10-16-2006 The Alfred E. Newman of Wilkes-Barre politics

I worked all day, cruised the local ‘net when I got home and ran across the following drivel:

Walter said...

• Council authorized the city to sell 464, 466 and 486 Hazle St. to Dr. Patrick Kerrigan, who owns a property across the street. Councilman Tony Thomas Jr. said the dilapidated buildings on the lots will be demolished at Kerrigan’s expense and the lots will be paved. Details of the sale have not been worked out. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey Wilkes Barre Online....More deciept and deception from the City Administration....Why are the taxpayers never told the sale price, and why doesnt City Council and your hero Kathy Kane, ask what the details of the sale were that the Mayor worked out privately...The City bought this property for $1.00 from a resident that owed the City over 50,000 in back taxes and the Mayor sells the property to a friend and City Council isnt responsible enough to assk for details...Thats why they all need to be replaced...The taxpayers have a right to know the details and the City Council has an obligation to inform us..Just more of the same in City Hall...to bad they were not that free when Mayor McGrourty was in office...we could have had "progress as Promised" instead of a Mayor and City Council that are in the Real Estate business.

Walter, if you want to fight, we will fight. Have no misgivings about any of that. I really shouldn’t beat up on you mentally challenged folks, but I’m grossly immature and it’s expected of me. Sort of.

But stop putting your childish gibberish on your web page where no one will ever see it. If you’d like to be schooled by the likes of me, send your hapless verbal phlegm by way of an electronic pulse. Sorry, I forgot who I’m dealing with, here. Iffin’ you’re willing to further embarrass yourself, send your laughably vacuous comments by way of an e-mail. It’s not too difficult. Give it a go, why don’t you? Anyway, I’ll post your comments here. My readers always enjoy a good laugh, but I will not be held responsible if anyone spits coffee all over their ‘spensive ‘puter.

Sorry Walt, but not every transaction the city makes constitutes a budding scandal. If the Mayor exhales, that is not proof of some sort of glossed-over wrongdoing. And if the council happens to work well with him, that is not proof of collusion. Where you see malfeasance, misfeasance and downright evil-doing, I see a property that has been off the tax roles for some years going back on the tax roles. A dilapidated property is preferable to a paved parking lot which would just happen to be taxable? You’re joking, right?

In other business, council will vote Thursday to sell a longtime dilapidated property at 464-466-468 Hazle St. to Dr. Patrick Kerrigan, who owns an office across the street. The city purchased the property in 2002 for $1. It will be demolished. Kerrigan agreed to pay for the demolition costs, which have not yet been determined, Murphy said.

Excerpted from:

Wilkes-Barre council will try again to regulate vicious dogs

Deceit and deception? Is that what you were trying to spell correctly? Ask my hero, Kathy Kane? Boy, it’s one thing to be so utterly wrong so consistently, but you’re never right about anything you tend to get to spewing on and on about. Deceit and deception? Do you honestly think anybody would pay the $50,000 in back taxes owed on that property just to add some additional parking spaces for an adjacent business? Is this the best the local Republicans can muster? Dolts, dim bulbs and the occasional dildo? Tell us, oh brilliant one. What should the city have demanded for that property? The back taxes, a hefty purchase price, one Pete Rose rookie card, two Penguins’ season tickets and the first borne of the purchaser? For a dilapidated building?

Hey everybody! You wanna put this guy in charge?

And what’s up with your Kathy Kane obsession? She’s my hero? I’d love to hear the illogic you’re basing that one on. Sorry dork, but all my heroes have one thing in common. They all played guitars for a living. And the last time I checked, Kathy Kane could not rip off any frets at a dizzying pace. Eddie Van Halen she ain’t. But if it makes you happy to keep repeating that inane claptrap, knock yourself out. And then amuse yourself with some brightly colored pipe cleaners and few pretty marbles. Thimbles are quite fascinating. Hey, whatever it takes. Collect some neat pebbles or something. Amusing the king of the dipsh*ts couldn’t involve too much, could it?

Wait! There’s more equally inane drivel:

Walter said...

I just love the Blogs from the WB Online page...it shows that this guy from Thompson St in Wilkes Barre is as blind as the Mayor and City Council Members. This Mayor and City Council, especially Kathy Kane, think that the taxpayers are not paying attention..The taxpayers know that this City Administration has raised our taxes and increased every fee possible so that the Mayor can look good downtown...I think the Fire fighters are being short changed and the Mayor is taking care of the Police because Chief Dessoye is his Brother in Law...somethings never change in Wilkes Barre .maybe Ann Bergold will run for Mayor...after all...she is connected to the hip of Kathy Kane and Bill Vinsko...

