1-4-2008 YouTube Weekend or: Do you believe in you-know-who?

Football is on the video advertising box. So, rather than post anything, this is my electronic version of follow the leader.

Watch the videos. Or don’t watch the videos.

See if I frickin’ care.

“Multiplication” video

Muslim clerics rail against Israelis

“I-35 Can Stop Homosexuality” 700 Club

Women promise to martyr themselves in the name of you-know-who

Falwell and Robertson on The 700 Club after 9/11

(Editor’s note: Gays caused 9/11 to happen???)

Senate Examines Evangelists

Bible Prophecy in the News : One World Religion Storm Rising

“Religion” video

Zappa Halloween '81 (With Steve Vai)

Dumb All Over (By, well, by me)