6-22-2007 The great one (in his own mind)

Tomorrow is the big day… RiverFest 2007. They’re telling me to expect a big turnout in the morning. Rots and rots of boats and whatnot. Cool.

I lost track, being that nobody supplied with a river odometer. Last I remember, Kayak Dude had amassed over 1,000 miles paddled on the Susquehanna. Impressive, when you consider that the river runs 444 miles from beginning to end.

Let’s see, I did 18 miles during ‘Fest 2002. The 2003 event was cancelled due to high water. Um, very, very high it was. So, not to be denied, Kayak Dude and I did 30 miles, putting in at Tunkhannock and keeping up a very brisk pace all the way to Nesbitt Park. 2004 was the year Gage made it halfway, 9 miles I think. It was cold, it was pouring and the kid was shivering uncontrollably. We bugged out at Nesbitt Park and KD finished the trip on his own. We both missed the 2005 event due to prior commitments. And ‘Fest 2006 included another 18 miles. Plus, we did something like 20 during January of 2006, going from Wysox to Wyalusing.

Anywho, I guess I’m in the 100 mile range. Hardly a card-carrying River Rat, but getting close enough to at least call myself a Rat apprentice. If I stick with it, maybe they’ll trust me with a kayak of my own one day.

Gage Andrew went on home to Tennessee, so he won’t be manning the middle seat of the U.S.S. Dude, a Nimitz-class surface ship. This year, we’re having my brother’s son along. And I know he’s never done anything even remotely like this. His suddenly overprotective mom’s first concern was the drowning issue. But, since the current river level at Wilkes-Barre is approximately 7.5 millimeters, I’m sure she’ll breathe easier at work tomorrow.

If you’re participating, I’ll see you on the river. Oh, and they tell me our boat will be leading the entire flotilla down the river. Remember, no peeing off of the many bridges tomorrow. We’ll have a kid on board, so cut me a break.

Check this inflammatory claptrap:

“…Wilkes-Barre is still the subject of much scorn, which it should be.”--Steve Corbett, WILK, June 21, 2007

From The Citizens’ Voice:

Man jailed in connection with stabbing in Pittston

From The (Scranton) Times-Tribune:

City police investigate South Main Avenue stabbing

Man facing rape charges

From PAHomePage.com:

More Victims Come Forward in Berwick Crossing Guard Case

Non-stories all, I suppose.

Here’s more classic malarkey:

“Lou is a one-time flame who’s glow, I believe, is diminishing.”--Steve Corbett, on Hazelton Mayor Lou Barletta WILK, June 21, 2007

So, Wilkes-Barre and Hazelton, more specifically, Wilkes-Barre and Hazelton’s leadership are two of Steve’s favorite whipping boys. But, the hypocrisy in all of this is, since his unfortunate return from Mexico North, he’s criticized Scranton Mayor Chris Doherty to no end for choosing to skip the always rowdy city council meetings in his own city.

A fair criticism for sure. But what does Steve do when he finally…finally manages to get Doherty to respond to one of his many calls? Well, he sure as hell didn’t give him a hard time. No, he was in an adoring mood. Almost a groupie.

So I sent this along:

From the e-mail inbox Let me get this straight.

The Mayor of Wilkes-Barre should be called on the carpet for not responding to your calls, but you just failed to point-blank ask the Mayor of Scranton, who you did have an on-air audience with, why he outright refuses to attend city council meetings in his own city???

On numerous occasions, you talked all tough and whatnot about Mayor Chris Doherty's repeated no-shows, but you chickened out just as soon as you had his ear. Once again, the jaundiced WILK talk crew holds Wilkes-Barre to a much higher standard than any of her sister cities here in NEPA.

Shooting in Hazleton? Big whoop. Bet it wasn't an illegal that did it. Shooting in (pick a town)...yawn.

Oh, but when the shooting is in Wilkes-Barre, well, then we demand the ear of the Mayor, the Council, Skrep, Charlie Wiess, Bozo The Clown and anybody else we see fit. Why? Because we're the great "CORBETT" just back form that state that Mexico unceremoniously annexed. We're so full of ourself, we'll talk smack on Leighton, but play real nice like with Doherty.

