9-10-2006 The path to bipartisanship

I has me a question just dying to get out.

Iffin’ I told you that…say, even though I had not heard the new Pearl Jam album, and in the very next breath told you that it’s comprised of god-awful music, how smart would that make me sound?

Iffin’ I said to you that I do not want to see Oliver Stone’s next, yet to be created movie because I already know it stinks…you’d likely do the kind thing and not point out what a ludicrous statement I had just made.

Okay, now let’s take that same fertile stupidity and apply it to ABC’s upcoming movie, “The Path to 911.”

Truth be told, I hadn’t even heard of this movie until the entire Democrat party and all of it’s adoring myrmidons went totally berserk after learning that Bill Clinton had finally been called on his obvious inattentiveness to all things ‘threats from abroad.’ ABC? Name for me a single show that plays on that inept television network and I’ll tell you that you must need the comforting certitude ( I figure) that bird-brained programming offered up by the learning-disabled so comfortably provides. Normal people don’t watch ABC. Or do they? Must be me.

I turned on my imported AM radio on Friday morning only to hear both Kevin Lynn and Nancy Kman of WILK disparaging not only a movie they have yet to see, but anyone they could find even remotely connected to it or it’s creators. I really hate to keep referring to Democrats as being apoplectic, but so long as they remain impervious to reason, and totally allergic to restraint, no other word so succinctly describes their perpetual foaming at the mouth. They have become to the political debate what Charles Manson was to effecting societal change.

And no matter what “truth” the apoplectic leftists feel obliged to cling to as of today, it is an indisputable fact that Bill Clinton’s weak-kneed, tepid response to ever escalating terrorist attacks on American citizens, properties and a naval warship was akin to combating a stampeding horde of rhinoceros’ with a rolled up newspaper. And to dare to argue that fact suggests that some of us are either ill-bred, or easily led. Possibly both.

No matter which path led us to the calamitous events of 9/11 matters not. All that matters now is seeing to it that such a gut-wrenching day never, ever dawns again. Bill (“It’s the economy stupid!”) Clinton put the SEC to bed for 8 years, the stock market artificially overheated to dizzying heights before collapsing upon itself, and corporate scandals became the ‘norm right after Clinton rode out of office with a pile of pardons left on his former (semen-stained?) desk. He made paper millionaires of us all, or so some of us stupidly thought at the time. And his laughable legacy is still being rewritten by himself, his former underlings and the leaders of the Democrats. And then one little-known made-for-television movie points out the obvious--that Clinton and his Democrat sidekicks as well are inherently weak on issues of national defense--and all hell breaks loose.

And if that’s not apoplectic enough, we are yet to see the very movie in question. And as far as the increasingly apoplectic leftists are concerned, such completely predictable behavior has become par for the political sub-species. Another day, another vitriolic screed. The same people who coined the phrase “Politics of personal destruction” have apparently sworn to live or die by it. You are either with them, or you are against them. And to be against them leaves you open to constant ridicule, if not downright personal attack.

Democrats sent a letter to Robert Iger, the President and CEO of The Walt Disney Company, the owner of ABC. That letter contained the following paragraph:

"The Communications Act of 1934 provides your network with a free broadcast license predicated on the fundamental understanding of your principle obligation to act as a trustee of the public airways in serving the public interest. Nowhere is this public interest obligation more apparent than in the duty of broadcasters to serve the civic needs of a democracy by promoting an open and accurate discussion of political ideas and events."

Really? Is that so? An open and accurate discussion of political ideas and events? Well, I guess they failed to send that particular tidbit along to Dan Rather over at CBS. There was no feigned or righteous indignation coming from the Democrats when Mr. Rather got to electioneering in a rather lowbrow and underhanded way. Phony documents are accurate, but the sworn testimony of Michael Scheuer, the former head of the CIA’s “Bin Laden unit” isn’t?

