8-9-2006 Kevin Gump

Democrats tend to slowly drift to the left as primaries fast approach and then reinvent themselves as moderates, centrists or whatever word they’re currently using to insidiously portray themselves as something they are not. Try ‘liars.’

Anyway, I was curious to learn whether the voters in Connecticut (and the interlopers from the other states as well) would dump Senator Joe Lieberman simply because he wholeheartedly sticks with the Winston Churchill routine while the frothing-at-the-mouth leftists demand nothing but modern-day Neville Chamberlains. Well, Senator Joe lost the primary by a close margin, so it’s obvious that appeasement as a response to attacks and promises of even more lethal attacks from abroad is what the leftists really want. Well, that, and free health care, free gasoline, half a year worth of vacation benefits, nationalized big business and an awful lot of illegal narcotics.

I don’t know very much about the voting demographics and dynamics from my former home, so I’ll not make with the political pundit routine on this one. But, I was curious, I did throw on the Fox News channel to see what the latest numbers were last night, and I got to see yet another of those all-inclusive, more open-minded lefties at work. Check the pic.

Very nice.

That’s neither a Democrat nor a Republican. Not a leftist. And not a mean-spirited, no good, baby killing evil right-winger. That, my friends, is an asshole. Sadly, if candidate Joe Who had lost to Senator Joe, the sign would have probably made mention of how the vote was rigged. You know, another stolen election.

Whatever. Enough with the moonbats.

Once again, those lowly pajama-clad bloggers went and exposed some more fakery coming at the hands of the “respected” journalists. This is becoming the ‘norm of late, ain’t it?

I heard Nancy & Chia Kev of WILK mention this morning that they read blogs only to learn where the bloggers are getting their information from. Fair enough. I follow. I, myself, will read anything at least twice. And not just conservative stuff, I will literally read anything at least once. Truth be told, I rarely read anything posted by right-leaning bloggers, simply because their content ain’t near as funny as the side-splitting conspiracy theories the left-leaning spew at a rate previously unseen in even the busiest sanitariums.

I’d rather read about how Rick Santorum deserves to be boiled alive and fed to newts because he accepted campaign contributions from the dreaded ‘Big Oil’ companies. Like Democrats don’t, right? Crack me up. Or how ‘bout how Republicans are supposedly in a wet bed with big business at the country’s overall expense. Imagine, just for a moment, if the Democrats finally got their demented way and managed to legislatively hamstring all of our biggest businesses. Do you like having a well-paying job? Yeah? Well, kiss that sh*t goodbye when former capitalists get to collectively forgetting what made this country so powerful in the first place. Lefties: You can’t live with ‘em, but you can’t pee yourself laughing without ‘em. Poor bastards. It must suck to be so dimwitted and proud of it.

Anyway, with the subject being reading blogs, Nancy kept things polite as she usually tries to do. But ole Chia Kev just had to get his underhanded shot in. He said he reads blogs for the aforementioned reasons, but that in no way suggests that he agrees with their opinions or how they came to their conclusions. Translation: He’s always right and they’re always wrong on the issues.

Well, holy bouncing fake falsies, Batman! Like we didn’t know as much already. There is not, nor will there ever be a human being as intelligent and ultimately insightful as your condescending, insult-hurling self. There’s wrong, there’s droolers, knuckle-draggers, goobers and trailer park Republicans; and then there’s that black hole of infinite wisdom known as Chia Kev.

The one egregious error Chia makes is assuming that all bloggers need to listen to Rush Limbaugh, or read blogs all day long to come to their conclusions. His original premise is incorrect, and everything that follows is a needless insult. But, don’t ever tell him that because he seems blinded by his own self-importance and self-infatuation. Chia knows all and don’t you ever doubt him.

The thing is, on most days, he sounds like an apoplectic Forrest Gump. You know, “Mama always said…”

Daddy said religion is the opiate en vogue at the trailer parks. Daddy said baseball is 16 people watching while 2 people play catch. Daddy said…

Talk about somebody who can’t come to his own conclusions. My lone parent crammed religion down my throat to the point of absurdity, and given the chance, I puked it all back up. My mama always said baseball was boring, while I laid awake every night listening to the Yankees’ games on local AM radio. My mama said a lot of things, but I kind of found my own way and formed my own stupid conclusions. But, unlike myself, Mr. Know-it-All comes off as WILK’s version of Forrest Gump.

