6-11-2007 Bad apples

I was kind of long-winded yesterday, being that I didn’t post for an entire week. Believe it or not, I chose to cut that post short, but there was no way I was going to let the following story slide without commenting on it.

From the Times Leader:

Ex-Wilkes employee settles suit

WILKES-BARRE – A former Wilkes University staffer who accused city police of racial profiling has agreed to settle a federal lawsuit for $1,000 and a promise that all officers will review the department’s policy prohibiting racial profiling each year.

Andita Parker-Lloyd on Wednesday agreed to the settlement, which also calls for the city to pay a total of $10,000 to her attorneys, Barry Dyller and Robert Gonos.

Ah, racial profiling. What tommyrot. You really have to love total baloney such as this. Whenever a politically savvy black or brown gets stopped for things everybody gets stopped for (traffic violations, for example) or for serious offenses like drunk driving--they then insist the stop was racially motivated. Some actually believe as much, while many others do not. But either way, they repeat this total baloney time and again.

White people appeal a speeding ticket by showing up at the hearing and claiming the speed gun must not have been calibrated correctly. They are lying, but hoping to beat the ticket.

Non-white people don’t need a hearing when they get a speeding ticket. They just start screaming racial profiling from the word go. Then the lunkheaded media, the disingenuous NAACP and the easily-led whites still riddled with guilt get to demanding justice in very loud and demonstrative tones.

What everyone has in common here is that they are lying. For whites, it’s purely an economic white lie. But for many non-whites, the incendiary white lie suggests that all too many of them are given to frequent delusions.

Not my fault. I did nothing wrong. It’s that evil white man beating me down again.

White people just don’t want to fork over a quick hundred bucks if they can avoid doing so. But the others claim that they were being unfairly singled out, that their rights were being violated, that they were suffering discrimination, and so on. They are, in my opinion, the absolute worst sort of human debris. Because when you lie about an honest police officer’s interaction with you, you are trying to put his livelihood in jeopardy. And that’s poor.

I once told a Wilkes-Barre police officer that I wish the Congress would pass a law that from here on out, all new police hires would have to be persons of some color. And with the passage of some time, police departments all over the country would eventually be comprised mostly of blacks and some Hispanics. And then the dolt-like people such as Anita Parker-Lloyd would have to take their police-delivered lumps just like everybody else does. Er, just like the white people do. That’d fix her ass, wouldn’t it?

Fact is, policing and racial profiling are married at the hip, and they always will be. They ought to reconfirm their vows in a loud and grotesque manner in a very public forum every now and again.

When the white kid from Dallas driving daddy’s BMW coupe very slowly down the length of Welles Street at 1 in the morning gets pulled over by a Wilkes-Barre cop, that’s racial profiling. The question: what’s an obviously spoiled white kid driving a BMW doing in a predominantly black neighborhood this time of the night? Why, he’s looking to score some illegal drugs. And, since he’s got thirty pounds of junk illegally hanging from his rear-view mirror, why not pull him over and see what’s what?

Conversely, when some black kid doing his level best to look like the CEO of the Bloods gets to cruising his Dodge Neon through The Maples in Dallas very, very slowly, the cops in Dallas will think and do likewise. The question: what’s wrong with this picture?

More often than not, both of those scenarios lead to arrests. The stop leads to a search of the vehicle, and the search produces weapons, drug paraphernalia, drugs and intoxicated occupants. Been there, done that in person, thanks completely to the Wilkes-Barre Police Department for having me along.

With all of that having been said, when the black kid or the brown kid gets pulled over because his brake lights are on the fritz, that’s not profiling of any sort. But, if everybody keeps charging racial discrimination every time they break a traffic law and get caught, would there come a day where police officers shy away from doing their jobs? I mean, who needs that sort of high-profile hassle over a traffic stop? Would that be acceptable to you? For reasons of fostering racial harmony one might argue that the police shouldn't stop suspicious looking blacks? Only whites get pulled over when they run a stop sign? Only whites get pulled over when something seems seriously amiss?

