4-4-2008 Diversity or: That which nobody seems to want

Judging by the newspapers and the latest buzz on talk radio, the big news is the arrest of the two kids that painted some Nazi nonsense of some sort on a city synagogue.

Long story short, this (Police: Vandals caught) led to this (Erasing signs of hate), which led us to Fliers circulate around Pittston, Port Griffith slamming diversity, promoting White Nationalism.

It’s amazing to me, the tumult and rancor that can come about by way of the contents of a single can of spray paint. I was raised as a Catholic only to grow up (sort of) and watch the Catholic Church and it’s devote followers be belittled at nearly every turn. And after being born with really pale skin, I’ve been reminded on a daily basis ever since that I flat-out suck because of my skin color.

For instance, if I were to call Kevin Lynn and state that I am not falling for Obama’s purposely vague platform and his obvious lack of experience, he’d get to inferring that I’m a racist within a nanosecond. Or, if I called him and identified myself a devout catholic, he’d immediately assume that I’m a hopelessly staunch republican that is openly calling for the internment of those who are into same-sex escapades and the like. You know the long-established and readily-accepted template, that stereotype…that white people suck and are guilty as charged. Yeah, the dreaded white catholic; the racist, the bigot, the homophobe and the (insert preferred bullspit here).

Funny though, for all of my unfairly assigned faults and prejudices, if a couple of pimply-faced girls had desecrated my preferred house of worship, I would have reacted by making a couple of pointed comments not suggested for mixed company and quickly got to removing the offensive graffiti. Maybe I’d need a police report for insurance purposes. And perhaps I’d attend a city council meeting and provide some convoluted theory as to why it’s council’s fault, or the fault of the mayor. But, in all honesty, that’d be about that. No media. No interviews. No public rallies. No federal case made of it.

Call me a stupid, ignorant white boy, but I’ve never been seduced by the gobs of attention that victim hood could provide me with. I’m silly like that. Very silly, I suppose.

In a nutshell, what we have here is the direct result of permissive parenting. Remember, they’re just expressing themselves. Right? Isn’t that what some of you absentee parents have been telling me for years? Yeah, and sometimes their beloved freedom of expression leads to the Luzerne County Correctional Facility in lieu of $35,000 straight bail. Not necessarily the kid’s fault, mind you. Nope, in all likelihood, the ill-begotten fame, the credit for this one goes to the parents.

Another grotesque body piercing? Tattoos on your boobies? Green hair with purple stripes? Gutter slang rather than English? Vampire-like apparel? A slovenly appearance? And a supposedly passing interest in Nazis and the skinhead brotherhood? Oh, that’s nice dear. Tell your father his supper is in the microwave and ready to go. Later.

And do we remember when some of those aforementioned Keystone State Skinheads stabbed a couple of local kids at Café Metropolis and I said you’d never…ever see a child of mine in that uncontrolled and unproductive environment? Remember? Remember how much guff some of you “parents” sent me via the e--mail inbox? Remember how much more enlightened and much more hip some of you pretended to be? I do.

I snagged the following from the Web site of those skinhead kids who also just happen to be expressing themselves. And expressing themselves in no uncertain terms.

- On Saturday 1/19/08 members and supporters of the KSS took to the streets of Wilkes Barre, PA in a part of our growing efforts to combat the increasingly visible drug & crime rate spilling into our communities from New York City & Philadelphia . Hundred's of fliers were posted along the city streets calling on residents to start taking responsibility for the conditions of our neighborhoods and to address the true nature of these problems because our neighborhoods are being destroyed one street at a time, vandalized and flooded with drugs & crime at an alarming rate. Our schools, public parks, stores and shopping malls are also following the same route as well.

These problems are the direct result of large segments of the non-white community moving into our neighborhoods and replacing the people and the culture that have created these beautiful areas.

Heard enough from the disaffected children just expressing themselves?

No, in actuality, the “non-whites” are moving here because our political leaders failed for generations to attract quality jobs to this area. And the subsequent out-migration of our “best and brightest” has led to unwanted and unneeded homes when the parents of the recently migrated eventually move on to that mythical place in the sky somewhere.

The “non-whites” come here because of the low cost of living and the affordable housing left behind by the generations that were forced to relocate in search of real jobs. If reverse-gentrification is seriously afoot in our neighborhoods as some claim, the blame belongs to those who glad-handed their way into public office many moons ago. Our changing neighborhoods and our shifting demographics are the direct result of a clear lack of forward-thinking leadership. So, if “non-whites” are the object and target of your white wrath, your wrath is misdirected.