Please, Mr. Doherty...I was a nice little suck-up, so won't you please call me again. I'll be good. I won't use my karate on you. Are we good? Amigos?

Oh...but that dastardly Leighton, let's use your inept words, shall we?

"If only Tom Leighton hadn't run away from his city to go on vacation."

"Am I asking too much that Tom Leighton vacation in his own city?"

Where there's demand, there's supply. And suppliers quite often shoot their rival suppliers. Rather than stand on our nuts, how about asking your fellow white people to quit using drugs and stop blaming the blacks for providing, what seems to be, a much in-demand service.

Markie In Nord End

And his response?

From the e-mail inbox there's a time and a place for everything.
yesterday was not the time to chastize doherty for past misdeeds.
it's clear what the topicis are on a day to day basis and strategy dictates some decorum.
it's not as easy as you might think.
but i'm not giving him or anybodyelse a free pass.
think about it.

all the best,


Barletta is in your cross-hairs. Leighton is in your cross-hairs. But, Doherty? Well, he was until he called you on-air and you got to gushing like a 4th-grade girl with a massive crush.

The Pennsylvania League of Cities and Municipalities Conference is being held in Scranton? Oh, Chris, you are to die for. That’s great news, Chris. I am so, so happy. Please call me again, Chris. I dig you, man. You’re the goods.

And past misdeeds? Why not look into the frightening indebtedness of your own city? Explain to us how those debts will be retired? And, decorum? Decorum in Scranton? Since when? Have you been to one of those dust-ups that pass as council meetings in that city? I think it’d be more cordial if you got Fatah and Israeli Intelligence together for a late brunch. Decorum? They schedule council meetings and trailer park rebellions break out.

Its not as easy as I might think? Well, ripping every other mayor in NEPA seems to come real easy to you, but, apparently, not Chris Doherty. No, can’t hold his feet to the fire if you want to be invited to the luncheons and high-falootin’ gatherings of the movers and shakers. When your attention turns towards any other city, you’re kickin’ ass and taking names. Oh, but when Scranton comes up, it’s a different story. Then it’s a mutual admiration society. Hugs and kisses, Mayor Doherty. You’re doing a fine, fine job.

And, a “free pass?” You didn’t give him a free pass? Okay, then what do they call it in Mexico North that you so obviously miss? Doherty is asked not one tough question, but Tom Leighton needs written permission from the great “Corbett” just to pick a vacation destination? Lou Barletta is (pick a slanderous insult), but Scranton is doing perfectly fine? No free pass? Yeah, when those massive outstanding debts start coming due, we’ll just see if anyone in that town gets a free pass as the tax increases begin to fly.

You are to consistency what anal sex is to reproduction. You are to hypocrisy what Rosie O’Donnell is to repulsiveness.

He did no respond to this one:

From the e-mail inbox Am I hearing you correctly? The Mayor of Wilkes-Barre is not allowed to vacation wherever it is that he wants to? He did something wrong, i.e., he was away when the Great Corbett came a callin'???

What starts with a J and ends with a double S???


Markie in Nord End

He likewise failed to respond to this:

From the e-mail inbox Um...that's undeniably complete bullspit. You talk all rough and tough-like, but when they finally return just one of your repeated calls, you're a star-struck suck-up.

Time and place my skinny white ass.

Decorum? Ah, yeah. More bullspit.

This is coming from the guy who stupidly criticized a hard-working mayor for needing but one week away from the daily grind that is being the mayor of a third-class city.

Decorum? That seems to be reserved for anyone not affiliated with your favorite municipal whipping-boy, Wilkes-Barre. At least, that's the way it seems the way you selectively dole it out.

Scranton, your newly-adopted hometown, is, literally, drowning in outstanding debts and still trying to deny it's 15-year-long Act 47 half-hearted commitments.

But wait!

Since you don't live in Wilkes-Barre, it makes much more sense to dump on Wilkes-Barre, but then wonder aloud while Wilkes-Barre's leadership shuns you. You're still in very good standing with Mr. Doherty, who you failed to confront. You're still sucking up to, you're still ignoring the obvious in Scranton.

