1-21-2008 King of the Sanatorium

Two weeks ago, Terri Bradshaw and his three cohorts at Fox Sports all agreed that the Tampa Bay Bucs would handily knock the Jints out of the playoffs. Last week, they all agreed that the Dallas Cowboys would manhandle the Jints. And yesterday, well, yesterday 3 of the 4 said the Green Bay Packers would snuff the life out of the Jints. And today I’m reading that the Super Bowl need not be played, and that the NFL championship trophy out to be forwarded to the New England Patriots without delay.

So much for punditry.

From the e-mail inbox Maybe Eli wasn’t adopted.

Seems like it.

The following headline kind of annoyed me at first, but the guy behind the story did not.

From the Citizens’ Voice:

Guardian Angel organizer: W-B police not responding to group’s efforts

The organizer of the Wilkes-Barre chapter of the Guardian Angels says his group has gotten no response to its efforts to reach out to city police.

But, he realizes the group has a reputation for being aggressive, and pledges to earn the police department’s and city’s respect.

The Guardian Angels is a network of unarmed volunteers who patrol problem neighborhoods across the country in their trademark red berets and jackets.

“I guess they’re going to wait and see if we’re going to cross the line or work within the law,” said Scott Koppenhofer of Kingston, who is leading the local group. “We’ll always be open to have that relationship whenever they’re ready. If they work with us, they’ll see we’ll be a wealth of information.”

Um, Kingston Dude, we, the residents of Wilkes-Barre will judge the efforts of the Wilkes-Barre Police Department. Thanks, but we don’t need your help or your input. As a matter of fact, with our police department getting after the drug dealers as aggressively as they have of late, expect to see those druggies move to our periphery. In other words, move to your town.

Leave the raspberry berets to the freak formerly known as Prince.

Zach and I headed on down to Movies 14 on Saturday afternoon and took in the sci-fi movie “Cloverfield.” How should I put this? Oh, I know. What a freaking rush!

It starts out as some form of government briefing, with a statement that the video you are about to see was retrieved from the area formerly known as Central Park.

And once it got cranking, it was a rush. It really was. It was cool. There was no explanation. There was no warning. One minute a guy was videotaping a surprise party for his buddy. And the next minute he was recording the complete destruction of Manhattan by an enormous monster.

Don’t rent it. Don’t buy a copy when it’s released on DVD. Do yourself a big favor and see it in a theater.

Don’t tell anybody, but I taped some snippets of it to give you an idea of what you’re in for. The movie is not as dark as this video.

I see that our nutcase escapee from the sanatorium, David Foglietta, is all riled up and talking tough again.

He even promised to kick my ass, which amounts to writing checks his flabby body can’t cash. You’re out of your league, fat man. I’d kick your earlobe bloody before you could do as much as flinch. Training plus weight plus velocity means you get hurt. Stick to picking on the girls like you usually do. When I mentioned fighting, I meant fighting on the internet. But to do it for real would not be fair to the lunatic from Scranton. If he keeps insisting that a fight take place, just to make it somewhat fair, I’ll send my daughter.

Anyway, since the cops recently put an end to his systematic harassment of the employees of WILK, I figure he has nothing better to do but go after me. And believe me, that’s not a problem. Being the juvenile that I am, I have absolutely no problem with beating up on the fruitcake.

I originally mentioned his case simply because I found it interesting that a local blogger and a local media outlet had a date with a local magistrate. And it is completely fair and accurate to note that this guy slimes anyone who gets within two clicks of him. For you upstart bloggers, this guy is a case study in what not to do if you want to be considered a responsible blogger. If slander and libel is what floats your boat, his site is the one and only, the original Libel & Slander for Dummies.

Anywho, here’s the latest from the e-mail inbox. These two e-mails pretty much prove that this guy is certifiable, and, or, off his meds.

WARNING: Bad words.


From the e-mail inbox I'm amazed that somebody finally got the testicles to confront me. I've been trashing the local media - print and radio mostly for decades. The only responses I got were abysmally written and anonymous e-mails over the years, like this latest one that appeared this morning on Wilkes-Barre Online. There is nobody within a 50 mile radius that is even in my league in the NEPA writing business, or for that matter, in all of PA. That's why they stay their distance. They don't want to tangle with my superior ass. I challenged Kevin and Corbett and Nancy to have me on their shows for a debate. Never happened. Cowards, all of them. Shadoe Steele - great show, great format, excellent interviewer, very fair guy - is considering having me on to give my side, which you all have blissfully neglected to mention. Is Yonko game to come on? Or you, Mr Anonymous web blogger? I'd like both of you at the same time.

I assume that the big fat fuck with the Giants cap (another loser) is the web site publisher. What a bunch of fucking bad actors. No talent whatsoever. Was that Yonko that challenged me to a fight?? When?? Where?? Just let me know. 30 seconds and it would be all over.....Never signed his name on your blog. Anonymous pussys. Ha!

Why don't we have a civilized debate on Shadoe Steele's show on a Sunday and let public opinion decide who the assholes really are.