If that’s the case, then I’ll probably rethink my plan to steal a car from the parking lot of the Westmoreland Club. Because, as far as I’m concerned, no self-respecting local cop worth his pay should believe that somebody that’s looks like me should be cruising by in a brand new Lexus sporting a Huntsville Golf Club decal in the window, and with Blue Oyster Cult rumbling the doors loose. That’s a cop I don’t want employed by the City of Wilkes-Barre. But that’s exactly the type of cop Anita Parker-Lloyd wants. And she’ll do whatever it takes to turn every cop into the cop that is afraid to apply the laws equally.

What cops actually do is to target people of any sort that make trouble. If scruffy white kids are in town to stage a protest against (pick a moonbat cause), then the cops will hassle scruffy white kids. If a motorcycle gang show up in numbers and begins scaring the locals, the cops will hassle the motorcycle gang. If young black males have been selling drugs and shooting each other of late, the cops will focus on them. When I was a long-haired, cigar-toting 15-year-old blasting KISS ALIVE! loud enough to kill passing birds, I too got hassled by the cops. I was innocent enough, but I looked like a troublemaker. I looked the part. And the cops did the right thing by hassling me.

But when people of color look the part, Anita wants the cops to back off?

That’s making sophistry of thought. And it compromises our safety.

And this guy…this guy, ought to stick to picking the fuzz out of his belly button.

NAACP bashes Wilkes-Barre over race case

WILKES-BARRE – The head of the local NAACP on Friday blasted the city for refusing to release the names of five officers who were named as defendants in a racial profiling lawsuit that was resolved through an out-of-court settlement.

Ron Felton said he believes the issues involved in the case of Andita Parker-Lloyd go far beyond the specific facts of her case. Keeping secret the names of the officers involved breeds mistrust regarding the city’s commitment to ensure all people are treated equally regardless of race, he said.

“If they were so justified in what they did, why are their names secret? It’s because if they identify them and others come forward and the same (officers’) names come up, you have to deal with the issue it’s not an isolated incident,” Felton said. “The majority of Wilkes-Barre police officers are decent, professional people. But there are some bad apples and we need to expose them.”

Hey jackass! When did you fu>king get elected judge, jury and race-baiting executioner? At best, you’ve got a he-said, she said on your hands. And from that you conclude that the police officers involved in that one traffic stop are all bad apples? A traffic stop that should have amounted to a citation at worst, or could have amounted to a warning at best?

Where I’m standing, the word of a Wilkes-Barre police officer counts for much, much more than some college kid that was egged on by a paid racist in her own right. Plus, throw in the fact that I know which officers where there that night, and not a one of them has ever been accused of attending any cross burnings. And if that’s not enough, one of the officers involved is a personal friend of mine and a dedicated, self-motivated police officer to boot. His professionalism is above reproach, but according to Judge Felton, he’s a bad apple?

Get stuffed, you know-nothing!!!

On Wednesday, Parker-Lloyd agreed to settle the suit for $1,000 (plus $10,000 to her attorneys) and a promise that police would be required to review the department’s policy against racial profiling once a year.

The city on Thursday provided a copy of the settlement agreement, but neither it nor any other court documents associated with the case identify the officers. Assistant City Solicitor William Vinsko declined to identify the officers, saying that information could jeopardize their ability to do their job.

The Times Leader on Friday again requested the names of the officers. Vinsko again declined, explaining that city officials are concerned that releasing that information could make the officers targets for unjustified allegations.

“That’s reverse profiling,” Vinsko said. “If people have a legitimate concern we’d like them to come forward. If not, we are not going to provide a forum to basically provide a ‘scarlet letter’ to the force. They never admitted to any wronging and were not part of any wrongdoing.”

Ahem…the City is absolutely goll danged correct to not release the names of the police officers involved, which, in effect, would serve no other possible purpose than to taint their records and open them up to further frivolous charges. That’s frivolous, Judge Felton. So slip one hand under your black robe and probe that belly button once more.

