1-27-2007 Intemperate thoughts

Is it bad that I really don’t want Toyotas running the NASCAR schedule? I mean, does that make me a racist, or a bigot, or some sort of person who would be completely despised by the likes of those frothing-at-the-mouth militant lesbians? Maybe Hillary Clinton could advise me on all of that. Or, perhaps, being the lonesome redneck that I am, I’ll have to see what Jesus himself would have to say about that. A real Kevin Lynn moment if you will, since Kevin always seems to be speaking for Jesus.

Chevrolet or Toyota: What would Jesus do?

Speaking of Kevin Lynn, I think he’s provided some real insight whereas the upcoming presidential election is concerned. Yes, not one of the higher profile political pundits has broken it down nearly as succinctly as Kevin has. Yup, Kevin has really outdone himself this time. Here’s his analysis…

All of the democrats seeking the position would make a good president. And all of the republicans would not make for a good president.

Damn! Generalities aside, he’s really on to something. Methinks Kevin is missing his true calling in life.

He should be blogging.

Speaking of blogging, never have I seen a blogger, fledgling or otherwise, have a temper tantrum quite like this one has.

“When the people on NEPA are ready to bring change and save their little towns, by doing something as opposed to sitting on the internet and complaining all the time and posting under the names of other people, we will consider unlocking the site.”

Okay, let’s get synchronized here, people. On my mark…three…two…one…start holding your collective breath. Or, yawn in unison.


Which leads me to Steve Corbett’s blog at the WILK Web site. Actually, he calls it his “blog page,” which is akin to an old, behind-the-times guy calling your expensive I-pod a Walkman. Yeah, he’s on the cutting edge alright. And so is the Argentine Navy.

Anywho, if you didn’t know any better, you’d swear his “page” was written by some militarized feminist at a tiny liberal arts college somewhere. All too often, it’s like the blogging equivalent of a chick flick. And this is the best a career journalist can muster? This is the result of the expensive college education? It seems as if us academic slackers know something that you educated folks do not. Or something.

As for WILK, after that fatal fire in South Wilkes-Barre, Sue Henry said something that made my diseased mind teleport back to the days of my boyhood. She said something to the affect that these fatal fires not only have an affect on the families and firefighters and police officers, they have a lasting affect on the neighbors. Very true.

Before her words even dissipated to wherever it is that words such as those go to, I immediately thought of Anthony Dipaulo, my very best friend in grade school. He didn’t die in a fire mind you, but the tragedy that was his passing remains burned in my memory. On a quiet Saturday morning I snagged my second-hand glove and my second-hand bat and headed on over to his modest townhouse. And when his older sister came to the door sobbing almost uncontrollably, she told me he had died the night before after falling in the bathtub and fracturing his skull. And there it was. I headed on home, told my Mom and she burst into tears and reached for the telephone. No baseball on that Saturday. And no more Anthony.

As a mere sprat of 9 or so, I felt no emotion one way or the other. Quite frankly, I don’t think I knew what to think.

While most everything else I did 40 years ago is somewhat hazy now, the goings-on of that day are never going to become foggy to me. Weird. If only we could remember the good times nearly as clearly.

In addition, Sue said that Fire Chief Jacob Lisman told her that Wilkes-Barre has not suffered a triple fatal structure fire since the ‘70s. And he apparently told her that it happened on North Street. That would be, 60 North Street.

Adding credence to Sue’s assertion is the fact that, while I didn’t witness that fire and while I did not know anyone who perished in that fire, I still remember it. And if memory serves, three small children died on Christmas Eve. The abandoned structure remains, and nary a day goes by without my pedaling past it and remembering the cruelty that is children going to bed with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads only to never wake up.

60 North Street

Right now, heating our haunts has become frighteningly expensive. And being that fire season is officially upon us, if your alternative heat source includes an extension cord, you are inviting disaster. You are risking being indelibly etched into our memories.

Fix that.

Here’s one. Would anyone out there agree with this? Even though the New England Patriots are undefeated, does it not seem as if the New York Giants actually have more momentum heading into the Super Bowl?

Wishful thinking aside, it sure seems like it to me.

From the e-mail inbox Mr Cour,

Hi. I'm a valley native living in SE PA. I like reading your blog to keep up on happenings in the Wyoming Valley. Very informative.

