4-25-2007 One man did

Talk about having things saturated. Whew! Hereís the scoop: If campaign yard signs counted as votes, Virgil Argenta wins in a landslide.

Although, as we should all know by know, the real winners will be the candidates with the largest extended families. 300 votes enough? Probably.

Hereís a couple of quotes that came my way of late.

ďIf Virgil was on Valium, I might vote for him.Ē

ďWalter is like Robert Redford. Everybody knows his name, but nobody knows why.Ē

I heard mayor and council hopeful Tim Grier on WILK today. The new-&-improved Tim, I should say. Gone are the bombastic accusations. Gone is the fiery rhetoric. Gone are the references to ďratsĒ and suchlike. Hell, they went and cleaned him up for the election.

He said somebody told him he needs to be less ďheavy-handed.Ē Damn, Iíve been trying to tell him as much for two years now. Remember, Tim? Burning bridges?

The scary part is we are of a totally like mind whereas the following story is concerned:

From the Citizensí Voice:

Boscovís asked to fix up downtown store

To be perfectly frank, I was shocked when I read that story. Iím thinking this is something that should and could be hashed-out behind closed doors, not on Page 3. Boscovís stuck it out through thick, thin, thinner and even thinner, and I donít think they should be publicly flogged in the newspapers because of the conditions of the mammoth store.

Iíve visited some of the newer locations, and itís obvious that Wilkes-Barreís store is not exactly the pearl of the chain. Then again, I fail to understand what the gripe is. Itís not like itís falling apart. Itís not dirty. Itís got the best damned kitchen department in this entire area. And, thanks to my chosen profession, I get to see the parts of Boscovís that none of you get the chance to see. The absolute worst that could be said of Boscovís is that itís looking a little dated.

Another thing. If I was a councilman, the very last thing I would do is publicly scold the operators of Wilkes-Barreís longtime downtown anchor. Al Boscov was committed to the downtown, but heís not calling the shots anymore. Letís not give the next generation of owners a reason to reconsider that commitment. Remodeling that enormous store would require a significant capital outlay, and whoís to say the current management isnít playing wait-and-see like everyone else with a major stake in the downtownís resurgence?

With that said, Rob Finlay has a valid point.

ďIf Boscovís renovates the store, that would not only help their sales, but it would also lure national tenants, similar to what is in the Shoppes at Montage,Ē Finlay said. ďIf they renovate, the downtown would become much more attractive and people would want to fill our stores, but we need help from the anchor.Ē

Finlay, who owns a major chunk of properties on Public Square, the first block of South Main Street and Midtown Village, recalls in 1998 when he and his father, Alan Finlay, met with Al Boscov and Boscovís store manager Tom Jacobs. At that time, Boscov said if the city could bring a theater and a joint college bookstore downtown, he would renovate the downtown store. Now, Finlay wants action. With the deteriorating condition of the store and parking garage today, potential tenants wonder if the store might close, he said.

Like I said, Boscovís stuck it out through the worst of times, and they deserve some loyalty from us for that. But, if Boscovís could give some outward sign that it is still committed to the downtown, that might greatly accelerate itís fledgling revitalization. Theater or no theater, nobody would want to open a new business down there only to learn that the retail shopping anchor is abruptly pulling out. Nobody.

Itís just I donít understand how the spanking of Boscovís pee-pee turns into a newspaper story.

I dunno.

Can one man really make a difference? The conventional wisdom says no, but history tells us otherwise.

From the Citizensí Voice:

Protester takes aim at proposed inflatable dam

WILKES-BARRE ó Don Williams stood overlooking the Susquehanna River, his message clear, hoping for feedback in the form of honks and waves from people in passing cars.

ďNO DAMĒ read the banner that faced traffic from the south sidewalk of the Market Street Bridge.

He awoke at 3 a.m. to make sure heíd be at the bridge by sunrise, and was joined throughout the day by a handful of members from the local Audubon Society and Sierra Club.

As far as Iím concerned, he did make a difference. And he did it by raising the publicís awareness of this stupid dam, while few others were bothering in any meaningful sense.

A long while back somebody asked me (no tree hugger by any stretch of the imagination) what I thought of damming the river. And I said something to the effect that putting a dam in front of sh*t didnít sound none too keen to me. Enter Kayak Dude.

No sooner had I typed my concerns, he had invited me to get on out there on the river and take it in for what itís worth. And depending on conditions, the river can be a lot of things, sometimes very conflicting things. It can be smelly when itĎs low and slow. It can be foamy when itĎs high and moving fast. It can be beautiful at one locale, and repulsive at the very next. It can sadden you when you consider what the coal robber barons got away with, literally, walked away from filthy rich. And it can fill you with hope when you get to picturing it clean, bluish and free-flowing at some future date, hopefully not so far removed from todayís date.

But, before Kayak Dude got me to doing more than just giving the passing river an occasional glance from the middle of a bridge, the inflatable dam was an issue that did not resonate with the average land-lovers the likes of you and me. Yeah, the tree-huggers may have been working behind the scenes to put the kibosh to Kanjorskiís ill-fated plans, but meanwhile, you and I hadnít even thunk about it. He got me out there, and in turn, he got us arguing about it. And thatís why I believe that one man did make a difference.

Regardless of whether KD would call himself an environmentalist or not, on this issue, I think heís more river enthusiast than anything else. By paddling more than 1,000 miles on it, heís made that river his home away from home for a long time. And when the need arose, he choose to protect that second home of his from clueless politicians. His is a selfless act, personally protecting his watery playground. Mostly, itís a labor of love.

Can one man really make a difference?

Well, I think itís undeniable that in the case of Kanjorski v. KD, one man did. And whether that giant condom of a dam gets stretched across the river or not, one man will know that he fought the good fight, he tried.