As for the big-city crime spilling out into our streets, sure, some of it is utterly destructive, very violent and very high profile. But what’s the difference? What’s the difference when what is really at work is permissive parenting run completely amok, but of a different shade or hue? When the white kid freaks out, well, that’s shameful and regrettable. Oh, but when those “non-white” kids all but freak out, then we’ve got calls to suddenly reverse the undeniable societal decay. Then the white folk have had about as much as they can be reasonably expected to stand. And stupidly, I wonder why they hate little ole me.

My point? I dunno.

The Fedrule Govmint keeps telling us that the ultimate cure-all for all that ails us is a slow, steady dose of diversity. And also that resistance is futile and punishable by law. Yet, most of what I see, read and experience tells me that the very last thing most segments of our diverse population wants, nor needs is that slow, steady dose of diversity. The blacks hang with the blacks and would prefer it see the whites keep their distance. The whites suspect anyone with a tan and it’d be perfectly fine with them if those tanned folks just stayed way over their somewhere. The Latinos and blacks are all too often acting out a real-life version of Tom & Jerry. The Koreans distrust practically everyone. The Jews seem to be a favorite target of practically every other group, and are prone to be very thin-skinned.

And I’m sitting here wondering why the feds keep on dispensing that which nobody seems to want. Oh, they say they want it. That nameless and faceless and insidious political correctness of ours always ups and demands as much. But, our actions and words certainly suggest otherwise. So, if nobody really wants to be integrated, why pretend to be a nation at all?

Like I said, I dunno.

It just seems to me that with that federally-mandated diversity comes plenty of inherent hate and suspicion, as well as oodles and oodles of feigned outrage. Perhaps we should pass a federal law by which it would be illegal to marry a person of the same color, religion or political party. And after a generation or two, we’d all be of mixed-races, in mixed marriages and mixed-up every which way possible. See, we don’t need no political correctness. We got no further need for no hate laws. What we need is a sort of socially-engineered uniformity. We’d all look alike, we’d all sound alike and we’d all kind of think alike. Or, in other words, we’d have to come up with a whole new set of reasons and an entirely new way of getting to hating each other. And in this, I have every confidence that we’ll be able to pull it off.

So, the next time you see someone being led away in chains on WNEP for perpetrating some sort of unspeakable hate crime, just consider that the only discernable difference between you and them is probably the empty bottle of grain alcohol.

As for me, I haven’t hated any particular group since I finally grew to learn that despite our obvious brilliance and our painfully apparent self-importance, in the end, we’re all just a bunch of clueless assholes cavorting all about.

So why single anyone out?

Review time. Thanks entirely to countless hours upon hours driving a commercial vehicle all by my lonesome, I am hopelessly addicted to talk radio. And last I checked, there ain’t no newfangled drug for that, the side effects of which could be expected to turn me into a clone of Britney Spears.

Anyway, back when I found myself tooling away in that city where practically no one speaks English---New York City--WABC talk radio became my steady sidekick. Thing is, I could only stand so many hours of citizen band radio chatter. The slow-motion southern drawls get annoying after a while.

These days, the only remaining talk show host on WABC is Rush Limbaugh. Back then, there was a crazy lawyer named Lionel, who used to get me to laughing out loud on a very regular basis. There was Curtis Sliwa and some commie-inspired sidekick of his. There was Bob Grant before he got fired for something he said that escapes me now. And that’s about all that I can recall.

Needless to say, from day one it was obvious that Limbaugh’s show was a deliberately political in-your-face to his political opponents. But it was very entertaining, and quite often amusing to the point of being uproarious. It’s not what it once was, but it’s still very entertaining talk radio. And whether anyone on the other side of the political fence wants to acknowledge it or not, it’s still the apex of talk radio. When possible, I still listen every day.

Now, as we all know, those on the left cannot tolerate opposing points of view. You’ve heard the oft-repeated ranting and ravings, the same old talking points that start at the very top and trickle down all the way to the hopelessly partisan bloggers. And you’ve seen the constant assault and condemnation directed at the same old targets. If slander is your game, you’ve got a home in the leftfield bleachers.

If you’re of the leftist variety, you are thereby obligated to openly and vociferously hate Fox News, Catholics, everyone not residing in New York, Washington D.C. or Hollywood, every single elected Republican and their immediate underlings, Nancy Reagan, Mr. Rogers, Carol Brady, gun owners, fishermen, businessmen, corporations, the military, those who supply the military, straight people, married people and Rush Limbaugh. If you are a card-carrying leftist, you openly and vociferously hate these peoples as if by rote. Your incessantly regrettable rhetoric proves as much. You’re not even sure why any more, but you mindlessly do as you have been incrementally instructed to do. In a word, you’re a myrmidon. Wait. Scratch that. Don’t grab the dictionary. Here, try this: You’re a dolt. Better?

