3-1-2008 Will America vote against white?

It’s March the 1st. Out-freaking-standing, man! It’s just about time for shorts, kayaks and bicycles.

Speaking of bicycles, a good while back I wrote something about how living in those far-flung bucolic corners of the county could come back to bite some of those white people on their enormous derrieres. Yep, something about how if the economy ever went belly-up or worse, some of those people living well beyond their means might be tempted to stick a handgun in their mouths. With the economies of the world being more and more interconnected with each passing day, who’s to say the entire thing isn’t like a huge house of cards just waiting for the right nudge.

Enter…the right nudge.

So now the experts are predicting that a gallon of gas will soon cost more than a pack of Newports. Well, that is, if the democrats don’t increase the already exorbitant taxes on a pack of smokes again as a way of subsidizing those of us that are too stupid or too lazy to get through a single day without financial assistance. According to today’s newspaper, fuel prices are causing price spikes on practically everything we consume, and small businesses are rightfully nervous about passing those rapidly increasing costs on to their suddenly cash-strapped customers. And the daily commute...ah, the daily commute for those skittish white folks that ran away from the cities en masse is becoming a drain on even their plastic resources.

Exorbitant gas prices? Um, I think I’ll just sit this one out. Yes, as far as escalating gas prices are concerned, I steadfastly refuse to participate. And you wanna know why? Why? Because I can.

I can refuse to partake of that expensive gas because I still reside within walking distance of the corner grocery. And I can commute the 4.7 miles to work on a bicycle. Now, of course, I’ll still be in close proximity to those people of varying colors that scared all of the well-heeled white folks away, but nobody ever said urban living looked anything like what we see in the rural communities, the semi-gated Donna Reed Ways of the world.

So, while the folks out there in La La Land are busily downgrading their satellite packages, discontinuing the text messaging services their pampered kids regularly abuse, laying off the cleaning lady and giving the pool guy and the landscaper guy the bad news, I’ll be enjoying the built-in savings that urban living provides me with.

And I can chuckle when the haplessly clueless Kevin Lynns of the world blame those evil Republicans for the upswing in energy prices, the guy that doesn’t want any oil exploration of any sort conducted on our own continent. The guy that rails against the mere thought of new oil refineries being built. The guy that wants the world running on “alternative energies,” but never alludes to the fact that one of those most trumpeted alterative fuels, ethanol, is quickly driving up the cost of all of our most sought after foodstuffs. And still, it is far more expensive than gasoline to produce, and harder to find than a Jewish guy at a KKK rally.

From the e-mail inbox Mark,
While still commuting back to the area in the summer of 2006 prior to my relocation, I remember one very telling episode from Kevin. He was in an argument with someone about something, and he was repeatedly yelling "Don't pot him down!" Well, as an electrical engineer, I figured "pot" meant potentiometer, a.k.a. volume control. So instead of the usual listeners-never-hear instruction "dump the jerk," Kevin wanted to continue the diatribe. Mercifully, my 66-mile drive to work was ending seconds later.

Fast forward to the past few months of 2008: Why doesn't anybody call the show while only Kevin is on board? Hmmm... His use of the words "folks" and "good morning" are really strange as he really rips into everybody that isn't 100% aligned with his viewpoint. The call-in statistics have to be really bad, and hopefully management will take appropriate action! It seems like NOBODY calls in when it's just him on the air!

But while tuning out the local station, you can still get news from KWY 1060 AM in the meantime, which is where I started my commute. And half-way here, the Lehigh Valley's WAEB 790 AM was decent.

You are correct. Nobody calls during the first hour.

Anyway, we now return you to your regularly scheduled circumlocution…

Yes sir, Kevin. Keep filling that gas tank and telling me I need to do more to conserve energy. Yep, keep flapping those tired gums, you hopelessly partisan dunderhead.

Here’s the guy with the long daily commute, the guy using beyond his fair share of increasingly scant resources preaching at me to make do with less. What do they call them? Oh yeah. Hypocrites. Obfuscators. Prevaricators. Pick one.

Anyway, the higher that gas price goes, the more I will be pedaling. But what about you? What will you do as a result? How will you cope?

I’d love to hear it.

So they had their big protest outside City Hall. Oh joy.

It seems to me that if you’re a protestor, if you proudly call yourself an activist, you are most happy when there is something to bitch about. Right?

So, in effect, when you pretend to be outraged, inside, you’re really, really happy. Think about it. If there’s nothing to complain about, how are you going to get your picture in the newspaper short of gunning down a neighbor or something? City Council did what? Awesome, man! Let’s notify the media and get on down there! Which is more photogenic, my left or right side?

And in this case, instead of guzzling down beer, having sex, watching your favorite re-runs or doing what could only be called really cool stuff, you feel compelled to pack up, burn some more gasoline and stage a protest over a proposed law that hasn’t even been written or fully researched yet? Hey, whatever floats your boat, mentally stricken as it is.

