7-20-2006 Hezbollah is in big, big trouble

While many of our citizens decry Israel’s “heavy-handedness” in response to direct attacks upon it’s citizenry, they are sure to follow their crushing air strikes with a full-scale invasion of Lebanon. Here’s why.

The punishing air strikes have had three purposes: 1. To stop military transshipments from both Iran and Syria by way of air, land or sea, 2., To kill members of Hezbollah wherever they be hunkering down and 3, and most importantly, to cut off Hezbollah’s possible routes of retreat. Or in other words, while Hezbollah could have averted an invasion of Lebanon by Israeli Defense Forces by ceasing the rocket attacks, they have squandered that chance and might just face near annihilation at the hands of Israel.

To retreat and move their mobile rocket arsenals, heavy artillery and weapons caches, they need intact roads, bridges and possibly even land routes right out of the country and into Syria. They have none of those infrastructures in place now, and have two options. They can grab their AK-47s and run like all hell. Or, they can stand and fight a vastly superior force. Basically, Israel has them right where they want them and can slaughter them at will if they so choose. And after being treated to six decades worth of nonstop warfare and hatred coming from their neighbors, I’m betting they’re definitely in the mood to rout out an indisputably vicious terrorist outfit. Israel has been systematically preparing, i.e., softening the eventual battlefield for a land invasion, so I’m fully expecting one. Basically, Hezbollah is in big, big trouble.

Much hand-wringing has gone on as Lebanon’s infrastructure has been piece-by-piece blown to bits by Israel’s air force, but Lebanon has been harboring known, in-your-face terrorists for three decades now. And while I feel for the innocents that are going to caught smack dab in the middle of all of this hatred run amok, this has to become the ‘norm whereas our response to nations that harbor terrorists is concerned. They can not be negotiated with. They scoff at the notion of economic incentives, or connectivity with the rest of the world. They view appeasement as a sign of weakness. And as we are now witnessing, the predictably laughable “Land for Peace” program Israel signed-on for was but more U.N.-inspired liberal hog swill. So, if the terrorists decide to continually attack your country on two fronts, it’s time to take the gloves off. It’s going to get ugly, folks.

I wouldn’t give Hezbollah much for their chances of survival, and they certainly do not have my sympathies. They wanted a war all along and they finally got one. Hopefully they’ll be more productive in the very soon to begin afterlife.

I seriously doubt it.

The Moonbat Fast with Michelle Malkin

From the e-mail inbox I watched the first three seconds. Not a viewer-friendly site for those of us with epilepsy, but I appreciated what you are doing (I suppose). I could not watch long enough to know what the Democrat reference was about but, being one myself, I was terribly broken up by the events of that and following days. Not sure politics played any part in it.


The Refresher Course for Democrats link is simply the longest slide-show I have seen to date devoted to the shocking events of 9/11. It’s very well done and includes plenty of pictures I’ve never seen before.

As far as the “refresher course” title goes, I was just trying to be a smart ass. Nothing makes the perpetually apoplectic left foam at the mouth any faster than by correctly suggesting that they put their socialist party and it’s utopian quackery before their country. Sorry, but the truth hurts. I’m not suggesting at all that the national Republicans don’t have some serious issues, but the Democrats did embrace with open arms obvious loonies such as Michael Moore, Cindy Sheehan and piss-ant conspiracy theorists everywhere. Collectively, they are fast becoming a force multiplier whereas our various and sundry enemies insidious aims are concerned. Yeah, I know. I know. They are patriots all (?) while they continue to chip away at the now, fragmented bedrock of this country. I got it.

After the 9/11 attacks, we were united as a country. But…then the regrettable “Bush knew” moonbat conspiracy nonsense came from which side of the political aisle??? You know, I’m still trying but failing to figure out exactly which of my rights he took away by executive fiat. And, no, he didn’t really eat my children. I was just trying to score some points with liberal chicks until their obvious intellectual ugliness made them about as attractive as a pile of non-rubber dog sh*t. I’ll just stick with my apolitical chick, thank you very much.

Anyway, I was just trying to get a rise out of the folks so prone to blowing a fuse. I think it helps to break up the monotony of the current political mood to have just one person not hate George Bush to the point of having a mini-stroke each and every day.


From the e-mail inbox Good afternoon, Hey, we miss your daily dose of wisdom. My Democrat friend says you have taken leave to have George Bush's baby. I told him we Republicans always practice safe sex. Whatever the reason, hope your back soon.

Wisdom? Gasp! That’s a word that has never been used to describe anything created by the likes of me. You been sneakin’ some of Uncle Hoot’s special brew again? The stuff with the Skin Bracer and barley?

I’ve been working a lot and biking a helluva lot. What’s the latest? Wifey has now lost 31 pounds in just over months. Maybe I should dispense with the internet tomfoolery and become a personal trainer to the stars of NEPA. I could name a few here in obvious need of my specialized services, but they’d likely get mighty pissed at me. And I don’t wanna get sat on.

Having George Bush's baby, heh? I dunno, but he seems kind of devoted to his attractive wife. But, as always, a dyed-in-the-wool, always simmering Democrat would never give him even that much credit. Consider this stupidity. The guy gave up alcohol close to twenty years ago, but every morning I listen to a proud drunk on the radio calling him a drunk. No matter what the guy does, he’s practically crucified. No biggie, but it’s kind of sad to watch a coalition of one-issue splinter groups delve so deeply into the realm of the insane and suchlike.

As far as having a president’s baby is concerned, correct me if I’m wrong but wouldn’t it be a whole lot easier and much more likely if I got close to a Democrat? You know, like Bill Clinton. Or John F. Kennedy? I mean, aren’t the Democrats actually known for turning the White House into a brothel of sorts all too often?

I’m just asking.

Whoops. I’m on-call, the Nextel just went off, so it’s “On the Road Again.”

I gotta go.