So, for the better part of twenty years, I have heard Limbaugh called every name in the book. I’ve also heard him called a few new ones. I’ve heard him accused of things he’s never said or done. And the abject hate that bubbles to the surface at the mere mention of his iconic name is quite disturbing, if not confounding. Basically, the people that openly pang for his untimely demise need a hobby, a handful of Mom’s pills and/or a straightjacket. You know, the seething, name-calling, screeching democrats. Yeah, the conspiracy theorists, the anti-American patriots, the baby-killers, the proponents of what became rampant sexually transmitted diseases, the legalized drugs drug-abusers, the burned-out aging hippies, the utopian know-it-alls, the race warlords, the Access Card coalition, the illegal aliens registered to vote and the wealth distribution crowd still laughably disavowing their communist orthodoxy.

Despite the unnatural and unhealthy detestation of this man, no matter what, I still listen to his show. The fact is, he’s still the best and he’s still the most entertaining, no matter what that jealous little “wise-ass” called Kevin Lynn hatefully espouses.

And no matter what vile and repulsive things the lefties called him, it’s undeniable that he has conducted himself with the utmost class and respect when compared to his hyperventilating counterparts on the left. And now we have some proof in video form.

Yup, one of his biggest detractors, Randy Rhodes, that hating, screeching chick-like person from Air America radio displays the usual lack of class and respect that has come to be expected from those perpetually frothing at the mouth on the left. The end justifies the meanness.

WARNING: Bad, bad language.

From the e-mail inbox Mark,

Sorry I did not responded sooner but I have been busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest.

I wanted to thank you again for meeting with me and truly listening with an open mind about what I and the Guardian Angels plan to do here in the valley. The fact that you did meet me and listened to meet is a credit to your character. My hat is off to you. (or should I say beret.) In many ways we are on the same page and have a lot of the same opinions. You have no idea how close we are in some areas, not all but on more topics than you know. I have to take more of a neutral stance due to my affiliation with the Guardian Angels. We teach all members not to discuss politics and religion while representing the organization. We don't discriminate any race, religion, or political parties, so we can not voice our opinions. I could not truly speak my personal views on some topics when we met, but you would have fallen out of your chair laughing and in agreement with some responses I would have had if I could have voiced my personal feelings. I know this from the answers you gave me on some of the topics we discussed.

I must also thank you for the response you posted after our meeting. To be honest, I was still not sure what direction you were going to go in after I left and thought that you may just twist what I said around. I am sure most people who read your blog that do not like you would have thought the same. I was again surprised and have to say again how much integrity you have as a person. You posted what we discussed and did not twist anything around. If you post this e-mail. Let it be known for those that do not like you or support you. You do not alter, twist, or fabricate any quotes or conversations, unlike some media outlets in this country do. You may not like Mark, but he is honest and shoots straight from the hip. There is no gray area. I respect that. We may down the road not agree with each other on some topics, but I am confident he would listen to my side and then tell me his side. That is the great thing about this country. I do not know if he would consider me a friend but I would hope I could earn his friendship in the future. Whether you like Mark or not, he wants what is best for Wilkes-Barre and I am sure the valley. I think that all of us want that same thing.

Oh and Mark, I made sure I did not tell Curtis about the ass kickin. I am sure he would be relieved about that. And my wife is very pleased that I am not buried in your backyard. Keep on Keeping.

Scott Koppenhofer
Member of Guardian Angels Alumni and Coordinator for Wilkes-Barre, Scranton, Stroudsburg and Hazelton Chapters.

Thanks for all of that. Seriously, thanks.

Correct or otherwise, I’ve always called it the way I saw it, which is why so many of the people that visit this site either dislike me, or stop visiting it altogether. No biggie.

I really do not have a bloated opinion of myself, which is exactly why I would feel free to speak out about the role of the Guardian Angels in Wilkes-Barre without ever having spoken to one of your group. Never did I think that because I write on the internet anyone would feel compelled to speak to me, or meet with me. In the grand scheme of things, I see myself as an incessant irritant, rather than some sort of area news outlet to be dealt with.

With that said, over the years I have invited many to meet with me, but they all too often decline. The reasons have been varied and many, with most of the invitees fearing for their safety or some such ridiculous offshoot. People, never have I been accused, arrested or convicted of anything. Although, I probably could have been a couple of times. Remember, in the old days the cops weren‘t exactly light on their feet. Luckily, those days are long gone.