Excellent interview with J.J. Murphy. I'm sure you know this since you have become friendly with him, but I didn't see it in the interview so I figured I take a shot and share this.

I believe J.J. is the brother of US Congressman Patrick Murphy (D-Bucks County) who is a graduate of King's College. He won by a very tight 1,500 votes (out of 250,000) over incumbent Mike Fitzpatrick (R). Fitzpatrick took over for longtime moderate congressman Jim Greenwood (R) in 2005. Fitzpatrick did a pretty good job. He was swept out with the other GOPers in the 2006 housecleaning. Murphy has also been doing a good job.

Here's a Philly Inquirer article about Patrick Murphy and his opponent Thomas Manion, if it interests you.

Head Strong: In Bucks County, two patriot politicians

Keep up the good work.
Pottstown, PA

Thanks. I think it was a good exchange between J.J. and myself. And I think his responses were fairly forthright except for when they touched upon local politics, the tireless local activists and the local internet’s affect on local politics. And while I expected as much, I figured that we might as well go there just for the fun of it.

And, yes, Congressman Patrick Murphy is J.J.’s brother. I was following his campaign from afar by checking his campaign Web site on a very regular basis, and his was a very attractive candidacy. You know, young, vibrant, very well-spoken and toting that military pedigree. At least, that’s how I felt. Anyway, I was not surprised in the least when he pulled off the political upset.

As always, stay in touch.

From the e-mail inbox Good morning,

Can you take a minute off from your busy schedule overseeing Wilkes-Barre government to answer a question for me?

Back in the fifties there was a restaurant on North Pennsylvania Avenue called the "Silver Top Diner". They had great food and were open all night as I recall. A guy called "Shorty" was the cook. Curious as to what happened to it. Maybe this is before your time. Anyway, Thanks.

Yikes. Well, while that was before my time, or perhaps flying under the radar of my being a kid, I do know that my Uncle Bill cooked there for years before taking his culinary skills to Percy Brown’s.

It’s dormant these days, but a couple of years ago it reopened as the Memphis Blues Bar & Grill, but didn’t fare too well. I know that Guy Izzo was the man behind that remaking of the place, but I think he was merely leasing it. I think it’s owned by a guy named Jabers. I think.

The one thing that place lacks is available parking, so I fail to see how it could become anything close to what it used to be. When I was a kid, that building directly across the street was an A&P supermarket, so there was plenty of parking after the supermarket closed for the day.

After A&P pulled up it’s stakes, it was a mattress factory or something. And directly behind it we had this lavish tree fort padded with foam and such pulled from the factory’s dumpster. And then came a day when one of the kids from Wyoming Street got to goofing around with a lighter and the tree was instantly engulfed in flames. Some of us actually had to bail out of the tree.

Not to worry, though. The fire department made short work of the towering oak inferno. And not a one of those railroad detectives were anywhere near that day. You see, in those days when the railroad tracks were actually very busy, trespassing upon them or anywhere near them was seriously discouraged. Actually, in those days, they called ‘em “railroad dicks.”

Jeez. Weird things get dredged up when the memory receives an abrupt challenge. Oddly enough, there is currently a sign in the front window announcing that, coming soon, is Papa Frank's Pizza/Pasta joint.

You wouldn't happen to be relating to Frank, would you?

This is becoming redundant, but, what the hell?

First the tough guy from Scranton talks all rough and tumble and whatnot. Then he wants to make nice. Well, somewhat. Then he ups and claims he contacted the local authorities because he’s being stalked and, or threatened.

So, what we can take from this internet exchange is that, while Mr. Foglietta sure can dish it out with the best of them, he cannot take it when he receives incoming fire.

