9-27-2006 "Wilkes-Barre Online...is a disgrace"

A government must not waiver once it has chosen it's course. It must not look to the left or right but go forward.--Otto Von Bismarck

I snagged the following news tidbit from CNN.com:

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) -- In a sign of regional concern over terrorism, Saudi Arabia is pushing ahead with plans to build a fence along its entire 560-mile (900-kilometer) border with Iraq to prevent terrorists from entering the kingdom from the chaotic north.

The barrier, which likely will take five to six years to complete, is part of a $12 billion package of measures, including electronic sensors, bases and physical barriers, to protect the oil-rich kingdom from external threats, said Nawaf Obaid, head of the Saudi National Security Assessment Project, an independent research institute that provides security advice to the Saudi government.

So, even an oligarchy the likes of Saudi Arabia can and will protect it’s sovereignty, but the United States can and steadfastly refuses to do so.

That was very clearly stated. Unlike Paul Kanjorski’s wishy-washy non-position which can best be summed up as follows: “Illegal immigration is a major concern. So tell that George Bush to do something about it.”

Hmmm. Maybe some of you confused folks wobbling ever so slightly towards the left ought to follow this link.

I paid the other fledgling Wilkes-Barre-related blogs a visit last night and I have come to the unflappable conclusion that the anonymous authors of said blogs are about as prolific as a comatose prairie dog on life support. That’s what I’m saying.

Anywho, readers keep adding comments to these dormant blogs only because they are the only forums in town where the dimwitted and week-kneed can cling to their anonymity while tossing around libel and slander like so many putrid potato pancakes at the local church bazaar. And make no mistake about it, when Walter makes the claim that we’ve got “a Mayor that lines his own pockets with political campaign money,” he’s pushing the legalese envelope. Last I heard, campaign donations and suchlike were subject to intense scrutiny from high above, so to accuse someone of pocketing campaign donations smacks of someone who either knows something, or doesn’t know anything and wants to get his fat ass in a sling. Whatever.

Although, the following rant had me rolling. Is his cocker spaniel doubling as his campaign speech writer?

From the e-mail inbox Walter said...

The Wilkes Barre Online Blog Site is a disgrace to the City of Wilkes Barre....this Marc Cour, that runs it, needs to be told by his friends like Ann Bergold and Kathy Kane that the City Democrats are on there way out of office and there will be a change in 2007. The taxpayers of this City are sick and tired of the " in your face" Attitude. Kathy Kane and a few others on City Council try to intimidate the taxpayers but it is'nt working and the taxpayers will win in 2007.

It’s MARK, dummy. Get with the fu>king program!

Dat dem dere Wilkes-Barre Online is a disgrace. Ouch! That hurt. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but dimwits can never harm me.

My friends? Ann and Kathy? Um, excuse me dim bulb, but there you go presenting your speculations as if they were facts all over again. Yes, Ann is my neighbor. No, I don’t lean on her fence talking politics every day. When we actually run into each other, the oft-frank talk is usually of our growing collections of grandkids, block parties, holiday decorations and other equally fascinating things.

If you’ve got something to say about, or to Ann, come on up to Thompson Street. If she’s not around, you can spout off to me. I’m always willing to engage the embittered ankle biters lurking somewhere amongst us, so come on over and amuse me. And fear not, I won’t let either of my daughters beat up on you. Wouldn’t be fair.

As for Kathy and myself being friends is concerned, as always, you stand corrected. Once again, you have demonstrated for all to see that you yammer on and on about things which you know absolutely nothing about. You are dumb like moss on a rotted tree stump, but at least you’re consistent. Fact is, Kathy came to our block party this year, I did not speak to her, and I did not lay eyes on her one other time during this entire year. Not that it’s any of your fu>king business, you hapless troll. I just thought I‘d point out one more time that your word--your inane screeds--count for about as much as a growing puddle of piddle pooling directly beneath a squatting prostitute.

You wanna argue about politics and whatnot? Fine, let’s get it on. But stop well short of speculating about who my friends might be and what they might be up to. If you want to make things personal whereas politics is concerned, you are sending a clear signal that you are a worthless lout clearly not worthy of a vote. And depending upon where the limits of your abject stupidity might actually lie, you could be cruising for a bruising. I may be all quasi-mature and sh*t these days, but much like learning to ride a bike, my Fight Club days are always there buried within me and ready to be called upon. Come to think of it, maybe you should avoid Thompson Street.

“…Marc Cour, that runs it, needs to be told by his friends like Ann Bergold and Kathy Kane that the City Democrats are on there way out of office and there will be a change in 2007.”

Holy jumpin’ orangutan farts!!! Have you been drinking extra-strength Skin Bracer?

The Democrats are on their way out of office? Really? And how might that happen? Will the most inept collection of failed candidates--the city Republicans--rise up and cast out those evil, baby-killing demons from city hall? Is there an anti-incumbent, Global Warming-fueled hurricane howling through the city now that’s it back on track and no longer flailing like during the last election go-round? Your chances are better this time around? Do you really think your self-centered gerrymandering--your voting by districts gambit--will suddenly make the unelectable significantly less unelectable? You honestly believe that phlegm you constantly hack up, don’t you?

