11-2-2008 Senator Cocksure

I read with much curiosity the various news stories about the skinheads who were arrested for conspiring to assassinate Barack Obama.

Now, while the pundits as well as average folks were saying that such a thing would likely lead to even more racial disharmony bordering on violence in the streets, for whatever demented reason, my thoughts immediately turned to the Secret Service people who are charged with providing for Obama’s safety.

The way I see it, being one of those folks with the ear pieces has to amount to being on DEFCON 1 24/7, meaning they would have to assume that an attack on Obama’s person is imminent during every moment of every day. Readiness is tantamount, unless you want to lose that which you are trained to protect.

That’s exactly how I approach doing Wood Destroying Inspections when homes are close to being closed on by new owners. I go in assuming that an attack is already well underway. I go in thinking, they are in here somewhere, so let’s find them. Readiness is tantamount, unless you want to lose that which you are trained to protect. Namely, someone’s biggest investment--their home.

Anyway, even though the folks on the left want to pretend that racism is practically a thing of the past as we rapidly approach the big McCain/Obama electoral showdown, the more realistic of us know this not to be the case. As things currently stand, racism is alive and well in this country. And that is not intended as an indictment of white people alone. There are just as many non-whites given to frequent bouts of hating whites and still other non-whites alike.

With all of that stated, I can think of plenty of things I’d rather do than stand next to an elected president all afternoon long. Yup, since there seems to be no shortage of lunatics plotting all sorts of unspeakable deeds, I just don’t think I’d like being the equivalent of a bullet magnet for somebody else.

At any given minute, high-velocity rounds, rocket-propelled grenades and the like could come whizzing my way on this beautiful afternoon? And from every possible angle? Yikes. And if that fateful day, if that assassination attempt were to come, it might be over for me before I even realized it had happened. Meaning, being blown apart from the neck up has instantly debilitating effects on one’s cognitive processes.

So, what then? I awaken in purgatory asking the case worker what the hell happened? Oh, the motorcade. Oh yeah, that. Shot to sh*t, eh? Damn.

From here forward, let us assume that Barack Obama wins the big one on Tuesday, and in January he assumes the presidency. During the primary fight before it, and during the presidential dustup, I’ve heard two things over and over and to the point of absurdity: 1. “I’m not a racist but,…”, and 2., “I ain’t voting for no (insert N-Word or preferred derivative here).”

Now, if the average hard-working folks not usually given to assassination plots and the like are thinking like that, then what the heck is running through the minds of the worst of the race warriors? Last I checked, Skinhead Nation was doing just fine in it‘s recruiting efforts. Much like the disillusioned black kids who join the inner-city gangs, there’s certainly no shortage of dispirited white kids from the suburbs and the back woods needing to feel as if they belong to something bigger than themselves. American History X comes to mind.

And then throw in the fact that the white racists seem to conspire on much bigger scales, and sometimes, on the national stage. Your typical black gang member completely distrustful of whites might do his level best to make the lives of white people worst off, and maybe even murder one or two along the way. Murder, rape, robbery; kids stuff by today’s rapidly declining standards.

But those white skinhead types, those guys go separatist. Those white guys see the coming apocalypse practically every time they see the network news. Those guys retreat to the woods somewhere and turn the old family homestead into a Vietnam-era forward fire base. They need not a six-shooter for the purposes of self-defense. No, these guys need the good stuff, the automatic weapons that spew rounds faster than Rosie O’Donnell spews hate speech. No, these guys fantasize about mixing fertilizers and accelerants, and by the ton load. And while they may be on the farm, all too often, they are off the reservation and never to return.

These guys aren’t content with selling a few bags of heroin, snagging a few gold chains and getting their rocks off. These guys kill when they can. These guys shoot up rallies. These guys bring down federal buildings. These guys pretend to be preachers while the indoctrinated flock helps to stockpile the weapons and ammo. These guys are off-the-charts scary.

Now, you tell me. You give me a good reason, or a figure that would make even Alex Rodriguez green with envy. You tell me why I’d want to be standing way too close to America’s first black president on a daily basis and for the foreseeable future. You tell me that patrolling the mountains of Afghanistan with the 10th Mountain Division is any more dangerous than serving as a bodyguard to America’s first black commander-in-chief.

While you can make that argument, I’m not buying any of it. And if Barack Obama grabs the political brass ring, the Fedrule Govmint had better start hiring more ATF agents and by the hundreds.

I have absolutely no problem with a black president. I just don’t want to be caught anywhere near him. It’s sad to say, but there it is.

Them’s my thoughts on that.

While we‘re on the subject of the all-knowing, all-seeing giver of hope and change, I’d like to focus on what we should expect if Obama does dispense with John McCain on Tuesday.

Since all we have to go on is his questionable biography, since he has no credits to speak of, no accomplishments, no policy achievements…nothing, I’m wondering how someone so glaringly unqualified is going to change the world as he has promised to do. While woefully short on experience and resume, he is obviously long on naivete. And when it comes to foreign policy, dangerously so.

I have never seen so much based on so little.

