thing I donít get is, with so many heterosexuals eschewing marriage in favor of ďshacking up,Ē why are the homosexuals so adamant about being married? Donít they know what theyíre asking for?

If I had to guess, Iíd say most homosexuals just want to be left alone. I know I do. But, as with every issue, weíve got the usual activists pushing their agenda wherein the teeny tiny minority gets to dictate public policy to the majority. I donít think thereís near as many legitimate homophobes as there are average people just sick and tired of the oft-sickening and increasingly vitriolic activists.

Should homosexuals be allowed to marry? Sounds kind of weird to me. Why not give them some legal rights resembling what legally married boys and girls enjoy, and then move onto the more critical issues that are currently dragging us down?

As I have stated many times, I really donít care what anyone does so long as they donít touch any of my stuff. And as long as gays arenít touching any of my, ahem, stuff, they ought to be allowed to do as they may and have some legal protections and such in place.

Enlightened thinking on my part? No, just the musings of someone who has had quite enough of the small stuff being continually fought over to no avail, while the really, really big stuff goes on being virtually ignored.

With that said, donít expect to hear any Village People at the block party.

Sez me.