Walter, with no due respect, there certainly is a stiff, hot wind blowing through this city and you are it.

Sez me, of course.

From the e-mail inbox Hi,

Just a quick FYI, I have offered to go on WILK and debate the dam w/Kevin and I have been rebuffed. I will clear my schedule any morning to go in the studio and on the air with Mr. Lynn.


Dr. Joseph Leonardi

Candidate U.S. House

PA - 11

Leonardi For Congress

That figures. He’d prefer to stick to beating up on people who are passionate but lacking in immediately quotable facts than tangle with the likes of you or I. Besides, you’re a lowly Republican and Kevin, the registered Republican, hates all Republicans through and through. Conversely, Paul Kanjorski is one of the exalted few: a Democrat. So if Paul says we need a dam, then Kevin reads that like the other folks he so thoroughly hates read the Bible. To Kevin, the word of a Democrat is as good as the word of god. He’s easily led.

One more time! Dams degrade rivers. Can’t we all agree that the Susquehanna has been degraded enough?

Planter‘s Peanuts: A shell of it‘s former self

From the e-mail inbox First, I wish we could find a name for this tragedy. I realize something geographic, like "Pearl Harbor Day," will not work. But I'm Nine Eleventhed to death, especially with The Only President We Have using it as an excuse for mangling the Constitution.

Don't flame me; I lost a good friend of 40 years and still getting over it. I have a flag from the Field of Honor and loaned it to our church on Sept 11 for a memorial Mass.

But a big memorial here? I don't think so. No disrespect to Tony Thomas Jr; those who are against the $1.3m project are not against keeping the memory in a smaller way. We need a very decent, respectful memorial. And if we can have the Field of Honor in Kirby Park, we can have the memorial there; David Saxton will find other windmills to joust. After all, nobody's children went home screaming because of that beautiful field of flags and the Courthouse lawn is getting a bit crowded.

Tax money? I'm pretty sure it's being funded by private donations. Not one cop would be added, not one pothole filled, if the Big One were not built.

Tom (no last name; I don't need Saxton on my case)

As I said, I could care less if it ever gets built. With that said, it’s not as large as some are envisioning it, especially when compared to the memorials and such plenty of other towns all across the country have chosen to erect.

The money is not coming from the city’s limited coffers, so that’s a non-starter as an issue.

The loss of green space is beyond silly, if you ask me.

Although, if we built the monument small enough and far enough from the beaten path, future generations won’t even know it’s there. So what’s the point of putting a tiny thing behind another tiny thing on some county or city property somewhere?

I dunno.

The entire brouhaha is somewhat perplexing to me.

Sorry to hear about your friend. That indeed has to be very painful. I didn’t know a single person lost that day, but the memory of it still fills me with seething rage on occasion.

And I’m somewhat confused by the leftist’s feigned concern about the constitution since they still seem to idolize the shameless huckster from Arkansas that referred to it as “a living, breathing document” always open to further misinterpretation. Sounds like they only object to it’s being mangled when they’re not doing the mangling. Very, very hypocritical.

Fighting over a memorial. Only in Culm County, heyna?

Check this out. Progress has made a pile of rubble of the Radnor Building on S. Washington Street. The Radnor was a very historic building because inside of it’s walls was my very first apartment. A small, but very comfortable apartment, I might add.

When Mrs. Stan Urbanski asked how old I was only to be told I was 17-years-old, she gave me a look that all but sealed the non-deal. Forget about it. But, for some reason she asked if I had a job. And when I answered in the affirmative and said I worked across the alley at Percy Brown’s, her face instantly lit up. And after she made a phone call, I signed my first ever lease.

So my future wifey and I moved on in there with my bedroom set, a 13” black-and-white TV, a Coleman cooler in lieu of a fridge, a bitch-slapping stereo, a couple of guitars and piles upon piles of vinyl albums. Furniture? Don’t need no stinking furniture. Or, so we mistakenly thought.

The place is but a memory now, as is Percy’s. But I’ll never forget how excited we were when we finally went and bought us a decades-old fridge with a freezer no bigger than a twelve-pack of beer. We ran to Sunshine’s market and got all of the essentials. Milk, bread, margarine, mustard, hoddogs, German bologna, American cheese, Ellio’s frozen pizza and eight-for-a-dollar cans of soda. In fact, we carried all of that important stuff back from Sunshine’s market.

We had no furniture, one pair of curtains, no bathtub, no car, no phone and no idea where we were headed. And yet, I still look back on the year we spent there very, very fondly.

Weirdness, for sure.

The Radnor Building

I got's me a silly question. Being that this much balley-hooed and apocalyptic bird flu pandemic is this year's Y2K, why's everybody gettin' so frickin' worked up about a pigeon shoot?

I'm just askin'.


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