11-8-2006 The prequel to '08

Guys, guys, guys!!! The election is over, for crissakes!

From the e-mail inbox Bush Fails To Prevent Buffalo Blizzard

Minorities Hit Hardest

As President Bush and his staff sit comfortably in the White House, the snow continued to pile up on the many poor and African American victims in the Buffalo area who could not afford to get out of town or to safety in Florida. Crucial supplies of blankets, hot cocoa, popcorn, gold jewelry, plasma TVs, Colt 45 and dark rum - so essential to surviving the stress of any major snowstorm - lay in stores undelivered.

"Where is the government? I need my sidewalk shoveled so I can get out to buy my danged lottery tickets!" said one Buffalo resident from his living room. "Why are we wasting money in Iraq when we could be spending it here on me?"

Progressive blogs blasted the President for his inaction. "We find the timing terribly suspicious - just as the Domestic Spying hearings kick into high gear, what happens? A major northeast Blizzard. Why now?" wrote one blogger.

Hearings into the Blizzards' effect on hearings are almost a certainty. Howard Dean has suggested he will call for an investigation once his new medications kick in and John Kerry took a break from his winter ski vacation in Aspen to call for new legislation outlawing snowstorms. "The Republican Congress has dropped the ball once again. I have always been a staunch supporter of anti-snow legislation, except for certain locations where I ski. Snow has no business on our roads and the President and Congress knows that."

Calls for impeachment over "SnowGate" as some are c allin g it already are mounting as deeply as the snow itself, and what will be discovered underneath will prove to have a truly chilling effect on the Republicans, as the inevitable thaw proceeds.

This just in...

More breaking news...Jesse Jackson wants an investigation as to why snow is ALWAYS white.

It is reported that Dick Cheney has stock in Tru-Value Hardware. Do you have any idea how many SNOW SHOVELS they sold today to the unsuspecting consumer?

The American people will demand to know why FEMA has been so late in reacting to this storm. THEY KNEW IT WAS COMING! And yet they failed to have crews in place to fix the electricity as soon as it went off. It just shows that Bush and the Republicans just don't care about the people in the north east. The Senate needs to investigate this with administration personnel under oath.

We speculate that the great junior senator from N.Y. has opened the doors of her Long Island mansion to all of the heatless poor of her neighborhood and is busy baking cookies for them while her husband applies body heat to the nearly frozen teen-aged girls.

We will have more news about all this as it develops..

Yessiree. The midterm election is now behind us and I couldn’t be more pleased. I’m really looking forward to the upcoming May primaries which promises a lot of bloodletting whereas the council race is concerned. I’m not looking to influence those races, per se. Rather, I’m simply thinking they’ll be a helluva ride as a spectator sport alone. Sounds like fun to me.

As far as the Democratic takeover of Congress is concerned, the Republicans sure as hell were sent a deservedly clear message, but I figure the Democrat’s gains will be very short-lived. Two years long in fact. There’s a laundry list of voter frustrations that surfaced in exit polls taken yesterday, and not a one of them will be seriously addressed as part of the Democratic takeover. Terrorism? Iraq? Illegal immigration? Healthcare? Ain’t gonna happen in the next two years. That is to say, the illegal immigrants will be offered amnesty now that the Dems have the gavels. They’ve already stated as much, the Senate has voted for it and the president is on the record as being in favor of it. So, an issue that really, really annoyed registered Republicans will once again anger registered Republicans all over again.

Terrorism and Iraq? Well, the Democrats are for “redeployment” whatever that means. Actually, they don’t even know what that’s supposed to mean, but it sounded good for the purposes of electioneering. The Israeli’s are nervous as a result of last night’s results. And you know the terrorists worldwide will be thrilled to see Bush’s terror fighting initiatives curtailed. Maybe Wesley Clark will sue Osama bin Laden for damages…you know, mental suffering or something equally effeminate.

But, the Democrats are promising to come out of the blocks fast by raising the minimum wage which shores up the votes of the poor, and the unions, which use the minimum wage as a base multiplier during wage negotiations. So, they buy some votes from the get-go, and then get on to even bigger and better government entitlements. And punishing the Republicans for growing government by replacing them with those that know no other way than to grow the government is a fix in what way exactly? Like I said, these gains are extremely short-lived.

I mean, what are people like Chris Carney and Bob Casey going to do when the Democratic leadership is so radically driven to the left? They’ll do as they are told and vote the party line, that’s what. Pro-life one day and pro-death the next. You know it.

I heard the stupidest fu>king analysis this morning and coming from none other than that prince of nothing worth knowing--Kevin Lynn. A caller to WILK mentioned that the Democratic leadership was cracked and Kevin supplied the following bit of absurdity. He said of Nancy Pelosi: “She’s not bringing San Francisco to Washington. She’s bringing Washington to San Francisco.” Yeah, and pebbles grow to be big rocks one day, Kevin. All of those newly-elected Dems may be conservative-leaning Dems, but the far-left party leadership is in bed with the likes of Cindy Sheehan and Michael Moore. And those folks are about as bipartisan as a transgender is sure of their sexuality. Leopards don’t change their spots, and neither do San Fran Freakshow commie babes.

Much like the childlike creatures they are, Nancy and Kevin started their inept show this morning with the tune “Happy days are here again.” Au contraire, children. What angered the Republican hordes this year will not get fixed during the next two tumultuous years, and during the hard-fought ‘08 election, they’ll be sure to reap their fair share of that coming whirlwind. You see kiddies, national politics is but a pendulum, and it swings both ways. Sorry, but it’s coming your way next. You see, nothing of note will get tackled and fixed.