Oh, I know. You’re all selfless patriots. There’s really no need to remind us yet again. You’re all the new age equivalents of Thomas Jefferson, sans the vast intellect, the masterful eloquence and the ability to lead. Yeah, you all see yourselves as protectors of the cause, which translates into being self-aggrandizing people with way too much time on their hands.

Here’s the recap from the Citizens’ Voice:

Group fights protest ordinance

Before the meeting began, a group of about 15 people gathered outside city hall in freezing temperatures to protest the proposed ordinance. Most of the protesters were members of Voice of the People, a political activist group.

Ah, Voice of the People. What in the world would we do without these people always wrapping themselves in the flag and protecting us from whatever it is exactly that they’ve chosen to protect us from?

15 people, heh?

The following is that group’s call to action which I copied from their threadbare Web site:

Voice of the People are going to Wilkes Barre this Thursday!

Ladies and gentlemen, please know that the actions of the city council of Wilkes Barre will not go unanswered! Charging hard working America citizens extensive fees to utilize our freedom and our right to peaceful assembly! This action is absolutely absurd and demands a large civilian response! Does the council remember that the United States of America was primarily founded due to protest of an overbearing and controlling Britain? Obviously the city council has a blatant disregard for our rights as American citizens! So to all of you out there please know that we here at Voice of The People USA Political Action Committee plan on a very large response in the way of a large FREE civil protest against these un American politicians! Join us regardless of where you stand on the issue of illegal immigration, this group is more than just an anti illegal immigration group, we are a pro America group that refuses to tolerate any oppression that is forced down our throats! Join us and take a stand for your rights as Americans! God bless you all and God bless America!

Where: Wilkes Barre City Hall
20 Market St., Wilkes Barre, PA

When: 5:30 pm, meeting starts at 6
Who: Dan Smeriglio, Andrew Woodring, Frank Scavo, Renee Butts, VOPUSA PAC other speakers announced soon.

A large civilian response? Hell! I could probably summon ten times that many people iffin’ I simply invited people to assist me in the senseless beating of my aged hamster. Well, that is, if I supplied the agricultural amusement aides.

I guess the illegal immigration thing has simmered down sufficiently so as to have these people seeking out another cause, any cause. At this point, they’ll probably coalesce around any issue, as long as it provides them with some tasty scrapbook fodder.

And what’s with Frank Scavo? What, is the Old Forge School District so well off, so utterly perfect, that he has to travel all the way to Wilkes-Barre as part of his never-ending campaign for an elected office higher on the political food chain than he has now? Wait. I almost forgot. He was here In Wilkes-Barre fighting for truth, justice and the American way. He won’t tolerate oppression.


I watched the WYOU video in which Frank Scavo, Renee Butts and Wilkes-Barre’s self-aggrandizement champion, Tim Grier, explained their latest well-publicized foray into patriotism and whatnot. Mental giants they ain’t.

What I did last Winter

What are you gonna do with people such as these? At least they’re having fun, no? You know, seeing themselves as modern day Paul Reveres and all of that sort of balderdash. City Council is coming! City Council is coming! I swear, it’s almost enough to make me start watching America Idol in it‘s entirety. It’s borderline insufferable. Look at me, I saved you from oppression and tyranny. How utterly embarrassing for them. Just when we thought abortion was a bad thing, people such as these magically appeared out of thin air.

Thanks, guys. Thanks for saving me. I’d loved to have joined you, but some of us have jobs. Jobs? Look it up.

And what’s up with Grier’s ever-expansive wardrobe? Are we suddenly feeling uncomfortable in our own skin? Where’s he buying his shirts at, Big and Tall for men? If that shirt climbs up any higher, he’ll suffocate. And if those sleeves hang any lower, he’ll trip over them.

Voice of the People? Yeah, the same five or six people over and over and over again. They call themselves activists, but you can count on seeing their names scribbled in on future ballots. They’re not protecting you and me from anything. What they’re doing is building name recognition, i.e., promoting themselves. They’re self-serving candidates campaigning under the radar. And by claiming to be doing this for me, they are perjuring themselves on a very public stage.

Sez me.

Who contributed more cash to Paul Kanjorski’s war chest from 2003-2006 than any other contributor? Why, that would be New Century Financial Corporation, one of this nation’s leading subprime lenders.

Remember all of that? Subprime loans? Record foreclosure rates? A recession looming? Bank failures becoming the ‘norm all of a sudden? With even more banks on the bubble? Welcome to Paul Kanjorski’s sordid political world.

Read on, kiddies.

The Loan Shark Lobby

As its business has exploded--last year subprime loans grew into a $600 billion industry, more than triple the 2002 volume and accounting for one-fifth of all mortgages--the predatory mortgage industry has done its best to make sure Congress wouldn't rein it in, spreading its largesse to Democrats and Republicans: Nearly half of House Financial Services Committee members, including chairman Barney Frank, have received money from New Century Financial Corp., the subprime lender that recently collapsed. Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Chris Dodd, head of the Senate Banking Committee, have been some of the largest beneficiaries of the mortgage banking industry, whose dollars have provided a strong incentive for Congress to sit tight and hope the subprime bubble wouldn't burst.