Whatever. No biggie. Bloggers float just below the scummiest of the scummy pond scum, but Kevin Gump knows the truth of all things as it was told to him round the dinner table some fifty-odd years ago. We got it loud and clear.


That's all I have to say about that.--Forrest Gump

Any-freaking-way… those “real” journalists went and got themselves exposed as being far less than honest by them lowly bloggers all over again.

And it’s not acceptable to suggest that Hezbollah terrorists are so media-savvy, they can hoodwink the photojournalists from damn near every news outlet the entire world over. That’s bilge and we all know as much. Rather, the folks reporting from Lebanon, as well as Iraq, will go with news bits they know are less than accurate if they want to remain in the theater of operations, or, have any access at all to the constantly shifting front lines of asymmetric warfare. And as a result, we are seeing staged images, as well as phony images cooked up on someone’s ‘puter.

Here‘s some nifty faked photos This one is a hoot. This is one unlucky lady grieving over and over again. Boy, she sure gets around. Oh my god! (sorry) Oh my goodness! A Lebanese zombie! Run away! Run away!

This one is the absolute worst of the bunch. Does Reuters really expect us to believe that the Israeli Defense Forces have somehow resurrected Godzilla and sent him stomping all over the depraved Hezbollah killers and the disguised Iranian Revolutionary Guardsmen?

That‘s fake

Sorry, but no matter what Kevin Gump has to say about it, I’m just not that gullible. Trust me, that picture is a fake.

Sez me.

The following link takes us back to my college days when I was told made-up bullsh*t by effeminate men sporting shabby-looking beards and ponytails.

Time Mag Flashback: 1974 Issue Warns of Man-Made 'Global Cooling'

So, what’s changed?

If you‘ve never even heard of Wikipedia, let’s just suffice it to say that as research tools go, it’s about as valuable as a #2 pencil is without any means to sharpen it. Wickipedia is to encyclopedias what our Fedrule Govmint is to fiscal responsibility.

I’ve seen many a blogger link to Wickipedia as a way of complimenting what they have to say. The only problem is, the online “encyclopedia” is too accuracy what Dan Rather has become. It’s inherent design flaw is that it is comprised of entries put up by it’s various and sundry users. It’s not worth looking at.

Anywho, I was trying to get across to Wifey how to properly use search engines last night when one particular key word search led us to this.

On the bright side, Mayor McGroarty did implement a program for the Susqehanna River to feature a landing spot at the Irem Temple Shrine in the Center City and he also pushed forth a major recycling/trash and litter clean-up project which proved somewhat satisfactory results.

Wow! That’s quite the list of accomplishments. Well, even though it’s hogwash.

Today, according to the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader newspaper, McGroarty is working in the Pennsylvania Health Department Office of Emergency Medical Services. He claims he sought a civil service-related occupation after losing the Democratic primary to Tom Leighton. McGroarty scored 96 out of 100 points on the civil service test required for such a position.

And he even passed a test!

What we have here is proof positive that Wikipedia is about as valuable as a three-legged, upside-down barstool in bar filled with straight men.

And that’s that.

So, I was trying to show Wifey how to use Google and typed in my daughter’s name. I figured we’d find some archived Leader or Voice story about her many sporting pursuits. Instead, I found myself utterly amazed.

Web Extras Photo Galleries


Ebon Cour and Tom HXXXXX, both of Wilkes Barre, Pa., use shirts and towels to keep the sun from beating down on their heads during AVP Crocs Tour. Peter Ackerman/Asbury Park Press

See that. More proof that you can find anything on the internet. Even when you’re not even trying.


How about this one? It has come to my attention that a city resident threatened to boycott a city-based business after said resident learned I absolutely love doing business there and I give the place a ton of free plugs on these electronic pages of mine.

And the business owner’s response?

Get stuffed!!!

I love it.

From the e-mail inbox To all:

I've been advised by the PA DEP / Division of Dam Safety that the revised operational plans for the proposed inflatable dam - first announced at the public hearing in Wilkes-Barre on May 1st - were submitted to the DEP's Harrisburg office on July 28th. The document is titled "Supplemental Permit Application Materials". Honestly, I kid you not.

I will be going to Harrisburg to review the "S.P.A.M." document later this month.



Will somebody stick a fork in that stupid deflatable dam already? It’s done!

Better yet, how about sticking a fork in Paul Kanjorski?