Felton, who has been a strong supporter of Parker-Lloyd, said he’s kept an open dialogue with Dessoye regarding race issues. But Felton said he’s growing increasingly frustrated because police never acknowledge any misconduct on their part in any case he brings to the administration’s attention.

“When I go to the chief, sometimes we are in the wrong. But not every single time,” Felton said. “If the community feels those in uniform can never be held accountable for their actions, where does that leave us as a community? ... There is going to be friction between the minority community and law enforcement when you feel you don’t have any recourse.”


“Sometimes we are in the wrong. But not every single time.”

Are you fu>king kidding me? Mr. Self-Appointed Judge, you are playing with peoples lives here. And you’re not wrong every single time? Listen to yourself! As my e-mail to Steve Corbett just asked of him, what word starts with a J and ends with a double S? Think, man. It really doesn’t hurt, jackass.

In an increasingly lawless country, your job is to neuter the power and effectiveness of our police officers. Your job is to force white cops to be reluctant, at least, hesitant to enforce the law no matter what the variables may be. You are as big a part of the problem as those who defiantly choose which laws to obey and which ones to ignore. And you don’t even realize it, do you? The NAACP (National Association of Clueless People) would be a much more apt moniker solely based on your ill-advised, ill-conceived, ill-delivered and totally counterproductive contribution (Yeah!) to the overall cause.

Sorry, but “What’s white can’t possibly right” has got to come to an abrupt end if this country is ever going to breach that tiresome and seemingly widening racial divide. One of these days, it’d be beyond refreshing if the so-called black leadership in this country could actually see past the color of one’s skin. And to keep repeating this ridiculously time-worn warning to black people everywhere that white police officers are not to be trusted is doing those very same black people, very many of which reside in the most dangerous of our neighborhoods, a huge, No!…a gargantuan disservice.

The truth is, if you live in a troubled neighborhood, no matter what your complexion may be, you have no better friend than the nearby police officer waiting on your every call. If you’re black, the police stand between you and the criminal element. If you’re white, ditto.

But to tell those that believe what you say simply because you have a name tag from last year’s convention that the police department is the enemy is about the most convoluted, counterproductive, counterintuitive and ultimately destructive gibberish possible. That in itself should be a crime punishable by flogging.

I’m white, and there have been plenty of days I was thankful that I wasn’t anything but white. But I remember a day when that Wilkes-Barre police officer friend of mine pointed out one of the many errors of my screwy ways.

At a very tender age, we taught the always inquisitive Gage Andrew that the police only arrest bad people. So, by extension, we pointed out that if he acted badly, well, you do the math. You know, scream and cry and kick the cat and throw Kevin Harvick’s die-cast car at the television…and the cops just might come for you. You were warned, rodent!

What my police officer friend pointed out was that it was the completely wrong approach to teach young children, even kiddingly, that police officers are to be feared. Instead, he said our youngest should be taught that cops are their friends, their protectors and always approachable. He said that the kids should be taught to trust the police, provided that the kids haven’t taken to shooting paintballs at senior citizens, or anything like that. He said it, and he meant it. And to be completely honest, I would entrust Gage’s life to him. If Gage were to be caught up in a dangerous conflagration of some sort, I would prefer that he be the first police officer arriving on the scene.

But according to Judge Felton and the hyphenated Anita, the cop I am referring to, the cop that was there that fateful night when Anita single-handedly and stupidly turned a simple traffic stop into a needless racial flare-up, the cop who’s presence out there on the streets at night makes me sleep easier, the cop that I would trust my grandkids to is a “bad apple.” A “bad apple?”

At the risk of sounding like that long-haired, cigar-toting 15-year-old blasting KISS ALIVE! loud enough to kill passing birds all over again, fu>k them and the broken down NAACP horse they rode in on. Bad apples, my skinny white ass!

When multiple shots are fired down the block, or when the front door is being breached by unknown assailants, or when your teenaged daughter goes missing after school, who you gonna call?


Or, perhaps, the police?