9-19-2006 Fat Bastard & Dr. Evil or: Let the adults take over

“I hope that when Election Day rolls around we can take back the keys and let the adults take over.”--Nancy Kman, WILK

Yeah? Adults like who? People such as your insulated, vitriolic name-calling sidekick who pooh-poohs terrorism while referring to Reverand Falwell as “that fat bastard?” And two days in a row no less. “Fat bastard!” “That fat bastard!” Makes for some outstanding talk radio, you know?

Adults? Um, the apoplectic adults. The embittered “adults” who see conspiracy theories under every rock. Those adults filled with disdain, contempt and hatred for the other side.

The few. The repugnant. The far left of center…“adults.”

She’s funny.

Dick Cheney came to town yesterday to attend a private fundraiser for fellow Republican Don Sherwood. Not real noteworthy, except for the fascinating scanner banter coming from the state police, secret service spooks and Wilkes-Barre’s finest. Very interesting and most thorough.

Just in case that name seems familiar, Sherwood is the congressman who was tried, convicted and sentenced for committing untold violent crimes against humanity by those left-leaning “adults” so prone to fits of rage. The only problem is, they have not a shred of proof other than the inane babblings of a dimwitted gold digger. Although, he did admit to cheating on his wife. And when Republicans cheat, that’s also evil personified. Not like when the Democrats do it right in the oval office and are subsequently defended to the death. No double standard there, yo?

Did you hear that Rick Santorum has been accused of taking money from special interest groups? More freaking evil! Say, why can’t they be more like those saintly Democrats. The Democrats never, ever take money from special interest groups. Why, they would never even consider such a dastardly, Republican practice. No! No! No!

To listen to the bitter-sounding callers to Nancy and Kevin’s show tell it, only Republicans raise campaign money and that it proof positive of their abject wickedness. And if that’s not wicked enough for you, Cheney’s motorcade caused “major” traffic delays. Truth be told, he was whisked away faster than an apoplectic myrmidon can scream “Halliburton.” But, the apoplectic need not have a clue as to what they are spewing about when they get fully revved up and all but invite another stroke. Twisted facts is twisted facts in their swirling vortex of a world and Cheney is wickedness personified. Done. Convicted.

Or, as our oft-apoplectic “Duke from Dallas” called him on WILK, he’s “Doctor Evil.” Duke read an insightful book once, so he alone is in on the evil conspiracy. Can you get straightjackets in any color other than white? Tie-dye, perhaps? Eh, whatever.

“Doctor Evil” must go! He turned me into a newt!! He ate my children!!!

Yeah, Nancy. We’ll let the “adults” take over.

That ought to work. (?)

I see the Victimhood Tour continues on.

From The Times Leader:

Wilkes firing, suit seen as related

From The Beacon:

Director of Multicultural Affairs leaves university

First the police victimized her. And now Wilkes University has victimized her. Seems like she’s got this victimology thing down to a freaking science.

Iffin’ you were real smart, you’d stay well away from her before she gets to pointing a finger at you too, cracker. You’re all racists and liars and cheaters and…long story short, you’re white. Done. Presumed guilty until found guilty. Convicted..er, settled out of court.

The ultimate scam.

This one caught my eye.

Peaceful Muslims should turn their anger toward Islamofascists

There are surely millions upon millions of peaceful Muslims out there somewhere. But the deafening silence coming from them makes me wonder if they don’t tacitly support the depraved actions of the murderous terrorists.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”--Edmund Burke

Assuming there are some good men in that opposite camp, so far, their inaction speaks volumes.


Kayak Dude does not archive the content that appears on his site, so let’s kind of reprint some of it here just in case his version goes buh-bye all of a sudden.

From CNN.com:

Hastert: Democrats protecting their own

Republicans say charges against Kanjorski date to 1998, when the 11-term congressman helped two Pennsylvania-based companies owned and run by his four nephews and daughter by earmarking more than $9 million in federal contracts and grants for the two firms.

Kanjorski insisted he has not profited personally from those deals. The companies, Cornerstone Technologies and Pennsylvania Micronics, research water-jet technology. Kanjorski's controversial ties to the companies nearly resulted in House GOP leaders filing ethics charges against him in 2002.

Hastert quashed the effort when Democrats threatened to file ethics charges of their own against Republicans. At the time, the speaker's move preserved a cease-fire between the two parties on ethics charges.

Here’s what rubbed me the wrong way with all of this. To listen to Paul Kanjorski tell the questionable tale at that time, water-jet technologies were an unexplored, untapped potential resource, so we had to seize the moment, develop it and create untold numbers of high-paying jobs right here in Luzerne County.

Thing is, the water-jet technology was being developed by numerous firms from all over the world. It wasn’t new, per se. Rather, it was a new one on all of us. But who better to explore the potential of this watery technology than the congressman’s own relatives? If that doesn’t smack of improprieties, nothing ever will.

So, $9 million in federal contracts and grants were funneled to the congressman’s relatives and the net result of their exhaustive research was $9 million down the drain, no advances in the technology and no new jobs for NEPA. And if that doesn’t stink like a polluted lake, nothing ever will.

So tell me, if that stupid condom of a dam ever gets stretched across the Susquehanna River, who will end up owning the newly created, albeit, temporary shoreline? Some nobody, or some people with very recognizable names? Eminent domain abuse, anyone? Why the relentless push to further degrade an already endangered river? Who stands to personally benefit? What’s the buzz?

Sorry, but when $9 million in federal stipends somehow stays in the congressman’s family, something smells funny in Damland. That’s how I feel.

And like Kayak Dude before me, I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Joseph Leonardi. But unlike KD, I can and will vote for Dr. Leonardi.

Yes, Kanjorski was instrumental in securing the funding for the enhanced levies. And, yes, he secured the funding for all of the topsoil and grass seed that transformed many of our former mine-scarred lands. But as far as I’m concerned, he never did a damn thing to help my long-struggling city. His own decimated hometown needs to be bulldozed and covered over with topsoil. And a major part of his eventual legacy would be a polluted cesspool, a health risk of a smelly lake?

During his eleven terms in office, this county went backyards, and all four of it’s cities backslid until younger, more energetic leaders took the reigns and reversed those long-established negative trends.

Nah. It’s time for a change. And as evidenced by his frenetic grass roots campaign, Dr. Leonardi could bring much more energy to the position that Paul Kanjorski has held for far too long now.

I’m voting for Dr. Joseph Leonardi.

Oh, and on election day, I’ll have the pictures to prove it.

Sez me.

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