7-15-2006 Wasn't me

No sooner was Lou Barletta‘s Illegal Immigration Relief Act signed into law by him did one of those illegal types go and get arrested for peddling illegal narcotics on a city playground.

Go figure.

From The Standard Speaker:

Illegal alien, others busted for selling drugs at playground

Interesting. An illegal alien was arrested for selling drugs on a playground. No foolin’? We’ll have to put in a call to the Chia, Chia & Kev law firm and find out if that too is proof of bigotry, racism, mean-spiritedness and generally being one of those dastardly Republicans. When in need of abject idiocy from those who jumped on the “white flight“ caravan out of town to the relative safety of suburbia, who better to call than a rapidly aging, utterly clueless, frustrated Marxist ‘60s reject?

I found it to be very insightful to hear a Latino protesting outside of Hazleton City Hall refer to illegal aliens as being “undocumented workers.” Politically savvy, aren’t they? They may not be able to pronounce “Mall-burra” even near correctly at the local Turkey Hill when they need a pack of smokes, but they do seem to be able to pronounce the latest politically correct buzz words. One day it’s “No habla,” and the very next day it’s victim hood and attorneys seeking out plaintiffs…oh, and potential plaintiffs seeking out circling attorneys. It’s a cruel joke and it’s being told at our direct expense.

Sorry, honey. An undocumented worker is someone who works under the table. Ask the dreaded I.R.S. about all of that. Plainly stated, someone who wantonly, brazenly violates the sovereignty of the United States is an illegal alien. And no matter how it’s spun, illegal aliens are all lawbreakers. Spin that!

And what usually happens to those who break the law?

What happens to the black kids from the inner-city who flaunt the law? What happens to the rich white folk who fudge their tax returns? What happens to the guys who leave the bars at 3 am and promptly snuff out someone else’s life by way of a needless drunken-driving crash? What happens to the drug addicts that rob the Turkey Hill stores? What happens to the few cops who violate the trust we placed in them? What becomes of me if I shoot the next loose Pit Bull I happen upon?

All together now…the long arm of the law reaches out and grabs us!

Oh, yeah. That.

Yet, we’re being told that one particular group of lawbreakers should be exempt from prosecution. And if that’s not infuriating enough, we’re being told they deserve special consideration simply because they are poor. They deserve financial assistance, health care, social security, an education and whatever else some self-centered politician can think of offering.

But what of America’s indigenous poor? Are they being excused in droves for violating the various and sultry laws? The born-and-raised poor should go off to prison, but the illegal hordes should be overlooked? The iron fists of both law enforcement and the judicial system should come down on only certain groups? Certain potential voting blocs? As slippery slopes go, this one is frightening in it’s future implications.

As far as I’m concerned, the only thing Mayor Lou Barletta did wrong was to dare to usurp the authority of the Fedrule Govmint which, at present, absolutely refuses to protect it’s own citizens. The Democrats in particular seem especially concerned about some upstart, piss-ant of a rust-belt mayor (especially a Republican) having the unmitigated audacity to challenge the totality of their new-found form of completely centralized government that runs totally contrary to the original framework of this country.

Why even have customs agents at the ports and airports, when anyone can carry anything over the border? Exotic plants, animals, insects, diseases; who cares? Admit them all and let them wreak havoc on the fragile eco-systems and such they are invading. Neutron-flux sniffers? Geiger counters? Why so frickin’ picky? We don’t protect the borders, so what’s with the close scrutiny at our ports of call?

Laughably, some Latino “activist” told the media that Barletta’s new ordinance divided the community.

For those of you that do not reside within the confines of Hazleton, don’t believe that utter bilge for a single nanosecond. Based on the goings-on in my two communities within a single community here in Nord End of Wilkes-Barre, the Hispanic folks seem completely content with living in divided communities. They interact with their own and that’s about it. They do not speak to us, make eye contact with us, nor do they attempt to disguise their obvious disdain for us. They border upon being outwardly cocky. Based on all of the Access cards I see them presenting at the nearby corner store, I’d bet the only white guy they look forward to seeing is the mailman and most certainly, their public assistance case worker.

