5-26-2007 ‘ILK

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved for the States respectively, or to the people.--10th Amendment

We‘ve got some big goings-on over at WILK. First, WILK is now on the FM dial at 103.1. Then we’ve got both Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly being deep-sixed to make room for a new local talk show…”Corbett,” which is on in the 3-7 time slot. Yes, that’s Corbett as in Steve Corbett. What this amounts to is a 4-hour increase in local talk, topping out at a whopping 10 hours a day.

While he may be a doddering old fool, and while he may be better off babbling closer to Haight-Asbury, and even though he’s one of those leftovers from America’s Worst Generation, local talk is far better than those syndicated national talk shows. So, Corbett or no Corbett, this is a good move.

And all I’ve got to say about losing Hannity and O’Reilly is good riddance. Hannity was merely a Rush Limbaugh clone, and O’Reilly never interested me in the least. I never listened to either of those two shows. Whatever.

Let me see here…back before Corbett moved to California, I called his Saturday show three times and each time I called he got all annoyed with me and cut me off. Thing is, he’s big on being judgmental of others, but will not tolerate others being judgmental of still others. And he’s about as consistent on his positions as are the locations of lightning strikes. Take his recent nonsensical crusade, the villainization of cigarette smokers.

Part of his irrational rationale in calling for a statewide ban on smoking in public is what he calls the health care costs associated with treating ill smokers. He says they drive up the cost of health care for everybody else. Yeah! As if the costs would drop if all cigarettes magically disappeared sometime later tonight, never to return. That’s a joke, right?

Anywho, according to Mr. Inconsistent, smoking drives up the cost of health care and should be done away with immediately.

But…since he’s so fond of displaying his superior tolerance of others by often stating “I am a Mexican,” he’s completely willing to absorb, without question, the increasingly staggering costs associated with providing health care to illegal aliens. Yep. That’s not the problem, the illegal invasion. No, in his spinning vortex of a mind, I’m the problem.

And that’s why he hangs up on me, because he’s a meathead prone to prattling on and on without much substance to what he has to babble on about. And if I called him again, the result would likely be the same.

Another obvious mental tick of his is this unrelenting need of his to elevate those that do not deserve to be elevated. Does anybody remember The Hopper King? That was when Steve got to berating all of us for the horrible life that hobos have to endure. A life they chose. A life they inflicted upon themselves. Well, to the aging hippies, the hobos are noble, and we somehow failed them. Typical Kumbaya idiocy.

Consider those illegal aliens Steve is so willing to fight for. According to him, they are the absolute best thing since sliced bread. To listen to his spiel, you’d think all of America’s problems would be solved if we’d just do away with the borders and punish those damned white people for being so intolerant.

Truth is, illegal aliens bring nothing to my neighborhood. They don’t add anything to my neighborhood and they don’t contribute anything to the overall cause. Oh, but they will pick the crops, is Steve’s vacuous and laughable comeback. As if the sovereignty…the security of the United States should take a back seat to the cost of procuring rutabagas and whatnot.

‘Cause as we all know, Americans, i.e., us suckful, pampered white people, will not do those menial jobs. They are beneath us. Well, beneath us because we can read, write and earn a real income. Um…Steve, that’s what the 1,000,000 imprisoned criminals could do all day long, so stick that feeble argument in your bong and strike up a match. We should allow our country to be overrun so that tomatoes will still be cheap, that’s all you’ve got? Try gardening in the back yard, Steve. Buy a freaking tomato, harvest the seeds and Voila!…cheap tomatoes. And the way I hear it, your ill-starred generation is quite adept at growing and harvesting all sorts of crops. With that said, I doubt that you could get very high on a tomato.

And that’s why he hangs up on me, because he’s a meathead prone to prattling on and on without much substance to what he has to babble on about. And if I called him again, the result would likely be the same.

Although, at least “Duke from Dallas” will have yet another broadcast venue by which to spread his harebrained conspiracy theories about George Bush, Dick Cheney and the most dreaded of those now thoroughly dreaded capitalist pursuits…Big Oil. Urgh! Grit your teeth and say it along with me…BIG…OIL!!! What a fu>king jackass that character is.

Anyway, WILK has retooled itself on the fly. When the sun rises, you can listen to Kevin Lynn repeat whatever repulsive thing that Ted Kennedy or Nancy Pelosi felt the need to regurgitate. Then you’ve got the church happy, wiffleball bat-toting conservative lady, Sue Henry. After that, Rush is still there with his always amusing show. And then it’s Steve with his constant twaddle about revolutions, as if calling anonymously to a talk radio station actually amounts to anything of note.

You know, maybe I should try calling Kevin again. I always get his blood pressure to soaring. The last time I called, he tried shouting me down and incorrectly suggested that I attack people anonymously on the internet. And while he was still shouting at me, I shouted back with “M…A…R…K…C…O…U…R!!!” Suck on that, boy.

“You wanna fight, we’ll fight.”--Tom Moyer

Predictably, he hung up on me.

Proving once again that what Rush Limbaugh always says is right: Liberals don’t really want to enter into a lively debate. And if they get one, they quickly resort to tossing baseless accusations and to name-calling. No, instead, the likes of Kevin pontificate away as if sent by God himself, but if you dare to disagree with their utter brilliance, they go rabid junk yard dog on you in an instant.

