7-9-2006 I'm still here

I‘ve been lying kind of low this past week. I’m still here. But I wasn‘t very interested in playing on the internet. I’m not so much depressed as I am just kind of bummed out.

It seems to be happening all over again. The job thing. It seems that every time I have a job I actually enjoy doing, somebody or something sets about ruining that damn near bliss for me. Sometimes it’s a individual and sometimes it’s an organizational thing. But, every time I think I’ve found my very last job, it changes dramatically and becomes untenable.

What to do about it?

The kids are all grown, raised and on their own, so I can be self-centered whereas my employment is concerned. I can be selfish. Truth be told, I always have been. The way I see it, we only get one shot at this game of life. So why waste 50% of your time doing what has basically become drudgery? Why do it?

I’m old enough to be somewhat smart and still young enough to behave immaturely, so I’m not sure what’s in store for me. And I’m also stubborn enough to refuse to do what I do not enjoy, or never signed on for in the first place.

Needless to say, I’m currently reevaluating things and weighing my options.

Maybe I’ll do like everybody else--lie--and claim my government check.


What do Tom Clark and myself have in common? Well, our take on the recent flooding, what made them worse than they had to be and how global warming did not play into any of it.

Tom Clark’s take on the recent flooding.

The apoplectic anti-Bush crowd should start putting an environmentally friendly sock into it. Things, bad things are just beginning to surface. Bad things, as in, maybe Saddam Hussein really was an enabler of terrorists everywhere.

There are still millions and millions of captured documents and whatnot yet to be translated and declassified. So maybe Bush didn’t lie after all. Maybe Bush got it right. Maybe history will be kind to him as I have warned y’all about many, many times.

Maybe becoming an advocate of Michael Moore wasn’t such a bright idea. Maybe some of you should have thought rather than blindly following folks playing politics in an obvious time of global war. An asymmetrical war. But a war nonetheless.

Your bad.

Iraq How-to Manual Directed Arab Military Operatives In Afghanistan

Was Saddam Regime a Broker for Terror Alliances?

'Dr. Germ' had bio-weapon program just before war

Here’s one man’s opinion:

It’s WWIII, and U.S. is out of ideas

Here’s another:

“History has proven that politicians who clamor for appeasement are, sooner or later, proven wrong.”--Rich Galen, 6-7-06, Townhall.com

Idiocy is fun, ain‘t it?

Can a jet fuel/hydrocarbon fire collapse a steel structure? An experiment.

No way!!! Dubya had the Twin Towers brought down! He ordered it. He listens to my dial-a-porn calls, he ate my children and he is working to deny me all of my constitutional rights!


From the e-mail inbox Good Evening Mark,

Your site gets out there pretty good so I thought I would share this with you to relate to other residents of our community. When my wife and I purchased our home in 1999 we were never offered mine subsidence insurance because our local office stated there were no need for it. While cruising the Web, I just happen to stumble on a link where you may see if your area is in need of this type of insurance. Wouldn't you know it, my residence was on the list for such insurance. This search was conducted by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Recourses.


I can’t imagine anyone in Culm County telling anyone else living in Culm County that they ought not get mine subsidence insurance. Nah. No subsidence problem here. There are a couple of underground coal veins on fire here and there, but subsidence insurance? Don’t be silly.

Sure, the ground opens from time to time and swallows cars, homes, telephone poles, chicken shacks, small dogs and what have you, but insurance? So the in-ground pool out back drained completely in 10 seconds flat. Why worry? Be happy.

But make sure you have valid flood insurance.

From the e-mail inbox Mark…

Thanks for the nice words about my blog. I try to make "Things at King's" as much as possible to be like two people meandering down a country road, chatting about whatever as they walk along. The blog is a soft June day that, like the conversation, never ends. I've published daily since April 4.

I read yours daily as one would drop into the local bar and see who's arguing about what. The voice of the people, heated but always friendly, opinionated as h*ck but willing to listen. And, hey, let me show you pictures of the grandrodents.

Tom Carten

The blog is a soft June day that, like the conversation, never ends.

I’ll second that. And mine is yet another June day dominated by threatening skies that never deliver what they could have. A whole lot of thunder, but very few lightning strikes.

Perhaps I should rename this electronic oasis of mine. How ‘bout ‘Uncle Jiggy’s Corner Bar on the Internet?’ You know, the only place where you can get an imaginary hamburger and a circumlocutory hand job at the same location? Jack in the …

I dunno.

Jeremy at 6-months-old

He won’t stop rubbing his tongue over his lone tooth right there in the middle.

Arts Youniverse

Wifey and I enjoyed ourselves a lengthy bikeabout today and we’re wondering why movie-goers are being denied entry to the parking lot that lies directly beneath the theater complex. We watched car after car pull up to the ticket gate, wait for a moment or two and then back into the oncoming traffic on Northampton Street. Not sure what’s up with that.

Oh, and still no fountain flowing in the Square’s center. My grandrodents are growing increasingly annoyed with the situation down there. Dare not lose the toddler vote, no?

The city was quiet. The theater was busy. No crime. No murders. No scary-looking “minorities” milling all about. Nothing of note to report, despite what some might have you believe.

I talked to the kid who owns this neighborhood’s version of a Mister Softee truck--Blue Bunny--and he’s going to make an appearance at our yearly block party. We’re thinking around 7:30 pm or so, but that’s yet to be set in stone. Something new for the kiddies to partake of which, I might add, are admitted free of charge at our big shindig.

By the way, we need accurate head counts, so lemme know.

Station Complex again

I paid the Wilkes-Barre Politics blog a visit only to find the following readers comments:

Anonymous said...

Seems like Mark Coar has another site for his propaganda. Good luck with this site too Mark.

Um…now I’m being blamed for sites I have absolutely nothing to do with? Where will it end? Hey, fu>k it, you dummy! If you find a Web site even remotely objectionable, blame it on me. Like I could really care. Dunce.

My propaganda? That’s ultimately hilarious coming from yet another anonymous coward. Once again, what we have here is yet another strong argument for abortion. Just think, if your parents had never met, there'd be far less abject stupidity in the world. If only.

They (whoever they are) say the meek shall inherit nothing, but the stupid shall inherit even less.

It’s COUR, numbnuts! C-O-U-R!

Now open the oven, insert fat head, blow out the pilot light and make the world a better place. Need help?

I'm here.