But...Wilkes-Barre is a complete mess because what your misguided, clueless and drugged-out generation brought to us, drugs, is a problem as it is in every other community across these fruity plains of ours?

And...Linda Stets? Be honest. Be sober. You've got Lava Rocks smarter than her. If you work to elect her Mayor and somehow pull it off, the mass exodus out of here will necessitate a new interstate highway being built.

By the way, I saw your pic in the Times Leader and felt really bad for you. Stop talking so much hand-to-hand smack, 'cause you ain't up to a title shot anymore.

If I had a plug nickel for every hulking, drunken Irishman I so easily pounded into complete submission in the middle of the night, I'd own all of Entercom and all of it's spin-off businesses. And get this breaking newsflash...I didn't even have to feign some cool-sounding loyalty to some phoney baloney oriental discipline of any sort.

Give it up already.

In review, what starts with a single J and ends with a double S?

That would be you.

Markie in Nord End

Once again, he ignored this one:

From the e-mail inbox "...local officials trying to take charge of Federal policy."

Excuse me for being significantly brighter than you, but, what fu>king policy??? Seriously, what policy???

We have no borders to speak of. Anyone who wants to can cross over with 2 fraudulent forms of paper I.D., secure an unquestionable federally-issued I.D., and then, when a bomb attached to a couple of spent uranium rods from Out-of-control-istan blows up at the local mall, you're going to be foaming at the mouth telling us that Homeland Security somehow failed us????

You are about as clueless as clueless gets. And then some.

Federal policy? Is that the best you have to offer? That locals have absolutely no right to defend the country when the increasingly centralized government that systematically, but unconstitutionally usurped it's undeserved powers from the states decides that it's all too busy to defend us from a glaring border breach?

If the Mexican Army rolled right over the pretend border while Washington D.C. predictably turned a blind eye to it, would you then chastise the locals in Texas for taking up arms against the foreign invaders?

I'm thinking you would, being the warm-mouthed One World Government whore that you obviously are. America? Gee, what a dated concept still dominated by those unthinking and greedy Euro-centric racists. Right?

Federal policy?

Federal policy?

In all honesty, you need to get yourself un-fu>ked in a big hurry. You have no idea what you're babbling on and on about, except that, you're going to ride that white-guilt Trojan horse of yours until the end is near. And when the end is finally upon us, you'll re-invent your position once again and blame the coming apocalypse on the rest of us for not being near as brilliant as you. Basically, you're a clueless assmunch.

"Free your mind and your ass will follow." Yeah, I saw that movie, too. Platoon, 1986. At least I can remember what it is that I'm trying to quote from. You see, my generation didn't waste it's time frying it's brain cells over and over, as did, and still does yours.

Federal policy?

Yeah, when you have no answer that can capably defend your abject idiocy, the fall-back position--federal policy--will do when you're dealing with the less than informed. But not with me. What starts with a J and ends with a double S? Just in case that is well beyond your limited mental means, that would be a jackass. And a jackass, my non-friend, is what you obviously are. And while it may suck to be you, it is what it is.


Markie in Nord End

Guess what, “Corbett.”

Just like I so often do to that other aging member of the Worst Generation currently slandering away at WILK (Yes, he called Frank Scavo a “creep”), I must point out that you can’t hang up on me in this forum. Nope. You can’t cut me off. You can’t shout me down. You can’t change the subject when you get pigeonholed. You can’t take my call as you are up against a hard break. And there isn’t a fu>king thing you can do about it.

You wanted discourse and you got it, amigo.

Although, your prevaricated bull sessions have been comprised of mostly bull. And until you reluctantly approach your arbitrary dissertations from a position of relative fairness, I’ll be here to regularly rebuke all of your regurgitated talk radio phlegm.

“You not only got to walk the walk, you got to talk the talk.”--Steve, yesterday

Talk is cheap, as are banally-applied cliches, incendiary rhetoric and political buzzwords. But when that talk is coming over the public airwaves, it had better be fair and evenly applied. And if not, the perpetrators of such rubbish can expect to hear from me in my chosen forum.

Sez me.