Despite what the conventional wisdom suggests, there are exceptions to every rule and KD is one of those exceptions.

One man did.

Thanks, KD.

From the e-mail inbox Hi Mark,

Kayak Dude, during his radio appearance, as expected was right on the money. I was busy with patients and didn't get a chance to call The Sue Henry Show, but all in my office were tuned in and not a one could understand the practical purpose of the river greeting the Grim Reaper.

I was surprised that the local, paternal paragon of the environmental movement, Kevin Lynn, didn't call in to support Kayak Dude. Hang on a minute, I forgot --- it seems Kevin, who constantly cajoles that worldwide warming is going to eradicate Earth, is a strong supporter of the the fact-defying fecal farce. You would think that the gung-ho, global Gore supporter would embrace our Susquehanna Sentinel and help him save our regal river from the sludge stopping, destruction delivering, pumped-up pollution pocket. However, in classic do as I say not as I do liberal language, the worldly wordsmith props up the pungent project of his pet politician. Thus, Mr. Lynn's convenient crusading for the endangered environment falls fast by the wayside in an effort to ensure the development of the crap catching cupola.

The verbose, venomous, carbon cursing curmudgeon, who several times per week drives his smog spewing automobile from Harvey's Lake to Pittston Township to Scranton and back to Harvey's lake, defends the damaging dam. How could the hypocritical harbinger, who wants us all to change the way we live, but chooses not to reduce his own carbon footprint by living closer to his employment endeavors, not help defeat the dam? Would any other exemplary environmentalist, insanely support the halting of mother natures cleansing perpetual motion of our sullied Susquehanna? Of course not!

I still wonder what color the sky will be in this inflatable fantasy world. Hopefully strong determination, intelligence and common sense will ensure we never find out.


Joe Leonardi

Ah, Kevin, aka Chia Kev. Yeah. Try as he may to make us believe heís a deep thinker, he simply repeats whatever the far-left compels him to repeat. If some leftist stooge at some college somewhere says paper clips are destroying the ozone layer, Kevís gonna start harping against Big Paper Clips. If some disturbed lesbo feminist somewhere claims heterosexual sex is warming the oceans, Kevís gonna tell us to grab a couple of same-sex partners and save the planet by tonight. If he actually spewed an original thought just one time, the Earth would spin right off of itís axis and collide with that planet Kev lives on.

But, take heart as his generation, the worst generation, the generation that gave us rampant drugs, rampant and deadly STDs, peace (?), homegrown anti-American fervor and debilitating political correctness is rapidly running out of birthdays. The clueless hippie generation is coming up daisies at an accelerated rate, so there is hope for this country.

I hope.

Even though this news did not grace the pages of our two local newspapers, our police department recently rounded up a slew of illegal aliens only to be told by the INS to release them.

Yep. Be they rapists, arsonists, murderers or serial killersÖlet them go. Thatís your Fedrule Govmint at work. Thatís your Fedrule Govmint compromising your safety and your livelihood. And with only a working knowledge of the federal responsibilities as defined in our founding documents, that is treacherous, if not treasonous.

Give local cops more authority, judge says

For the purposes of this exercise, let it be understood that the term ďillegal aliensĒ means Mexicans. As if theyíre not!

Practically everyone repeats this well-worn and tired gibberish about how hard-working the ďundocumentedĒ are.

Really? So, where do illegal aliens work?

Have you encountered any Mexican employees at Sprawl Mart? Seen any working at the nearby Turkey Hill? Toiling away at The Gap, Circuit City, or Target, perhaps? How about Boscovís? Have you come across anyone that could be described as looking Central American manning a register at Boscovís?

In short, no, you havenít.

No, they are working under the table. They constitute the backbone of the underground, illegal economy. They pay no appreciable taxes. They pay nothing to the social security fund. They have no health care to speak of. And they pay no school taxes. And despite what Steve ďI am a MexicanĒ Corbett will insult your intelligence with, they are a burden upon all of the support systems poorer Americans rely on, as well as drive up the cost of practically everything else for middle class Americans.

They live in my neighborhood. They canít speak English, but have valid driverís licenses. (?) They canít pronounce Marlboro, but they do have Access Cards. (?) They live 30 to a half a double block, but somehow, they go unnoticed to the code enforcement types. (?) The canít decipher what the sign on the air pump at the gas station is telling them, but they are driving a late-model automobile. (?) They wait in line at the emergency room filling out public assistance health forms, and the cost of my health insurance skyrockets each and every year. (?) They live amongst us, yet act as if we, the native-borne, hard working, taxpaying Americans do not even exist.(?)

Basically, by itís own inaction, the Fedrule Govmint is creating a whole new racial divide. I could go on and on, but the short version is, Iíve got a hundred or so good reasons to dislike the newest of my neighbors, and the federal government single-handedly created darn near every one of them.

And as far as Iím concerned, until all of the illegal aliens are expelled from this country, I wonít know whoís legal and whoís not, so I say to hell with the lot of them and to hell with any politician that sounds as wishy-washy as Steve Corbett does.

Theyíre hard workers, Steve? Good. They can go work hard in their own homeland. And you might as well head south along with them, since you condone lawbreaking when itís politically expedient. See ya!

The long and short of illegal immigration is that average Americans know they are getting fu>ked by their own government. And nothing anyone says will dissuade them from that belief.

So, what to do about it?

From the e-mail inbox hi! a few of neighbors of mine want to display signs for the campaign can you put something on your site as where or who we can call to get them? leighton sign is no.1 !!!!!!!!! thanx

Follow the links to the campaign Web sites on my front page. Although, as far as I know, there arenít many candidates putting up campaign sites.

The phone book comes to mind.

Hope that helps.