From the e-mail inbox "Do all of mankind a favor by killing the pilot light and sticking your head in the oven. You have to know itʼs long overdue".....And you call ME mean-spirited??.....I would never wish that on you. I have a lot of fun with you shitheads. It's therapy for me....I'm curious, give me some examples of what I'm always wrong about. ......You can't name one thing. Because you don't know shit. You never talk about issues. It's just all name calling bullcrap....Mr. Marc Cour. I finally get your name. Merci. I thought it was Yonko who was talking tough, not you. But then who can make any sense out of your whacked out web page. Pure and utter chaos. Boy, you really got some high level anger for me, MF. Holding it in for a long time, eh Bro? Well you get it off your chest. I'm a master level psychologist who excelled in psychotherapy. I can help. [My specialty is Rational-Emotive Therapy (Albert Ellis), though do I dabble in Freudian & Jungian psychoanalysis]. Why don't we cool down this dialogue a bit. There will be a period of transference neurosis [you will initially fall in love with me], after which we should be able to make considerable progress.

You said: "We all know what youʼre about, being that youʼre the self-anointed Michael Savage of NEPA [flattery will get you nowhere!]..... Based on your writings, youʼre a sexist, a racist, a pervert and a homophobe. Did I miss anything?" Let's take them one at a time.......That I am a pervert, is, of course, true. Aren't we all? But sexist? What? because I don't like some women or one particular woman? Illogical nonsense. That woman who poisoned her husband in Wilkes-Barre a few years ago: do you like her?.... racist? ...I don't know where you came up with that. I challenge you to produce anything racist I ever said; an epidermal bias is repugnant to me, always has been. The black people who know me know better.....homophobe? You think I am [phobic? vague word] about gays? I regret to inform you (burst your bubble) that during half my waking hours and a good portion of my sleeping life I am virtually obsessed with homoerotic fantasies, which I enjoy very much, according to our basic polymorphic perversity. But one must not always have to act on one's impulses, must one? I have truly never engaged in gay sex, however. I hope this self-disclosure puts the "homophobe" charge to bed. I enjoy actual heterosex just as much, maybe more. And what difference does it make anyway. It's all in the head. Fantasy is probably much more satisfying. You can do anything you want, with impunity.

How dare you take the Lord's name (Savage) in vain! He is but a harbinger of things to come. One shall come after Him in such glory that not even you will be worthy to wipe the dust from His Conservative Hush Puppies!

Again, the best you can do is harangue me with lies, insults, and half-truths, and whatever fantasy you have about me at the moment. I scribble here a few items to refresh your memory and to rebut and defuse some of your turgid salvos:

(1) YOU people started with ME, not the other way around, remember. And since you brought up the subjects of defamation and slander, I seem to remember also that you printed some libelous stuff about me a couple years ago, claiming that I made remarks about Skrepenak and Luzerne county politics, which I never did. That's all boring as hell to me. I did NOT forget that, brother Cour. My lawyer has copies of it too. And other stuff. This conversation wouldn't even be happening if Yonko and you didn't go off your gourds and proceed to revile me with such fire and energy. I was stunned really. Enemies of WILK too, as you say you are. I don't get it. I get you guys all mixed up. Which weirdo is it whose picture I have up on my site? Is that Marc Cour or Yonk-Yonk? (Sorry about your brother; I did not have any way of knowing he had passed on). Your web page is so fucked up that even an army of deconstructionists from the Sorbonne, working overtime with a hundred orthodox rabbis, deeply schooled in textual exigesis, would not be able to decode it. And there's nothing wrong with that.

(2) Yonko? Defamation? I more or less said that he's an oddball. Isn't that obvious? I know, uh, shall we say, a sensitive person when I see one. That's defamation? Like the WILK gang, you people have really thin skin. Always calling upon the law for intervention. Fucka you! Can't Yonk fight his own battles? He needs a goon like you [whoever you are] to settle his affairs? Where's your picture? I put mine up on my site. I heard you have eczema, you leprous piece of shit. Who is XXXX? (or is that merely your genetic code? Quadruple X Syndrome!)...Yonki wrote two books? Get the fuck outta here! Don't make me laugh. He'd need Casper the Ghost and his whole family, plus the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future - just to write a coherent Strunk & White paragraph. Gonna sue me for that, fuckhead? ....I am an example of "how not be a responsible blogger?" And YOU are a "responsible blogger"? You mentioned your "daughter." YOU have children? Does children's services know about it?

(3) Please clue me in: who did I "libel and slander"? Name one person. You don't know shit from shinola buster.