The blogs? Dude, are you, like, new to the internet, or what? In fact, is there anything that you fully comprehend? Here, I’ll learn you some and completely free of charge, I might add. When I update my site, that’s typically referred to as being a “post.” It’s not a “blog,” okay? The “blog” is the totality of the thing, got it? Jeez. I swear, they’ll let just about anyone on the internet these days. One should have to pass an IQ test before receiving a screen name. Or, at least, be able to spell past a fifth-grade level. Or maybe be able to at least make a cogent point now and again. Then again, they’ll allow just about anyone to run for city council, so why should I be annoyed that the internet is being dumbed down so horribly?

We’re hiring more cops because the Mayor is related to the Chief of Police??? You hopeless dork, you are patently absurd. To make such an absurd statement, you must be mentally incontinent. And to make such a ridiculous claim is proof positive that you think the voters of this city are well beyond stupid.

The voters of this city were clamoring for a greatly enhanced police presence long before the long-awaited McGroarty/ Leighton primary. The former mayor allowed our police department to dwindle to record low levels, which was first documented by me in a post titled “Crunching the Numbers,” and was subsequently published by the Times Leader not long afterwards. In fact, former Times Leader reporter Mike McNarney still owes me a case a beer for that one. And as part of his platform, Tom Leighton promised to put more police officers on our streets. And in case you’re not keeping score, he has hired 10, with 10 more already on the way. Funny though, you didn’t make mention of that as part of your worthless screed.

The firefighters are being shortchanged? We can argue that one until we’re all blue in the face, but the fact is, Mayor Namey wanted to scale back the fire department, Mayor McGroarty wanted to do the same exact thing and now Leighton has eliminated much of the overtime the firefighters were used to getting. Oh, by the way, he funded a brand new firehouse, remodeled Headquarters and South Station, purchased three new engines and two new ambulances. I noticed you also failed to mention that. At least you’re consistent. Consistently negative, but consistent just the same.

Maybe Anne Bergold will run for mayor? Um, don’t hold your baited breath. I got me a better idea. Since you’re such the fu>king brilliant legislator, administrator and knower of all things deemed to be important by the likes of you, why dick around running for a lowly council seat? Why don’t you run for mayor, “Mr. I Stand Corrected?” Why not grab the top spot, since you’re the ultimate purveyor of all useful knowledge? Do it! You know everything, so what’s the problem? One too many DUIs, or something? What’s the deal, dork? You’re brilliant. You’ll make mincemeat of that deceitful and deceptive mayor of ours, right? He will wilt under the weight of your knowledgeable onslaught. So you can’t spell. Big deal. Neither could McGroarty (pot whole) and he served two terms. Sometimes dorks fly under the radar, so why not give it a try? You’re the man in your own mind.

Oh, I’m curious. Has Bill Vinsko been deemed to be evil, too? I’m just asking since you seem to think that every single person elected to anything in this city makes it a habit to bite the heads off of small animals and whatnot. Has Vinsko been elevated to demon status, too? Ah, hell! Demonize ‘em all and let Walter sort ‘em out. Besides, he’s the only virtuous thing remaining in this totally corrupt city. (?) What a fu>king maroon!!!

You know, they said I’d have nothing further to write about once McGroarty was put out to pasture. But thanks completely to the dimwits such as yourself, I continue to ramble on. So long as there is one remaining numskull left to squash, I will continue to blog. So long as they don’t legislative away abject stupidity such as yours, I will continue to rankle your fat ass while you continue to bite ankles to no avail. So long as the veritable halfwits and mental defectives continue to court the simpleton vote, I will be here. Be they simpletons, dunderheads or imbeciles, I will remain motivated. Walter, you have inspired me just when I thought my blogging days might have run their course. As long as you continue to make a complete fool of yourself, I will be here to gleefully point it out. I thank you for that. And while I won’t give you much for your chances of getting elected in this town, you do have my sympathies. It must suck to have one chromosome too many.

And since you’re suddenly in the mood to throw it down, I challenge you to attend the next council meeting, address the council and point out just how deceitful and deceptive the mayor and council really are. And after their collective response embarrasses you for all gathered to see, I’ll be the guy standing in the back of the room laughing my horribly mutated balls off. Yep. Motivated I am and I’ll be there just to chuckle at your expense.

And maybe I’ll even bring my Jerry Springer beads and implore Shirley Vita-chevy-nova to expose ‘em for all to see. I’d harass Kathy Kane too, iffin’ she wasn’t my hero. Oh, she’s just swell. Really, really swell. Groovy, in fact. Even better than Marcia Brady.

The dilapidated property on Hazle Avenue has your man-thong all in a bunch? Here’s the gig, dumbbell. I’m supremely confident the mayor and council acted in the best interests of the city, as well as it’s taxpayers. So don’t get too pissed off when I get to laughing uncontrollably at you in public. Ask and you shall receive the facts. Sure beats your jumbled, misguided conspiracy theories.

I’ll see you there, blockhead.



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