A community divided? Yeah, maybe so. But the divided community phenomenon did not start when Lou Barletta decided to do what the Fedrule Govmint is charged to do, but has so far failed to do--protect our borders from infiltrators. Our communities first began to divide into separate communities within a community when our nascent Latino community collectively thumbed it’s nose at assimilating into the greater community at large. In fact, while they steadfastly maintain that their culture from the old country needs to be adhered to for untold generations to come, my “bigoted” culture--our “racist” culture--seems to be being incrementally sacrificed at the foolhardy alter of politically correct all-inclusiveness and tolerance. Or in other words, what we think and what we deem to be important is quickly being reduced to that of the minority voice in importance. In effect, we’re being set up and sold out for the sake the entrenched incumbents who just happen to be courting a new voting bloc. A fledgling voting bloc which just happens to include people who came to be here in the most illegal of ways.

If the growing Latino community in NEPA is so completely interested in being American citizens and living the American dream, then why is it that they seem to be coming out in support of people that do not belong in our communities in the first place? Basically, they are publicly supporting those who have made complete sophistry of our laws. And, sadly, plenty of politicians, both grass roots and national, are quickly lining up in support of not only the politically savvy community that outwardly refuses to assimilate, but also the illegal invaders that add nothing but drain much from our communities.

You can call the indigenous residents racists and bigots all you like. But that does not change the indisputable fact that not a single community in these here parts was “divided” until somebody came here from somewhere else and, intentionally or not, quickly set about dividing aged communities long known for very, very diverse ethnic backgrounds. Thing is, we’re not bigots, racists, or intolerant. We simply recognize a once vibrant community in obvious decline. Our community. My community. Well, at least, it used to be.

And the issue of law and order on our streets as it pertains to the Latino community needs to be exposed for the obvious stonewalling that it is. When we need a pack of smokes, we can conjure up our very best fragmented version of English. But when laws are violated most violently and the police officers and paramedics on the scene need to interview potential witnesses and victims alike, then no attempt at English is made whatsoever. Nope. Nobody can speak a single syllable of English. And if you doubt that assertion at all, you obviously do not reside in this community, nor within any neighborhood of Hazleton. And if you’d like to take issue with that rock-solid factoid, I’m absolutely positive I’ve got a few platoons worth of police officers toiling away right here in this city that will back me up. Divided? Yeah, and it works very nicely when the need arises.

Look, the Latinos that want to call this place their home should not be shocked by whatever high-profile backlashes they may face so long as the legal variety continue to speak out in defense of the illegal variety. And they should not be offended when the home-grown folks begin to feel alienated in their own back yards and react accordingly. Truth be told, our newest residents have not gone out of their way to fit in.

When the newest spoke on the wheel demands that all of the other spokes bend upon their arrival, the entire wheel will get out of “true.” And the only way that this community of ours is going to roll straight without too much difficulty is when all of the spokes on the wheel have the same agenda in mind.

Do they really want to fit in, to join this community? Or do they merely want their own community within a given community? Until the newest residents in this area get their caps screwed-on correctly, there is going to be rancor, strife and maybe even a little ugliness on the side.

I’ve lived here my entire life and no one has ever accused me of being a racist, a bigot, or worse yet--one of those evil Republicans. But all of a sudden, out of the disturbed Blue State mentality, something has dramatically changed. Something has significantly altered the once predictably sedate political and societal landscape. Something, or someone or other has suddenly divided this oft-sleepy bedroom community?

Was it me? Was it Lou? Was it you?

Wasn't me.

Or was it those who profess (Wink, wink) to being Americans only when it's politically expedient, while steadfastly defending and fighting for those who are obviously not?

The way I see it, we’re either legal, or we’re not.

Which is it already?

Them’s my thoughts.