8-30-2006 "Impulse control" at WILK

“I embrace the fact that I don’t act like an adult.”--Kevin Lynn on WILK, 8-29-06

I heard the most unique thing early this morning. We had two radio talk show hosts employed by the same company calling each others talk show a bunch of scuzz. (My word) Basically, the name-calling, overly acerbic commie finally caused the mild-mannered conservative lady to lose her cool just a tad bit. And while their exchange may have only lasted a minute or so, it made me forget where I was for a few seconds and stare at the radio.

Nancy and Chia Kev had just spent the better part of three hours bashing Dubya’s brain in over some interview he did with Brian Williams (?) last night on NBC’s nightly news broadcast. I had no idea who Brian Williams was, and I wondered aloud why two people who think they are so utterly brilliant would be watching something as lame as network television news. NBC? No wonder these two are so far left of center.

As for myself, I wasn’t surprised that they were wasting another three hours beating up on Bush because that’s all they ever do. Wait. That’s not entirely accurate. Just to be fair and accurate, every single day they beat up on Bush, Santorum, Sherwood, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, Barletta and any other of those drooling right-wing callers that want some.

I’ll give Nancy credit for treating her callers civilly and fairly, although, that doesn’t make her typically baseless positions any less baseless. But, at least she can argue the important issues of the day without getting nasty.

Then we have Chia Kev who calls every caller who dares to disagree with him some sort of insulting nonsense. He cannot debate the issues of the day without insulting people and then hanging up on them with a terse, “enough!” If there is a man in all of NEPA more worthy of a flogging, I’d really love to meet them right before the flogging begins.

So, Bush got bashed again today and then in the waning moments of the predictable daily bash, Sue Henry dons a microphone and mentions what she’s got in store for the next three hours. Kev and Nancy say their buh-byes, we do the top of the hour news, and the next three hours belong to Sue.

But on this particular morning, Kev couldn’t resist asking Sue what she had thought of Dubya’s interview and she said something to the affect that she didn’t think it went as bad as Kev and Nancy were making it out to be. And being the truly classless lout that he is, Kevin had to attack Sue by suggesting she would “backfill for Bush for three hours.” Rutro! Did she actually have the unmitigated gall to suggest that Bush didn’t make the world a little worse for a whole day? Sue, that is not allowed.

In this current political environment of ours where those on the left are little more than rabid Pit Bulls looking to make very red meat out of anything right-leaning, oral crimes committed against the leftists’ collective mentality are to be shouted down every time they are tried. Bush didn’t do that bad? What were you thinking?

So, the mild-mannered conservative lady let him have it. She told him she can’t even bare to listen to his daily Bush bashing anymore and that immediately got him to shouting: “The next three hours will be pretty hard to listen to!!!”

And with that, Nancy said, “It’s 9 o’clock…bye.”

Sue, you are absolutely correct. It really is getting harder and harder to listen to Kevin’s vile invective being tossed at the president and those who dare to support him day-in and day-out on WILK. I stopped listening to those two for a while, but there are no other local talk alternatives and I was drawn back to the daily bash. These days, I just try to guess what George Bush could have possibly done wrong the day before and then listen in abject disbelief as Kevin calls his callers every insult he can think of that doesn‘t start with an F. It‘s really become predictable, if not completely asinine.

But, guess what. If this is the best we can expect, there’s always satellite radio and Copper Dude tells me it is outstanding. He stopped by here quite a few days back and I got to hear Cheap Trick playing “live” on Howard Stern’s show. And I have to tell you, I’m mulling it over. But I keep asking myself why I should have to pay to hear good talk radio. And the answer is the daily apoplectic anti-Republican hyperventilating coming from WILK. Fair criticism is one thing, but that morning drive show is a whole other thing.

I absolutely love local talk radio, but if it sucks…it sucks. And if I do buy into the satellite radio gig, WILK will have me dialing in for a paltry three hours a day--from 9-Noon. It used to be nine hours a day, and from the looks of things, it’ll soon be down to three. And it should be noted that my interest in WILK’s programming began to wane the day it hired Kevin Lynn. He is to the left what Michael Savage is to the right and it ain’t even remotely close to good. He's Kurt Shotko with a resume.

So, either Nancy controls the monster she alone created, or I’m probably off to the newfangled satellite radio airwaves. And it saddens me because I would listen to local talk radio all day long if it was 1. Available, and 2. Worth listening to. And Sue, excepting your show and Rush’s, WILK just ain’t happening anymore. It may be the only game in town, but that don’t mean spit if it sucks. And lately, it does.

And pay no mind to Nancy’s request that you should work on controlling your impulses. There’s only one person employed by WILK that cannot control himself, and his name is Chia Kev.

And if he yells at you again, Suzie Q…I’m coming on up there with my super soaker filled with urine. Well, maybe not. But it is high time that WILK embrace some more hosts that are certifiable adults.

Sez me.

Talk Chicks: Nancy & Sue

CNN Anchor Flubs Audio During Bush Katrina Speech or: Breaking News From The Ladies Room

(When you gotta go, you gotta go.)

Isn’t it interesting that CNN personnel only make gross errors when Bush or Cheney are on the video advertising box?

From the e-mail inbox Just had to share this with you: Otisco, New York, like Wilkes-Barre is celebrating its 200th birthday. Local paper printed a copy of the official 1850 US government census. After the usual list of farmers, lawyers, blacksmiths, etc. it ended with the following: " 22 illiterates, 1 insane, 5 colored, 1 blind, 1 mute, and 5 IDIOTS." I'd like to see the results if such a politically incorrect census were taken today.

Well…try this. What are we down to, 42,000 residents?

22 illiterate activists, 1 insane activist, 7 evil council folk, 1 mute (I guess), 2,000 illegal aliens, 20,000 absentee parents, 100 ATV-riding assholes, 5,000 idiots who own dogs that are continually running loose, 19,000 or so illegal drug users, 1,000 drug dealers, 4 white trash down at the corner of Thompson Street, a fair sprinkling of good folks and less than a hundred cops to keep the lot of them from killing each other. Oh, and that bastard of a blogger.

I dunno.

We‘ve got yet another new business getting close to opening it’s doors to the beer-swilling public: Bart & Urby’s Downtown Bar & Bistro. And they tell me it’s absolutely stunning inside there.

We shall see.

Bart & Urby‘s

I‘m curious. Since the pundits keep saying that the Democrats might just regain control of both the House and the Senate come November, I got to wondering about something. Since the Democrats collectively view terrorism as a law enforcement problem--a nuisance of sorts--how do you figure the terrorists will finally achieve their sick dreams by killing possibly millions of Americans after the Democrats regain their power and retreat from the War on Terror?

How will we get it? A pathogenic attack? (For those of you pretending to be a German colonel, that means a disease producing agent would be released in a city or cities.) Will they kill us by way of a toxigenic attack? (Poison, colonel) What do you think, kiddies? Will the appeasers get us nuked? A chemical attack? Biological attack? How ‘bout a radiological attack?

A biological apocalypse? Does Osama have a copy of “The Andromeda Strain?” Maybe a copy of “The Satan Bug?” I really want to know.

Nobody messes with Nancy Pelosi. (?) Or will they after we retreat from the challenge at hand?

What do you say? Biological?

Vote now.

Wait, sorry. You Democrats can vote twice since you wholeheartedly object to identifying voters. Wouldn’t want to break with tradition.

Vote twice now.

Free Beach Boys concert, anyone?

Beach Boys this Sunday

Can we get some I.N.S. agents to attend the big immigrant rally in Hazleton on Monday?

Just a thought.