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Well, then. Is it just me, or do both Commissioner Vondertodd and Commissioner Skrep appear to be politically screwed? Damned if you do and damned if you don’t? You reassess in ‘06…and the senior citizens race down to the rotunda dome with pitchforks in hand during the run-up to reelection time. You stall the reassessment until ‘07 (after the primaries)…and the younger folks know that politics is afoot at their expense, so they rush on over to Home Depot for the pitchforks with the fiberglass handles.

Being that those aforementioned seniors haven’t had their properties reassessed since they were twenty-somethings, and since they tend to vote en masse, I’m left to assume that the prospect of pissing off those that have not paid their fair share throughout their entire adult lives scares the majority commissioners much more than outraging those younger folks who are obviously getting the shaft, but vote in less frightening numbers. In other words, they will curry favor with the old folks for the purposes of being reelected at the expense of the young. So, my question to you is, what’s changed? New leaders, same old game.

We’re constantly bemoaning the fact that we’re losing our best and brightest--our young--yet, we play the same tired political games.

Call them what you will, leftists, Democrats, progressives, bed-wetters, or even Chia Kevs, but tell them they need not chastise me for celebrating the violent passing of Moonbat al-Zarqawi. That freak--that common, petty criminal in a former demented life--was a psychopathic killer who sent plenty of innocent bystanders to their deaths. Why wouldn’t I cheer when someone who plays politics by beheading innocent people gets fragged?

Look, some of you people really need to get past your visceral hatred of George Bush and start using your brain. If Hitler was killed today, would I be wrong to party? If Pol Pot ate some depleted uranium rounds tomorrow, would you leftists weep for him, too? If Fidel Castro…sorry. I shouldn’t have gone there. I went too far. I know what a hero he is to the left. Sorry. I’ll stick to bashing Al Gore’s works of science fiction.

Anywho, al-Zarqawi is no more. And the very last thing he saw and heard was American soldiers.

What’s not to like?

In actuality, the apoplectic Bush haters have become so utterly predictable, you’d think even they would notice how lame their arguments (or lack thereof) have become. Case in point: Chia Kev, the oft-sniveling, insult hurling gnome from WILK.

As soon as I got out of bed and read that al-Zarqawi was toast, I instantly knew that Chia Kev would be miffed at the news and would tell his captive audience (no competition) that the death of this defiant and dangerous foe of ours was no big deal. I couldn’t wait until 6:11 am for Kev to hit the airwaves and spew his predictable fifth, as if on my cue.

Kev sez nothing will change with al-Zarqawi’s death. He also sez nothing will change “..if someone shows up in a market with Osama bin Laden’s head on a spike.” He likened it to trying to stop a virus from spreading by killing the originally infected person. Basically, Chia Kev keeps raising the bar with each passing success. In fact, he openly mocked Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld for not being able to locate and neutralize al Queda top leaders as far back as I can recall. He mocked and mocked and mocked some more. Ah, but when one of those top leaders suddenly becomes the recipient of two laser-guided 500-pound bombs…well, all of a sudden, those very same allusive targets are no longer important in Kevin’s denuded, partisan mind. Nope.

The very things he mocked the administration for not accomplishing are suddenly tossed aside as unimportant when they are finally accomplished. In a nutshell, Kevin was disturbed to learn that Bush and his minions--the US military--killed one of the bad guys. It’d be so more preferable to have those bad guys killing American troops by way of military-grade ordnance configured by demolitionists than to have the American troops kill the bad guys. Why? Because all that Kevin truly cares about is the polling numbers and suchlike. The leftist panty waste would prefer to have body bags filled with Americans so as to have his favorite frustrated commies--the Democrats--take power and emulate his favorite rapidly failing place on Earth--Europe.

Kevin, I’m thrilled that the US military upped and disappointed you. I hope lots of car bombs kill scores of innocent Iraqis so that you can continue on with your insane anti-American mumblings. And if you’re really, really lucky, those stupid boys and girls from those mostly inbred red states will get killed likewise.

All that matters is that we discredit Bush and get your fellow dimwits elected so as to continue the incremental dismantling of the country you happen to loathe the most--America.

The killing of a psychotic mass-murderer is unimportant?

More vitriolic criticisms from the man who knows everything, but stands for nothing.

WARNING: Foul language

From the e-mail inbox Mark:

Thank you for the very interesting website and your comments on the state of the valley.

I laughed when I followed the link to the "Save our City" webblog. Obviously a firefighter or a spouse runs this one! I think that it's a shame that the paid firefighters in this City (and most other ones) believes that the public safety universe revolves around them. When there is a person with a gun, I want a cop. If there is a fire, I want a firefighter. When it snows or a stop sign is knocked down, I want a public works crew. I want a building inspector to make sure that my apartment doesn't burn down in the first place. And the most important public safety employee is the lowly water and sewer worker who helps to provide safe drinking water and treats the wastewater. These are the guys that have saved the most lives!