(1) I don't think that the "Bosco" material can be used as evidence against me. I was the subject of his foul and obscene harangues dozens of times when I called that show. But I'm ready for anything. Lots of surprises on tap at the Judge's office. But remember, I didn't ask for this. Just trying to protect myself from absurd and ridiculous charges....Don't forget to bring all these posts by me, guys, to show the judge all the fuck words I use.

(2) I was never confronted, as you cryptically remark, by Paola G's [WNEP] friends, who, you say, scared me off. I think Paola is beautful and talented, a real pro. I tweaked a few times on my blog, sent her some funny limericks, that was it....Be forewarned that I am afraid of no man born of woman. The word fear is not even in my vocabulary. Let'em come.

(3)I keep hearing about how I suppressed my previous material because of the impending trial. I put it back up for a few days. Are you people all fucking blind over there. I took it down again to make room. I did omit the stuff about Sue Henry. It was all pure fantasy. For the record, the only contact we had is when we met at Arcaro's in Old Forge for lunch one day. That's it.

(4) If WILK hates you so much, why are you taking their side? I don't understand where you're coming from.

(5) The woman councilman from Old Forge is just a stupid, ignorant person. I took the piece down out of respect for her brothers.

(6) You keep bringing up why I am sending letters to you. Because, asshole, both of that pansy letters [Yonko] trashing me appeared on your crapola web site (Wilkes-Barre Online). Though who wrote the last one is nebulous at best. You people are all fucked up. You're afraid of me. And you better be!


Um, try King of the Sanatorium. Much, much more accurate. King of the Cuckoos, perhaps.


From the e-mail inbox You accuse me of getting you mixed up with Yonko. First of all I don't even know your name, because you're too scared to put it up. I assume that's your boig fat fucking face on the page. That's the norm is this region. Everybody wants to be anonymous. Bunch of fucking low life cowards.

Secondly, that illiterate jerk Yonko blasted me on YOUR web site. That's why I sent the response to YOU. Is that fucking rocket science, shithead.

Then all the other anonymous little weasels chiming in on your site trashing me. I have a stern policy about letters to my web site: no name, no letter. Unlike yourself, who does not scruple to let all those assholes drop as many anonymous turds as the spirit moves them. That's fear working. I always sign my name.Because I have steel testicles. -DEF

Holy fu>k! Tranquilizers aside, where should we start?

Anonymous? Uh, my name appears on my front page and has since this site’s inception on December 2, 2000. Just like I told you, dummy, it’s Mark Cour.

David Yonki is illiterate? You’re drunk, right? He’s published 2 books, a blog and appears on local television and radio shows. Yet, in your denuded mind, he’s illiterate? You are a walking, talking argument for abortion, my mental non-friend. It’s a damn shame that your parents happened to meet.

As for the “boig fat fucking face” that appears on the front page, that would be the picture of my recently deceased brother. But I don’t want to rain on your ongoing slime parade. Feel free, make fun of him. You might as well, since you lack class.

Here’s how the e-mail comments go. If I know the sender and know they are not mental patients like yourself, I post their thoughts. And I decide whether or not to use their names. Some could care less, and some would prefer to go nameless. My site, my rules. Bummer, freak.

Yeah, I like your policy. When readers leave comments that make you aware of your mistakes, as in this case, you delete them. As a matter of fact, what feedback? Nobody contributes anything of note to your mindless collection of drivel, slander, phlegm and misrepresentations.

Shadoe Steele? Do you mean he’s actually going to talk to someone other than Carl Romanelli? Wow! That’s a bold move on his part. But, why should he interview the likes of you? We all know what you’re about, being that you’re the self-anointed Michael Savage of NEPA. Based on your writings, you’re a sexist, a racist, a pervert and a homophobe. Did I miss anything?

The stuff about Sue Henry was fantasy? So? So what? It was still completely inappropriate. And if you can’t see that, you’re worse off than we thought. You meet a local woman, and then fantasize about her in print? You don’t see anything wrong with that? Are you serious?

This is deranged: “The woman councilman from Old Forge is just a stupid, ignorant person. I took the piece down out of respect for her brothers.” So, you respect men, but not women. Is that how it is in your out of control world? Yeah, you wouldn’t fu>k her, (your words) but you do respect her brothers? You need help.

By the way, just in case he chooses to sue you, I copied that picture of David Yonki you posted on your site which you obviously used to insinuate that he’s “queer.” Again, your word. Good luck with that.

Last but not least, we are afraid of you?

Hey, don’t flatter yourself, flab ass. Been there, done that and you are to street fighting what Steve Corbett is to eloquence. Save your bombast and verbosity for somebody who might be impressed by it. I’m not, simply because I know you’re nothing but an old, mean-spirited windbag who is never right about anything. Do all of mankind a favor by killing the pilot light and sticking your head in the oven. You have to know it’s long overdue.

From the e-mail inbox I told XXXX I considered suing this loon for defamation of character, but XXXXXXX told me it would only feed his pathetic ego more.

Just in case you missed it again you poor, demented fool, it’s Mark Cour.


You poor, demented fool.

You King of the Sanatorium.

‘Til next time.