The bottom line with all you wretched losers - you, Yonki, Lynn, Corbett, Sue Henry, Kman, Burkolavich, all the two-bit hacks at the newspapers, etc. - is that you can't stomach the fact that I have for years been right in all your faces displaying my superior writing skills. And I do it effortlessly, with sprightly wit and an impeccable style (often imitated, I notice). I wrote articles for National Review on a regular basis (Now don't go slamming Buckley; he's dying). In the Eighties Chairman Bill couldn't get enough of me. Go back and check. I was banned from the campus of Marywood (where I once taught) because of that, because the old liberal lesbian bags who run the place couldn't handle it. You're all green with resentment. I make you all sick. And that's good. You can all kiss my big fat fucking ass...-DEF

Whew! Wow!! Holy jumpin’ orangutan farts!!!

Nope, no libel. No slander. No defamation of character. Nothing. Not one iota of anything.

But, the “old liberal lesbian bags who run” Marywood banned you from the campus. I guess that’s opinion, right?

I can’t see why they objected to you. I really can’t.

From the e-mail inbox ok this scranton guy is really an idiot.

i've seen his site, i'm convinced he really is below paris hilton iq level.

my question is, why is he so obsessed with your weight? any of us that have seen you biking about the city know you're no al roker sized man.

I dunno. Perhaps he likes his men thin.

Funny, I always put on weight during the winter. And just as soon as it gets even close to warm again, I make it a point to burn it right off. The usual routine. More biking, the dumbbells, the heavy bag and all of those exercises we did in gym class. The March calorie count begins and by June I‘m usually weighing in around 180. Anyway, I’m currently weighing in at 196. And being that I’m a millimeter or so short of 6’ 2”, I’m not ready to take the Buck Buck backbreaker title away from Fat Albert. I’m totally content with being of the lean-and-mean variety.

But, based on the various pictures he’s posted of himself on his disheveled Web site, I’m quite certain that Mr. Foglietta and myself could never share the same wardrobe.

From the e-mail inbox Hi,

You've gone in depth dealing with this wind bag (David Foglietta) . My question is...how did his hearing yesterday go? Even his website is mum about it. Keep up your great work and maybe someday CNN will give you the recognition you deserve. :)


Sorry I didn’t respond in a timely manner. When blogging started feeling like a job, I responded by taking more time off.

Here’s your answer:

From the e-mail inbox according to his site he was given a continuance. i checked his source on the ratings for WILK, this guy is really clueless. the 70 number he figures is the market for wilkes-barre/scranton. according to his link WILK is 4th.

i'm not sure if arguing with him is worth the effort.

That’s it. He requested and received a continuance. Oddly enough, he was continually huffing and puffing about how he was going to blow Entercom out of the water when the original hearing finally came about. But, then he asked for a continuance. You tell me, man.

Either way, I could really care less. And, no, he’s really not worth the effort, other than exposing him for the egotistical, pompous blowhard that he so obviously is.

This is beautiful…

From the e-mail inbox I'm asking you ONE MORE TIME to get all that crap about me off your site. I removed my stuff. -DEF


Initially, I gave my opinion of his useless twaddle, then he sought out a heated war of words, and now he wants to edit not only his site, but this site as well. Yet another clueless guy toting those expensive college degrees. If he is so completely smart, so obviously superior to likes of little ole hardscrabble, uneducated me, then why has he been relegated to sitting around arguing with me on the internet?


Whatever. While I look forward to his daily e-mail, I won’t waste anymore of my time with this internet back-and-forth. He can go back to writing about how Trish Corbett has, or once had a drinking problem. And writing about the lesbians at the local college. And about the godless homos at the local radio outlet. And about how Cordero and Munchak were a lock for reelection. And about how unnamed Lackawanna County judges are going to be arrested anytime soon. About his Sue Henry fantasies. About his homo-erotic dreams. About how he cannot and will not tolerate those who are not of the same faith as him. Yes, he can go back to what he does best, which usually amounts to little more than hocked-up phlegm frozen to the sidewalk. The thing is, while it’s been fun and all, truth be told, he’s really starting to bore the hell out of me.

I figure we need to continue to touch upon the doings and the decisions of the people that really do matter. And as far as I’m concerned, despite all of his incessantly incendiary bluster, he doesn’t matter.

Sez me.

No freaking football today?!? Who’s bright idea was this?

‘Til next time.