3-9-2008 Video Flapdoodle

While shopping at Scheilís (spelling?) the other day, I was accosted by someone claiming to be a former English professor at Kings College and he wanted to know how I came to be the talented writer that I am. Talented? Am I? Thatís news to me.

Well, actually, I get that a lot.

I gave him the usual 30-second rundown: I was a total slacker in high school, I absolutely hated going to college and generally treat anything resembling formal education as if itís covered in radioactive coodies due for a big time blood feast. But, I am and always have been a voracious reader.

Bingo!, or something thereabouts, was his immediate reaction.

They say that true talent always emerges in time.--The Clash

And that conversation got me to thinking about this blogging nonsense. If Iím such a talented writer, how come everybody hates me? How come being a ďtalentedĒ blogger brings me no measure of respect?

You know, Iíve been doing this for a while now, and it seems as if, while many average folks may truly enjoy what bloggers add to the equation, many of the politicos do not (for obvious reasons) and the local press does itís level best pretending that we do not even exist. And thatís perfectly fine with me.

Although, while they get paid to meet that deadline, which often amounts to covering just about anything just to meet that deadline, we in the blogosphere try to publish something with some substance most of the time. Or so we think. Well, some of us do. I figure.

I used to be passionate about this and posted daily. These days, I could kind of care less and post if and when I freaking feel like it. Yet, I still bother. I keep telling myself to just walk away from the whole sordid affair, but I keep on doing that which I can no longer justify doing. Perhaps I persist just to annoy people, since thereís no shortage of people that portend to hate my ongoing internet adventures. Whatís that old Yiddish phrase? Oh yeah, f*ck them and the transsexual midgets they rode in on. Suddenly, Iím feeling better about this. Very odd.

Anywho, I guess what Iím wondering about is why those of us that bother to blog still bother at all. Like Iíve said many times over, these days, blogs are like assholes, in that, every assholeís got one. Something like that. Having been on the cutting edge of this medium at one time, Iím starting to feel like Iím at the back of the long line of kids waiting to be tattooed, pierced and taught the ultimate beauty of sexual experimentation with anything other than a member of the opposite sex. Sheep, I think they call them. Brainless and easily led might be a better way of describing them. Fully indoctrinated and politically correct just popped up, too.

So we do something that gets respect only begrudgingly. We have become willing targets by choice. We do this without compensation. And all we seem to get out of it is props from our partners in electronic crime? Are we dumb, or is the rest of the world somewhat dumber? Got me.

Whatever the case may be, hereís your one and only video to ponder over with this latest installment of Video Flapdoodle. I hope you enjoy it. And if not, you know what you can do with your opinion of it.