Which leads me back to Corbett. Countless millions of average Americans want the borders secured, and the illegal aliens sent packing. And what does he say? They “are against immigration.” And with that, he is implying that those same hard-working, tax-paying Americans are all some combination of bigots, racists, fascists and, or trailer park trash certainly not near as enlightened as himself. He can’t debate the real issue, cleverly calling it something else. And, basically, he resorts to name-calling, albeit, very, very slyly.

Basically, the only revolution he is participating in is the systematic and incremental dismantling of the United States of America. But, he’s significantly smarter than us unwashed masses sorts, so there’s no arguing with him. Remember, he is “a real American.” Not like us, silly, ignorant white Americans who hang on every turn of Jeff Gordon‘s steering wheel.

Like I said, I prefer local talk radio to the syndicated national talk shows. And WILK has now provided us with an additional 4-hours of local talk 5 days a week. For that I am thankful. And with that said, while it’s local talk, it’s not necessarily good local talk radio.

If I do call, I’ll record the exchange and embed the audio on these electronic pages of mine. And so as to not immediately get anyone’s defenses up by calling in as “Mark from Wilkes-Barre,” perhaps I’ll identify myself as “Hoby from Noxen,” or “Uncle Jiggy from Incest Creek.” Because, when you dare disagree with the self-styled elitists, they already know the caller is one of those silly, ignorant, intolerant white people from the godforsaken outback.

So why not play along?

Some people are still fighting the good fight against that debatable, deflatable dam.

Inflatable dam on Susquehanna still a live threat

I heard Wilkes-Barre‘s former tower on WILK lamenting the recent “crime wave” in this city, and I got to wondering whether or not anyone who calls talk radio bothers to think just a tad before they call.

He started his laundry list of recent crimes by referring to this incident that happened less than a thousand yards from this modest adobe:

W-B police: Man assaults girlfriend’s acquaintance during a dispute

Excuse me for asking, but how exactly do you prevent these sorts of incidents?

Just so we have this straight, a Plains Township resident, upset that his girlie had taken up with another man, drove to Wilkes-Barre and launched into an aggravated assault and then some.

And the mayor of the city, the city council and the police department failed us how? What, are they supposed to make like the Amazing Kresgin and predict the most hideous of the crimes before they actually occur? They should have known that some guy from Plains was going to drive to Wyoming Street and go postal on somebody??? Blame for this most unfortunate of incident needs to be assigned? A jealous ex lover freaks out, so we need to grind that political axe once again?

And if that wasn’t completely pointless enough, the host of the show, good ole Steve Corbett himself, didn’t have enough gonad at his immediate disposal to summarily dismiss that caller out of hand. Nope, Steve knows the caller, Steve likes the caller, so whatever gibberish he offers flies.

So, according to Steve and Bob, when love triangles suddenly appear and go horribly wrong, that’s proof that our elected officials are incompetent.

I dunno. Maybe if I was hit in the head just a few more dozen times as a kid, I’d see their pointless point.

So, in review, if I go off on the wife, chop her up, portion her into 1-pound freezer bags and stick her in the chest freezer, that’s the fault of this city’s administration? That’s what the “talk revolution” is telling me? The shameless and ill-advised politicization of the clear lack of civility being displayed by the populace is fair?

So, what’s next? The City of Wilkes-Barre is obviously at fault when an ugly road rage incident goes down?

Imbecility is as imbecility does.

From the e-mail inbox Dear Mark,

I would like to thank you for your continued support. It meant a lot to me. I gave it my best shot. But, unfortunately the powers to be had someone else in mind for the job. I wish I was told this before I spent so much time and money. I would have been cool with that.

I seen a job that needed to be done and I knew I could have done it well. I would have given 110% just as I do to Crime Watch. But, it is what it is. Mike is a very nice guy. I wish him well. If he wins in November, he and all of the other council members will be hearing from me often. It is imperative that we get a hold of the serious drug problem in the city.

As for now, I am helping to plan our Memorial Day parade in Parsons and will continue to do the Crime Watch thing and would love for you to take a ride along with us some night. I am not disheartened because I really don’t think I would have fit into to the political world. I knew nothing about politics. It was quite a “yuckie” experience.

I am just an old optimistic hippie who wears love beads, listens to the Beatles, follows the Native American commandments, wears patchouli oil and loves this city. I remember how great it was growing up here and I believe it could be that way again. I will not give up the fight. But, I am not alone. There are many great people who are involved in our Crime Watch groups who are just as vigilant as I am.

Once again, …. Thank you… Char

Native American commandments

Treat the Earth and all that dwell thereon with respect.
Remain close to the Great Spirit.
Show great respect for your fellow beings
Work together for the benefit of all Mankind.
Give assistance and kindness wherever needed.
Do what you know to be right.
Look after the well being of mind and body.
Dedicate a share of your efforts to the greater good.
Be truthful and honest at all times.
Take full responsibility for your actions.

I reprinted that e-mail without permission, but I did it for a specific reason. What that e-mail proves to me is that I supported the right candidate. And if given the chance, I’d support her all over again. You see, there are those that talk, and then are those that do.

I remember how great it was growing up here and I believe it could be that way again.

Me too.