As far as spreading the wealth goes, what he is promising to do is to reward mediocrity and abject failure. If the long litany of bad decisions you’ve made are cramping your style, don’t sweat it. Karl Marx is on his way, but he looks and sounds more like Robin Hood with a really good tan.

I am my brother’s keeper?

That’s all well and good. But when your brother is being kept fat and lazy with the proceeds of my hard work, I fail to see how Barack Obama would be helping anyone at all. By stealing from the “rich’ to give to the poor, all that he would provide both groups with is an incentive not to achieve. The poor will do as they always do, less. And so might I as a result of Obama’s love of communalism at the point of a gun.

His regressive tax policies are just that…regressive. The hapless folks on the left side of the aisle keep bemoaning trickle-down economics to no end. Okay, so how in Allah’s name will trickle-up economics work? We tax the balls off of American corporations and the little guy benefits? Really? How?

When profit margins shrink, payrolls shrink. When profits are taxed and taxed regressively, reinvestments go by the wayside. But why would we expect Obama’s many supporters to understand basic things such as that.

The bulk of Obama’s fawning supporters are literally bullet-proof. He’s got the minority vote. He’s got the young folks all agog. And he’s got the union vote, meaning, he’s got the votes of government employees at various levels of government who produce little or nothing to speak of, while demanding more and more from the people who actually produce something tangible. And for all of those groups, there’s nowhere to go but up when the redistribution of wealth begins in earnest.

And capital gains taxes? You think there’s uncertainty and volatility in the financial markets now? Oh, boy. Just wait until the inexperienced one starts punishing corporations for being, in his anti-capitalist mind, too successful. Can you say…contraction? Less reinvestment? More layoffs? He’s going to punish companies that send our jobs overseas? Nah, more likely, he’s going to drive even more jobs overseas.

Yeah, I know. Y’all hate George Bush after eight long years of being told to do so by the media. Y’all hate war, even though you’ve never experienced one except on video. Y’all have been brainwashed into believing that Halliburton and Exxon/Mobil present more of an imminent danger to this country than does Iran. Relax. Stupidity is not punishable by law.

But in all honesty, should we feel all upbeat and optimistic about our future when it’s put in the shaky hands of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid? Hello! Is there anyone out there still in possession of some barely useable brain matter? I wouldn’t trust those three with my Archie comic book collection.

And what of possible titanic shifts? Barney Frank wants to cut military spending by 25%? We did that 16 years ago, and all that that got us was 50% less war-ready combat divisions, 50% less Navy surface ships and a “peace dividend” that has yet to pay any dividend in an increasingly dangerous world.

And since I heard this nonsense recently, let’s do it again here on the internet. 50% less surface ships means our capability to refuel at sea is seriously, seriously diminished. Which also means surface ships have to continually cruise into hostile ports to be refueled. U.S.S. Cole, anyone?

And how about that Fairness Doctrine the left-leaning have been clamoring for? Rather than win the argument, why not just legislate the argument out of existence? Free speech? Nah, screw that. Free speech breeds contempt, and contempt will no longer be allowed. That’s what we want for this country? The Democrat sanctioned version of Pravda? Amerika?


Y’all can do what you feel you gotta do on Tuesday. Vote for Senator Cocksure early and often. Vote for inexperience, naivete and communism. Bring it on. Bring on the beginning of the end. Unravel what once was raveled together so correctly.

Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask Senator Cocksure what I can do (pay for) for you.

Vote for the more expansive government. Vote for the tax increases. Vote for the usurpation of vast amounts of money out of the economy. Vote for Senator Cocksure. He may not be white, but he sure looks like Jimmy Carter all over again.

Sez me.

You know, in my special place, it doesn’t really matter to me if Lou Barletta dethrones Paul Kanjorski or not. If Barletta doesn’t get it done on Tuesday, the next challenger to the culm throne surely will.

Think about it. The pundits and democrats alike are salivating at the expected leftist gains in both the House and the Senate. The way I hear it, they expect to pick up 1,000 seats in the House. And somewhere thereabouts 3 to 400 more Senate seats. And that’s a lot of frickin’ seats, no?

Yet, Paul Kanjorski is currently fighting for his political life. Paul Kanjorski is waging probably the slimiest, filthiest smear campaign ever seen in these here backward parts. The Democrats are miscalculating the obvious overreaction of the populace as a mandate from the masses. Still, Paul Kanjorski has to lie, smear and slither his way when faced with his very first challenge of note.

Put very bluntly, even in this heavily Democratic voting district, even in his gerrymandered-to-death voting district, whether he wins on Tuesday or not, Paul Kanjorski is receiving a clear and concise vote of no confidence.

Seriously, kiddies, while the political over-correction swirls all around us, Paul Kanjorski is as vulnerable as vulnerable gets. A 24-year congressional veteran is having trouble beating down the resolute insurgency that is the mayor of a nondescript town of 30,000 in the middle of nowhere.

The writing is on the wall, Uncle Paul. It’s time to move on and finally allow your family members to fare for themselves.

And don’t worry. Senator Cocksure will see to it that they thrive after he attaches my paycheck more severely.