Throughout the history of humankind, one constant--that nationalism trumps internal divisions--has remained true. And after the ill-fated Twin Towers were but a memory, this country was united as never before. But, evidenced by the fact that elected Democrats have not only embraced, but openly repeated the deranged thoughts espoused by the absolute worst of the conspiracy theorists--and--have shaken the populace’s once rock-solid faith in it’s electoral system by claiming every election they lose is somehow stolen, they have managed to divide Americans to the point of violence. The polarization of the electorate is the direct byproduct of a political party horribly short on ideas, but long on scurrilous attacks, obfuscation and putting the good of one political party before the needs of the country as a whole.

After the 9/11 attacks, that nationalistic pride we all felt seemed to be benefiting the Republicans, so, much unlike the history of humankind, internal divisions became the vehicle the Democrats would ride to trump nationalism and regain their “stolen“ power. The democrats put their party before the good of the country and that’s where we stand today: Divided. We should be fighting the jihadists. Instead, we fight each other.

What they fail to realize is, nearly every word they disgorge these days has to fit the template from party headquarters wherein all Republicans are baby-eating swine, and all Democrats are as pure as the wind-driven culm. Excuse me for saying so, but to suggest that by joining one organization over another is proof of one’s virtue and abject decency is laughable at best, and quite frankly, frighteningly ignorant. There should be a law against that sort of ill-advised and far less than honest prevarication.

The frothing, apoplectic Bush-haters…er, the Republican-haters do not even seem to realize how predictably amusing they have become of late. Take our local small timers, Kevin And Nancy, for instance. First comes the template. And then comes the oft-repeated content. It’s as if the content is but an afterthought. They have become little more than clean blackboards waiting to be scribbled on by their unseen puppet masters. All that matters to them, fair or not, is that they completely trash the other side on a daily basis. The salient point is that while they may not be factually fastidious very often, they are relentless and their divisive antics further separate a divided populace seriously in need of finding some common ground while it faces an increasingly uncertain future.

I can’t imagine being so lame as to being reduced to processing my thoughts by way of a template or a filter that came down from on high, but being so easily-led is inexplicable in it’s abject lameness. Like I said, it’s par for the political sub-species. That’s why we call them myrmidons.

I know the apoplectic fear that this ABC movie will paint the Democrats as being weak on national defense on the eve of the mid-term elections, and rightly so. Bill Clinton was the leader of the free world for eight long years and he did absolutely nothing to stem the rising tide of the murderous quackery posing as religion. He lobbed a couple of cruise missiles, he got his pipes cleaned and he bit his bottom lip as the returning flag-draped coffins went completely unanswered. He was to fighting terrorism what Mike Tyson is to public speaking, so the apoplectic had better start dealing with it by embracing reality as it stands. There’s the way it is, and then there’s the way they’d like it to be. And now they are demanding that movies be censored if they fear the subject matter. The supposed darlings of free speech--the Democrats--are now frightened of free speech.

And the point of all my needless verbiage? Chill out already! Who cares about some silly movie on ABC while we’ve got the Manning brothers going toe-to-toe on Sunday Night Football? Politics is dirty game, but where is it written that only one side of the political aisle should be allowed to take it’s shots at the other side anyway? Republicans have been demonized ever since the huckster (The party’s shameless but disgraced standard-bearer) from Arkansas (a state that ranks 51st in every category worth monitoring) snuck in thanks to Ross Perot. But if the Republicans dare point out the blatantly obvious--that elected Democrats rank national defense way, way down there on their laundry list of important things to do--then censorship is clearly called for? Censorship of a movie that hasn’t even been seen yet?

There are those days when I’m totally embarrassed to say I lean heavily Republican. But with this pathetic turn of events, there’s absolutely no way I’d admit to being a card-carrying, apoplectic Democrat. On this day, I’d attach that dusty roach clip to my lapel, swallow very, very hard and swear my allegiance to the Green Party.

While we should be seeking the long-abandoned path to bipartisanship, we quibble over who should be rewriting recent history.

So watch your much-to-do-about-nothing movie, take plenty of notes and then hit back at the other side with as much mean-spirited gusto as you can muster.

As for myself, I’ll be watching some NFL football.

Them’s my thoughts.


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