8-14-2007 He huffs…and he puffs…

As always, I was listening to Sue Henry on my imported radio this morning. And, as is lately, Steve Corbett joined her during the waning moments of her show with his predictably sophomoric ranting and raving about truth, justice and the Corbett way. Yeah, he huffs…and he puffs…and he blows his own horn. YOU BETTER LISTEN!!!

As effing if, you jackass.

Anyway, he mentioned that, since he recently came crawling back to Scranton after living in California for five-odd years, he had never voted on the electronic voting machines that Luzerne County was forced to purchase after the lean-leaning had their “chad“ freak out tantrum as a result of Al Gore‘s 2000 presidential election upset. Stupidly, he also went on to say that the ancient green voting machines we had previously used to cast our votes in this county were also beyond his capabilities.

Truth be told, I could easily train a rabid squirrel to operate those simple voting machines properly, so I’m left to assume that California “I am a Mexican!” Steve is significantly dumber than a pile of dog squeeze.

And being the heavy-handed lout that he is, he followed with this: “I might have even voted for Tom Leighton and not known it.”

Guffaw, guffaw, guffaw. Steve…you are so fu>king funny. Well, at least, in your denuded mind you are.

Sadly, this is what WILK Radio has become of late. Another unfair cheap shot. Yet another unwarranted cheap shot sent Tom Leighton’s way by NEPA’s biggest bag of superheated air…Steve “I am a Mexican” Corbett.

Consider what this clueless asshole is doing. Wilkes-Barre finally went and found itself a mayor that understands that without unbending financial responsibility, without making the unpopular and tough decisions right now, there can be no vibrant future for Wilkes-Barre. But it were left up to Corbett, Tom Leighton would be on the outside looking in when next we vote? All that matters are the needs of a local radio talk show host? If the mayor won’t be brow-beaten into asking how high when Corbett calls and says jump, then a regime change is clearly called for in Wilkes-Barre? That’s not revolution, Steve. That’s the promoting of a third-class city taking a giant and noticeably disastrous step backwards, you self-centered, god awful cretin!

And I quote from David M. Walker, the Comptroller of the United States‘, August 7, 2007 presentation “Transforming Government to Meet the Demands of the 21st Century:

“Importantly, our nation’s financial problems are undermining our flexibility to address a range of emerging challenges.”

Simply because Mayor Tom Leighton will not be brow-beaten by the likes of you, you would prefer to see anyone else but him lead the city back from the financial abyss? We finally have the adults in charge. We finally have people who will not spend what the city does not have in charge, but, apparently, that doesn’t work for you. Nope, either Tom Leighton kowtows to whatever the Great Corbett says, or the Great One is going to be electioneering from here on out.

And that is the most ill-advised and ill-conceived local claptrap I have witnessed to this date. And this is the guy on the radio yelling Power to the People every chance he gets? Trust me, the only thing that can empower this city is continued financial responsibility. Sorry, but fiscal restraints must be adhered to if this city is ever going to recapture any of it’s glory days vestiges. And to smugly suggest that Wilkes-Barre does not have capable leadership simply because said leadership will not kiss your fat ass is beyond inexcusable.

You can continue huffing, puffing, blowing your own tired horn, reminding us that you can kill all of us with a flick of your wrist, or how being drunk and carrying a concealed weapon came easy to you, but what you are doing is not in Wilkes-Barre’s best interests. And if it’s not in Wilkes-Barre’s best interests, I intend to see it done away with it.

The absolute worst part of Corbett’s most recent cheap shot sent Tom Leighton’s way is the verifiable fact that he did not even reside in this state when Tom Leighton first ran for mayor. Therefore, he knows damn well that he did not cast a vote during the mayoral revolution of 2003. In effect, his cheap shot had nothing to do with reality, it was totally uncalled for and it suggests that what WILK went and hired was nothing more than a self-aggrandizing, childlike bully.

Once a ruffian, always a ruffian, I presume.

And no matter how hard he tries to electronically bludgeon into submission the best damned mayor throughout all of NEPA, it won’t work. We asked for good local talk radio, but what we received was an unsophisticated menace who thinks nothing of running roughshod over good people for his own designs. A prekindergarten goon who claims he doesn’t want to fight anymore, but who cannot resist the constant and overwhelming urges to throw cheap shots at those who are not intimidated by him in the least.

You want to “talk?” You’re a “conversationalist?”

Then start saying something that makes sense.

How in the hell did America’s “Best Generation” unleash America’s worst generation on the lot of us unsuspecting folks that would surely follow?

Mayor Tom, continue to ignore this blithering idiot. He’ll be gone soon enough.

Sez me.


Violance? The American Idiotz up there in Parsons may be able to…well, be idiots. But apparently they cannot spell.

Go figure.

Check the latest video. And if you go to YouTube and read the comments posted in response to this video, it’s obvious that the idiots are staunchly proud of their abject idiocy and their recent ill begotten fame.

It’s like I always say, poor parenting is not illegal. And neither is stupidity. And the American Idiotz are glaring proof of that.

It seems we’ve got ourselves another upstart anonymous blogger.


Wilkes-Barre Scranton Watcher

Here’s the posted mission statement:

Holding the local media, personalities and institutions here in Luzerne and Lackawanna Counties responsible for their collective pomposity, hypocrisy and foibles is something long overdue. This is our challenge!

You know, while that sounds ultimately wonderful and all, it amounts to far less than a pile of regurgitated refried beans without a name being attached to the rather pointed comments. But, sadly, this is what the internet has become. A place where obvious cowardice somehow passes as ersatz journalism. An increasingly lame place where character assassination comes so completely easy to those hiding behind the electronic curtain. A place where those not afraid to sign their names to their words are criticized to no end, while the anonymous motor-mouths do the bulk of the meaningless criticizing. A place that once held so much promise, but now has become a virtual sea of ownerless attacks. A place where the supposed know-it-alls feel so free to spout off, but won’t tell us who they are, or how they came to know it all.


Oh, yeah. I almost forgot.

Both Kevin Lynn and Steve Corbett have gotten to telling callers to WILK that object to illegal immigration that their ancestors just might have entered the country illegally, too.

Yep, rather than defend illegal activity, they deflect the entire crux of the argument by suggesting that our grandfathers and our grandmothers, perhaps their parents, were no better than the people who currently think nothing of our laws, our borders or our culture.

Yep, that’s the best argument they’ve got, other than, “You’re a racist, a bigot and a Republican.”

Yep, we are not allowed to object to our country being invaded by either of the talk show hosts who seem to have willingly joined the ranks of the left-leaning eunuchs somewhere along their equally troubled ways.

Yep, our ancestors were criminals…they were illegal, too.

Yep, we’re no better than criminals, being the direct descendants of criminals.

Yep. And if we’re all criminals, why can’t we all just get along with the current wave of criminals?

Yep, we’re no better than them.

The thing is, Wifey has a very distinct, easy to follow message for both Steve and Kevin, the ultimate poster boys for effeminized men everywhere.

Her message is as follows:


A legal alien

Yep. That’s what the aging Polish chick has to say to the self-emasculated tough guys. You see, she has absolutely no patience for “girlie men.“ And when the normally reserved Polish ex-tomboy feels compelled to react to your myopically inane anti-American talk radio phlegm, YOU BETTER LISTEN!!!

Hey, at least some of the chicks in this country still have balls. There’s still hope for us. That is, a little bit. Not much, actually. Very little, in fact.

You know, we just might be screwed.

‘Til next time.

Yeah, tax them. Not me.