From the e-mail inbox Dear Family-
As you now know, a certain something has happened that is making my Town a little safer. Yes, early Thursday morning I was playing bass through the computer (with headphones on) and I start smelling smoke. I haven't smoked in two weeks (Thank you), so it wasn't me...

Chris is on the couch sleeping, Kimmie is sleeping, basement is good, dog needs to go out, so I let her out and BLAMO! There's a massive skunk staring back at me and Libby from outside. The skunk goes around the side of my house, so I close the back door and go to the front door to see how big this skunk is. He went by and then the siren sounded up at the Municipal Bldg. up the street. So I went up.


I was out there at 3:45am in my socks, sweats, and thermals.

I watched it for about five minutes. Saw a fireman going to the blaze, "Glass Bar?" I asked.

"Yep." he replied.

I added to that, "Well isn't that convenient for Leo?"

And he started laughing.

Follow this story. If you don't know what it's been doing as of late, you'll be very surprised.

Since the last Shooting, (or should I say Execution, in the parking lot) his buisness was re-opened but it stayed quiet. Then he said he wanted to sell it, but he wanted an exuberant amount of money. And he wasn't budging from it, either. And about a month or so, Leo (the owner) put a sign saying he was going to lease it out. The Downstairs and Upstairs.
Then just recently he put another sign saying, "Make An Offer".
And now it burns to the ground. Again I say," Howwwwww Conveeeeeeeeenient!".

Keep a Close Eye on this! There's a lot more to this story that I don't want to write about now, all I can say is the owner has "connections". And this doesn't look like an accident because he just had Inspections. Because of that "Execution" in the in the parking lot, the City tried to shut him down, but all his "Papers" were in order. Health, LCB, Fire, Electrical, every Department was thrown at him and he aced everything.

The Basement door was open and the fire looked to originate in the basement itself.

More to come!

Hey! The air smells fresher over here.........

To my Family, a Good Night!!!

And Mark- YOU keep a keen eye on this (as a favor from an old East-Ender), and keep up the great work on your site!

I was in that dump one time, and one time only. With it’s adverse reputation and all, it seemed like a bad idea to me, but I my vote was overruled.

Thankfully, I was flanked by two guys who do little more than drink copious amounts of beer, lift copious amounts of steel weights and use the dartboard as a target for their throwing stars and throwing knives.

While I am known as the tough-assed skinny guy, I’ve got plenty of friends who dwarf me in size. Hell, I’ve got a couple of friends who block out the Sun’s rays, and with nary an ounce of fat on the frame. And their sheer bulk is matched only by their maniacal hostility and brutality when provoked. Good guys, just don’t fu>k with them.

Anyway, we were in there checking the place out, when some black kid starts making cracks about “The Beatles fans.” I’m not entirely sure what he was going on about, but he was definitely talking smack on the three of us. And before too long, his gold chain-laden sidekicks were making occasional glances at us and cracking up as if they were spying the funniest thing ever seen.

And it wasn’t too long after that, with a bit of prodding, that the ring leader of said group had a lit cigarette flicked right off the side of his sideways-set ball cap. Sorry, but I have this flair, this knack for timely theatrics when things are dead set on turning ugly. And with that, we were giggling all about and things went outside and in a big, big hurry.

Now, I’ll not share with you what happened out there, because I’m not sure about any active police investigations and whatnot. Let’s just say there was this happy ending, in that, it doesn’t matter if people get hurt so long as the right people get hurt.

The fun part of this episode was the shocked looks on the faces of the still conscience broken, beaten and thoroughly defeated party. The thing is, young black males almost always seriously underestimate the physical capabilities of those silly white men. And just as soon as you underestimate any opponent, you are inviting the beating of your life. Perhaps even worse. And in this case, we delivered a very healthy dose of ‘worse’ all over them.

The Glass Bar went up in smoke?

Good riddance. No great loss.

The question is, which bar will the drug dealers and the gang-bangers turn into their new haunt of choice? Or more aptly put, which quiet corner bar becomes the new nuisance bar splashed all over the airwaves?

Since you (whoever you are) asked, here goes. The fantasy football update.

Well, during the past two weeks, I’ve gone from 6-0 to 6-2.

But, while I fielded competitive teams during those two losses, I fielded watered-down teams due to bye week losses as well as two key injuries. But I figured I’d be better served by weathering the predicted storm than by panicking and tearing my team apart by way of ill-advised trades. We hunkered down. We lost two in a row. And now we’re poised, ready and healthy for the stretch run.

The good news is, the bye weeks are behind me, and my injured players--Anquin Boldin and Brain Westbrook--were both back in the lineup last week. And they were both fantasy studs last week.

Here’s today’s starters:

QB: Jay Cutler

RB: Earnest Graham

RB: Brain Westbrook

WR: Brandon Marshall

WR: Anquin Boldin

WR: Greg Jennings

FLEX: Steve Breaston

TE: Anthony Fasano (Jason Wittten is hurt)

K: Jason Elam

DEF: Tampa Bay

You want a piece of that?

That’s what I thought!