3-2-2008 Video Flapdoodle

I went and got me a copy of the NFL Films’ video recap of the New York football Giants’ 2007 season, which includes a great verbal comeback by head coach Tom Coughlin.

Before the Super Bowl kicked-off, the referees were telling Coughlin that the Patriots were busting on Coughlin’s face supposedly being frostbitten after the Ice Bowl II two weeks previous in Green Bay. Coughlin shot back with, “They’re talking about my face? Last year they were talking about my ass.” An obvious reference to his job having been on thin ice.

And since the New York Giants knocked those swaggering Patriots off of their stratospheric perch, they might as well kiss his ass, too.

Okay, let’s get into the video treats, shall we? As we did last time, let’s start off with a musical clip, albeit, a thoroughly demented one. And since they just happen to specialize in dementia and suchlike, here are the Dead Kennedys covering Rawhide, with some help from an all midget cast.

Let’s moooove ‘em out!

This is fun. Then again, it’s fun if you’re a proponent of book burning and the like. The Voice of the People crowd felt the need to trek on down to Wilkes-Barre in support of our rights to free speech, and that‘s all fine and good.

But, as evidenced by the following video, if you dare to disagree with founder Dan Smeriglio’s undeniable truths of life as he sees them, he will shout at you to “Agree or shut up!!!,” as he did to a group of counter-protestors at a rally in New Jersey.

Agree or shut up!!!

So much for the self-styled defender of our right to free speech. Methinks he contradicted his entire platform with this fiery and less than intelligent quip.

Then we’ve got this video filmed on the steps of the capital in Harrisburg, in which Smeriglio’s partner in “patriotism,” Andrew Woodring, tells an opposing group, “If you need to pull the race card, then you really don’t have a point to say, and you should really go away right now.”

So, as we can see, the Voice of the People members recognize your right to free speech, but only when it agrees with their narrow points of view. In other words, they will decide if and when you have a right to make your thoughts known. They are the would-be, self-appointed arbiters of our rights.

Yet, our usual activist lightweights here in Wilkes-Barre stood shoulder-to-shoulder with these “patriots” when they thought it would benefit them.

Sad. Very sad.

Here’s an oldie but goodie. I would be remiss if I didn’t post Scranton resident Sam Patilla threatening the entire Scranton City Council with his “rules of engagement” tirade.

And “political terrorists?” Whew!

Boy oh boy, I sure can’t wait until Tim Grier delivers on his threat/promise to have Wilkes-Barre’s City Council meetings televised. Once the tireless moonbats have that television camera light blinking, the useless pontificating ought to be downright entertaining.

No more Atlanta Braves baseball, no more Cops; I wanna watch the folks armed with less than a quarter of the facts telling me how the entire world ought to be run.

Jiffy Pop should be mandatory for these freak shows.

This is interesting. Here’s a Scranton City Councilwoman objecting to being slandered and libeled on the internet by a political activist who continually seems to be coming up seriously short on his meds.

C’mon, baby. Get with the freaking program already. What else is the internet for other than anonymously delivered slander and libel?

WARNING: Very objectionable language.

This is short and sweet. Yet another Scranton legislator promises to “stay just to aggravate everyone else again.”

This is exactly what Timmy and Walter always complain about here in Wilkes-Barre. You know, the elected officials finally lashing back at the nonstop accusations, the nonstop misrepresentations, the nonstop unsubstantiated rumor mongering and the nonstop cavalcade of imbecility.

Translation: Only the self-serving activists are allowed to get angry or get all mean-spirited. The politicians should be happy and smiling and thoroughly engaging when they’re being unfairly slimed.

I know this one would get a rise out of me if I sat on any council. The illustrious, the inarticulate and the barely intelligible Ray tells his City Council that they need to attend anger management classes.

To that I’d say something akin to, “You’ve got about ten seconds to defend yourself, so I hope you attended some self-defense classes, you hapless fool.”

As I’ve mentioned many, many times before, I have a very, very, very low tolerance whereas abject idiocy is concerned.

Truth be told, the well-attended St. Patty’s Day parade in Scranton tops all others.

Well, that is, if you like public drunkenness, public urination and projectile vomiting. Be sure to bring the kids along.

Bottoms up!

Ah, the legendary “Pothole or A-hole” video, back by popular demand. (???)

Really now, what part of the dreaded freeze/thaw process don’t we understand already? What is it with these mentally incontinent types? Winter generally wreaks havoc on the streets, but the great, great majority of the significant repairs cannot happen until the Mercury finally starts to rise in an appreciable sense. For those of you in Noxen, that usually means late mid to late March.

If you’re continually shocked by the appearance of potholes, I suggest you relocate to Nanticoke, since that town stopped paving their streets somewhere around the advent of MTV. Nanticoke doesn’t have potholes. Nanticoke has potholes within potholes within potholes.

From the e-mail inbox Markie
I noticed your newest zorcong video on the lulac blog.
Sup with that?

It wasn’t exactly a closely guarded secret or anything, but I helped him throw that thing together. Honestly, I thought it turned out really, really good only because The Yonkster put a lot of thought into it beforehand.

As for my involvement, all that I brought to it was a working knowledge of the movie-making software, oh, and those reoccurring group photos of my daughters.

But you’ll know full-well when one of my deranged concepts pops up, no?

I Like…

Gee whiz, I sure hope that didn’t annoy anyone.

‘Til next time.