Look, we could have gotten together and shouted at each other for two long hours, but I still would have tried to be somewhat fair when I wrote about the brouhaha afterwards. It’s like I always tell people, I’m not nearly as bad as I seem on the internet. Overly opinionated? Yes. Overly acerbic at times? Yes. And quite often for effect. Temper? Oh, and then some. Arrests and/or convictions? Not just yet. Hopefully soon.

I did receive a few e-mails from city residents wondering about the location and the frequency of your patrols, so I was hoping that you could clue us in on some of that.

And as you alluded to, if all that you and yours seek is making Wilkes-Barre a better and safer place in which to live, then we are definitely on the same page.

Give me a buzz on the cell when you get a half a chance.

From the e-mail inbox Mark,

The Obama folks charging for bling happened as far as last September.

A few of us were at the world-famous pepper festival (http://www.pepperfestival.com/ ) in downtown Bowers, PA and there was an Obama stand. There were some local Berks County folks campaigning for various judge and mayor and other stuff, so he wasn't the only political candidate. We wanted to snag an Obama bumper sitcker, and they said $2 is the price!

Happy voting,

I realize they need to raise major chunks of campaign cash, but if I’m willing to wear the button of your preferred political candidate, why not just give me what used to be an afterthought, a political throwaway?

With hacks out there bundling illegal millions upon millions in campaign donations, it’s not like any national candidate for elected office can’t get themselves elected without demanding a portion of what little remains of my spending money. 2 bucks for a bumper sticker? Yeah, Obama…shove your buttons, shove your bumper stickers and shove your deliberate vagueness!

Tom Leighton didn’t charge me for a yard sign. And neither did Charlotte Raup. And neither did Ed Pashinski. The Bill Barrett button came to me free-of-charge. The Gazenski button didn’t set me back a dime. So if the local yokels can afford those campaign throwaways, why can’t the man who professes to be the ultimate breath of fresh political air? Why can’t the political charlatan do likewise?

Hey, I followed that link and I haven’t seen that many peppers since Percy Brown’s used to send us with these large coffin-sized vessels on wheels to raid the Farmer’s Market on Public Square. Imagine that. 1,000 pounds or so of green peppers being wheeled right down the sidewalks on South Main Street. Ah, the good/bad old days. These over-regulated days, we’d probably be cited by the health department or some such thing.

Stay in touch.

From the e-mail inbox Zappa Mentor Mark-
Have you seen this about the Clinton's?

I don't know about this. I haven't seen anything about it on Hoaxbusters, so I don't know how "Bona Fide" this is....
I usually disregard stuff like this, throw it out with all the Conspiracy Theory hoopla or Urban Legend crap, but I'm not really educated on the Clintons. Never have been before and never will. Nope, no sir, don't like em'. Not one bit.
So in essence this list is "clicks and whistles" to me. Do with it what you will. You'd be able to make better sense of it than I could.

How's everybody? Tell em' all "hi" from me, I'll get over sooner or later.... Weather breaks soon, I'll be zipping over to see you on my Specialized Rock Hopper or my Marin Pine Mountain.

And yes, they are bicycles. MassiveMountainMud-cicles to be exact. I will be doing a lot of biking due to gas going to $5.00 a gallon. I haven't rode in two years though....I hope I didn't forget. I work out in Dallas, so the 6.9 mile (much of it the Back Mountain Trail) is going to be fun. Coming home's gonna SUCK!

Oh well, Mark, good talking to you as always, been a long time Bro- Say, I don't owe any thing to the "Um-Bank" in this letter. Good for me! Your right, good punctuation and proper speech are important....


Send me your thoughts on Jaco Pastorious.......

-The Twang Man

Dude, The Clinton Body Count has been meticulously documented, but we were told to dismiss all of that when the Democrats and the press were still smitten with all things Clinton. Yes, where the Clintons have gone, death did follow. But, they’re Democrats. You know, well above any serious media scrutiny. Or, at least, they were well above any serious media scrutiny until the fawning press started covering for his vagueness: Jesus H. Obama.

If Hillary were to somehow win in Pennsylvania, Indiana and North Carolina, that old Clinton body count report might get pulled out and dusted off, since the adoring press seems intent on electing Mr. Vague no matter what.

As for the bikes, do it! You have no idea what it feels like to be surrounded by the people bitching bout the suddenly infinite price of the gasoline, the very same people, no less, who think you’re a twisted freak of some sort for commuting to work by bicycle. Turns out, the cruel joke is on them.

Um (ka-ching!), I had to Google your bass-playing hero. Sorry, but, I ain’t never heard of no rock star named Jaco. I knew a guy named Jocko once, but I’m pretty sure he managed a gas station. Whatever.

Pedal on, save a ton of money in the process and secretly laugh at those who supposedly strive to be in shape, but who scoff outwardly at those who really are in shape.