Most government employees are directly or indirectly focused on public health or safety. It shows the incredible self-importance of W-B's firefighters and their supporters that their interests are always greater than that of the other public health and safety employees of the City.

You hold firm.


Don’t forget about my contributions to public safety. West Nile Virus hasn’t gotten much of a foothold in this county, and I had a hand in all of that. As you pointed out, much more goes into ensuring public safety than typically meets the eye. Which is not to say that people who know not of which they speak will resist the urge to make lots of noise about it.

This is the way I see that entire firehouse brouhaha. The union wanted to hire more union brothers. The firefighters wanted more overtime. A few residents of the Heights wanted their firehouse to be reopened. Then, the self-aggrandizing “activists” swooped in and all hell broke loose.

Consider this little morsel. I scanned copies of the engineering reports up to this site wherein they estimated it could cost upwards of a quarter million dollars to bring that shuttered building up to snuff, and up to all of the various & sundry codes that applied. And how did the “activists” react? They said the report was flawed, if not preordained. The assertion being that the mayor told them what to report. So, in their special place, not only is the mayor a liar, but so are the employees of the engineering firm. Everyone involved was as pure as the wind-driven culm with the exception of the mayor, the council, the engineers and attentive folks such as myself. That’s where it ended up. The “activists” ran away screaming as soon as a county judge laid the financial boom on one of the most vocal of the Heights residents, and everyone is painted as a bad guy except for the people that picked the needless fight in the first place. As a result, residents are jaded. Some of the firemen are jaded. Meanwhile, the fire department has been the recipient of untold dollars, massive improvements to their physical plants, and enough new apparatus to make the FDNY jealous. Well, almost.

There’s a whole bunch of swell guys that fight fires and such in this city. But, sadly, they were used by others who had a bigger interest in playing politics for personal gain than they had any real interest in public safety. It never should have happened and the list of folks deserving the great preponderance of the blame is a very, very short one. You’ll hear most of those names again when it comes time to vote for council again.

I have to point out that I think you are the first person that called anything created by me interesting. That should scare you.


Stay in touch.


Pretty soon

From the e-mail inbox Mark,

Well, shooting beer outta my nose all over my keyboard upon scrolling down and seeing the "racecard" picture in the "6-6-6" edition was fun!
What the heck, I wanted a new laptop anyway!


PS: I took the new job and am currenty commuting, while looking for local housing.

Alright, we had better do this.

Wilkes-Barre Online is not responsible for any damages associated with the projectile vomiting, spewing, or reverse-snorting of any liquids, cold or otherwise.

Thank you.

Sorry about the wasted beer. That was not my intention.

Cynthia McKinney is about as dimwitted as an any other dimwit currently mucking things up, with the major difference being that people voted for her. End times, anyone?

How about the “racial profiling” lawsuit in Wilkes-Barre whereby the city gets sued only because our cops were doing exactly what they are charged by us to do--interdict those that are ignoring our laws. I guess they’ll just have to limit themselves to pulling over the white people from here on out. Reverse-racial profiling? Wouldn’t wanna get sued, right? From an economic and litigation standpoint, there’ll be safe traffic stops (whites) and unsafe traffic stops (blacks).

Crying racial profiling is becoming too damn easy. If I was born black, I’d sue every time anyone looked in my general direction. They’ll settle out of court, right? It’s all a very bad joke being told totally at taxpayer expense. And yet, we wonder why all of our cities are borderline insolvent. Enough.

You’re looking for local housing? Outstanding, man! Welcome back. Look me up and we’ll wander about aimlessly on mountain bikes. Or, we could consume mass quantities and try to damage our ears with some nasty loud Blue Oyster Cult. Then again, maybe we should make like the normal people and rent piles of sh*tty movies. I dunno.

You tell me.

I always crack up when people suggest that I’m somehow in the loop with the easily recognized movers and shakers, and for very obvious reasons. Thing is, I’m not. Remember, I’m probably the only person who was expressly warned to “clean up” before attending the mayor’s inaugural ball. No jeans, no tank tops and no ball caps. If you ask me, these ‘portant people don’t know how to hang out. A tuxedo? To drink beer and act all silly like? Whatever.

Anyways, just when I thought I could slip into the soup kitchen unnoticed and grab a bite to eat, I get this thing in the mail:


At first glance, I thought there was no way some scrub like me was gonna do the rubbing elbows with the unapproachable gods thing again. But, wifey said she’d like to go, so, what the hell. Why not? I don’t care what the mayor’s wife says, I’m a gonna be wearing whatever it is that I feel most comfortable in. Let’s just say I might be the first person to ever enter out new theatre complex wearing a Braves ball cap.

I have no idea (idear) why I received this invite, but I’m thinking that it’s because no one person has given that theater project more free advertising than myself. It’s either that or somebody at the Chamber is a huge Braves fan.

Repeat after me: Junior Mints.