How about this excerpt?

Both bills died after being referred to financial services subcommittees, whose current and former heads have received money from New Century: Representative Paul Kanjorski has seen $42,095; Spencer Bachus, $31,743; and Richard Baker, $7,000.

From the New Century Web site:

Important notice: New Century Mortgage Corporation and Home123 Corporation are unable to continue the origination or funding of mortgage loans, and no new loans are being accepted. We are committed to helping borrowers who have been affected by this. We are in the process of contacting customers and brokers to inform them that we’re returning their loan applications, and to assist them in obtaining funding for pending loans.

This one is interesting, being that WILK’s resident screamer, Steve Corbett, keeps asserting that Lou Barletta’s congressional campaign is being run by political outsiders.

California gold rush

Paul Kanjorski holds a safely Democratic seat in northeast Pennsylvania. At first glance, it's hard to see why he should be the sixth-largest out-of-state recipient of Orange County money.

But Kanjorski's 20 years of seniority have made him the second-ranking Democrat on the House Financial Services Committee, the panel that oversees the securities, insurance, banking and housing industries. Kanjorski raised $26,645 in Orange County, virtually all of it from officers of companies that he regulates.

More than half the money, $13,845, came from executives at Irvine-based New Century Financial Corp., one of the nation's largest subprime lenders.

Let’s try this again, shall we?

Was it really George Bush that screwed-up the economy all by his lonesome? Or did Paul Kanjorski provide a helping hand with all of that? Actually, Kanjorski sat on his dirty hands while the subprime lenders were the cataclysmic lynchpin that brought about our current economic morass. And he sat on his hands because that’s what he was bought-and-paid-for to do.

This makes that $9 million he steered to his family look like chump change by direct comparison.

So, in conclusion, even though millions of Americans have lost their homes, and many more may yet lose their homes, don’t worry…Uncle Paul will save social security. Sounds familiar, don’t it?

I think we’ve got ourselves a big political upset in the making.

I know that Obamamania is currently sweeping the ocean, but I’m just not buying into it.

Yeah, I know he can turn water into wine, teach people how to fish and cure that which ails you with a single touch of his hand. But I have this nagging suspicion, that damn near everyone else belittles as being wholly off-base, that come election night in November, when push comes to shove, the majority of the voters will push the white button. Meaning, when it counts, they will vote white over black. I know we’ve come a long way whereas race relations are concerned, but I firmly believe that.

And why shouldn’t I? Not a day goes by of late without hearing one of the following while discussing the ongoing presidential brouhaha:

I will not vote for a woman.

And, I will not vote for a n****r.

I really hate to acknowledge it, but I’m hearing the same two lines to the point of abject absurdity. And I’m left to assume that we’re not nearly as all-encompassing as we’d like to believe we are.

So, when that cold November day finally arrives, will your finger hover over that “black” button for a fleeting moment or two before finding itself depressing the “white” button? Will the polls suggest one thing going in and the results dictate a whole other thing coming out? Sadly, methinks so.

Will John McCain ascend to the presidency only because he’s sporting the right color?

I would not bet against it.

From the e-mail inbox Good morning,
Now that you have come out of the closet I guess it's safe for me to follow. This old conservative Republican has been considering voting for Barak Obama. A friend (Democrat) loaned me a copy of his book and I find myself agreeing with him on many things. His main theme is that we must fix what is wrong with America and quit trying to change the world. Maybe, just maybe, it is time for some new ideas; the old ones have gotten us into a hell of a mess. I'll admit it's going to be difficult but I did survive after voting against Don Sherwood.
Best regards

I hear you. I do. The overriding question is, will America vote black? Better yet, will America vote against white?

Check the picture I snapped in Junedale just yesterday:

You tell me

We’ve still got a long way to go, I’m afraid.

I ask again, will John McCain ascend to the presidency only because he’s sporting the right color?

I would not bet against it.

From the e-mail inbox Hi Markie,
Thanks for the plug. Nice collection of local notables and I always enjoy Devo. You were my inspiration to start spouting off on local politics and I'm happy to start a trend like YouTube Weekend.
Gortimus Maximus

Thanks and all, but I do have to admit to feeling really old when some of you get to talking like that. I’m picturing a grandson on your knee…

A long, long time ago before electricity was invented, in a backward coal-scarred valley far, far away, there was this Web site called…

Anywho, I told y’all his real name wasn’t Gort 42.

Now you know.

Oh yeah. A big shout out on the Dough Company gift certificates. Dude, I told you not to--you know who you are--but you did it anyway. We will enjoy. Thanks.

‘Til next time.