From the e-mail inbox Mark,

No predictions? You are slipping-you always give us your picks. And they’re almost always right. What gives?


Slipping? Nah, just lazy of late. Although, what was there to predict?

Rendell: I think we all knew that was going to be a romp, didn’t we? Didn’t exactly require some expert punditry on that one.

Santorum: I went on the record on that one a couple of weeks ago when I said he was “toast.” That he was. Or is. How did Casey win anyway when he was deliberately inarticulate? (Scratching head)

Sherwood: Not that I really care as he’s from some agrarian district, but not mine. Actually, I said Carney was going to go down in flames. I really thought Sherwood would pull that one out due to Carney’s mostly lame “He cheated on his wife” campaign. Now Carney is off to Intern Alley. Stay tuned.

Kanjorski: Didn’t need that one predicted for you, did you? As valiant as his challenge was, an under-funded Joe Leonardi was swimming upstream with no fish ladder in sight. Although, I truly thank him for the fact that this one was not yet another uncontested race.

Pashinski/Katsock: This one was fun. I was hearing two things on this one. First, it was going to be really, really close. And, two, Katsock was going to pull it out. I heard in all, in fact. The people in Nanticoke hated Pashinski. The Heights people wondered where he was when the firehouse battle was being waged. Christine has money to spend this go-round. Plus, the upstart internet pundits were solidly in her corner. You remember them, the ones that said Ed Pashinski had absolutely no chance of winning in the May Primaries.

I countered with the folks who’s kids he taught don’t hate him. He sure has the teacher vote. He sure has to have the union vote. He has a huge following whereas his on stage exploits are concerned. Whatever. A couple of days before the big election a neighbor of mine told me this race was going to be a lot closer than I thought. I said, “I don’t think so.” And what was the final tally? Not even close. At 9:11 PM, WILK reported it all but over after a call from the Pashinski camp and I was just about ready for bed.

I don’t think Christine Katsock is qualified, despite her years of trying and studying the issues. With that said, the following culled from today’s Leader had me feeling a bit sorry for her constant plight.

The loss makes Katsock 0-5 in her quest for a political office. She was defeated in past bids for the Wilkes-Barre Area School Board, city council and mayor. She also lost by about 5,000 votes in the 2004 race for state representative against Blaum.

Surrounded by supporters wearing grim expressions, Katsock said this is probably her last attempt at public office.

“We really thought we had it this time,” said a crestfallen Katsock, as a woman at her table kept shaking her head. “Apparently it wasn’t enough.

“I think you can only run up against the brick wall so many times,” said Katsock, a church musician who owns an online jewelry business. “We’ve pretty much run the gamut.”

For a loner, she sure is a gamer.

This candidate is the best and brightest the county’s Republican party has, but where’s the support? She’s been going it completely alone for the entire haul, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that she keeps getting turned away at the polls. Instead of running candidates out for the fully expected slaughter, maybe the county Republicans should start building a legitimate support network and raising some money. Maybe that should be Christine’s calling. I dunno, I used to be a registered Republican, but in this county it’s akin to being a registered communist dingbat.

And what does this loss portend for Walter Griffith’s promised sweep of the city’s council seats by Republicans? Aerosmith, anyone? Dream on? Boy, that Republican revolution is off to a rocky start there, Walt. Suggests that the membership in the “Save our Firehouse” club was minuscule at best. And if the firehouse movement did not attract widespread support throughout the city, then why in hell did Katsock and Co. attempt to alter the city’s government by way of the referendum process? Sounds like y’all were out of line one that one. And one unfortunate Heights resident was left footing the hefty bill on that misguided attempt at ruling by petition: the one who was probably the most well-meaning.

And after watching Christine try but fail once more, I’m wondering just how much that name recognition the usual activist suspects continually clamor for is worth. Vote for me, the newspapers mention my name the morning after each council meeting? Is that going to get it done? Does that really count for anything at all? Doesn’t seem like it. In this city, it seems like the squeakiest wheels get greased at election time.

Now all that we have to do is sit back and wait for the coming council brouhaha. There’s all sorts of names and rumors floating about, all of which don’t add up to dried spit just yet.

Kane for mayor? Kane for commissioner? O’Donnell for mayor? O’Donnell for council? Vonderheid back to the Chamber? Vonderheid to Wilkes-Barre Online? Carey for council? I think I’ve heard ‘em all, but I surely don’t care until they officially announce something or other.

I’ve had lots of names e-mailed my way taunting that this is the one that will challenge and defeat Tom Leighton. Know what, if somebody knocks Leighton off, they’d probably be doing him a huge favor. They say the mayor’s job is a thankless job, and as evidenced by the amount of guff he receives despite the stellar performance he’s delivered so far; his job does seem to be disproportionately thankless. But don’t be deceived by the noise from the negative ninnies. Many in this city appreciate what he’s been able to achieve in such a short length of time, and they will remember when he seeks a second term. The negative ninnies will be repudiated with the passage of time. And Tom Leighton’s second term will vault him to the top of the mayoral legacy list.

Anyway, this brewing council race ought to be one helluva dust-up, if not an outright free-for-all. Sounds like a hoot to me. Oh, and the inept Republicans will get their fat heads handed to them, just like they always do.

So, if you voted yesterday, good job.

And if you didn’t, you surely suck.

Sez me.

From the e-mail inbox To all:

FYI - I heard the Corps rec'd almost 500 e-mails and letters...VAST majority against the dam.

The American Rivers' action alert was a major plus. Thanks to all who wrote. I'll let you know when the hearing is scheduled.


Yup. There’s an ongoing battle yet to be won.

The damn dam battle.

How‘s that for a paper trail?

How‘s that for a paper trail?