5-3-2009 The Ghost of Courts

I realize I have not been very prolific of late, but I知 kind of beat up. To go from a three month layoff directly into steady, heavy, industrial type work is akin to spending a few weeks training for war and then being air-dropped right into the middle of it while it壮 raging out of control. Anyway, I知 beat up and I always find it difficult to write much of anything when I知 physically as well as mentally drained. My problem, not yours.

There are those that think I致e been mentally drained since birth, but we値l save that one for another day. Then again, feel free.

In addition, when I get around to it, I知 going to pull the electronic plug on Wilkes-Barre Online and find an internet vehicle that will require far less of my time for the purposes of posting any of my usual madness. I値l probably end up at blogging for dummies just like practically everyone else. Whatever. Whatever works, whatever works quickly and whatever is free of charge.

I was going to attend the big bloggers get-together at Mark痴 Pub last night, but I decided against it at the very last moment. The way I figured it, fast-encroaching fatigue plus ample amounts of alcohol equals a dull boy face down on the table and sound asleep by 9 PM. Not to worry, though. This rough stretch is normal. I go through it every year when I go from sitting around for two months to busting my ball bearings in an instant. No big thing. I知 getting re-acclimated to hard work real quick like. Yawn.

Truth is, even given the sudden energy spurt, I kind of blew my load on the 訴nvite-only genealogy/family Web site last night, so this here entry promises to be both uninspired and short.

Anyway, let痴 get down to business.

I caught some of the Corbett show on Friday, when he was going off on the Clerk of Courts in this here corrupt county of ours, one Bob Reilly.

Now, I don稚 take kindly to anyone who threatens me with violence while prancing around in his overpriced pajamas, but I知 here to tell Steve Corbett that Bob Reilly is not working two jobs. I致e been to the car dealership in question all of five times. And all five times, during what could only be called 創ormal business hours, Reilly was in there trying to sell cars. In fact, he always sits right next to the Delorean parked in the showroom.

In other words, he has one jobselling cars. And that other paycheck he receives courtesy of the taxpayers of Luzerne County comes to him by way of his ghost job. Because as far as the courthouse is concerned, he痴 a ghost. There it is. I was there, and so was heelsewhere, while he was being paid to do our business.

When next his government paycheck depends on a vote from the electorate, fire his fat ass! And major kudos to whomever it was that ratted him out to the apoplectic local radio talk show host. I would have ratted him out, but I would have been breaching the trust of a client that was paying my employer to send me there in the first place. And far, far more important to me than blogging and attention-getting internet scoops is business ethics.

All of that stated, I say again, fire his fat ass!

So, while I知 off to figure out what to replace Wilkes-Barre Online with, I知 turning this page over to Luzerne County痴 next Controller, Walter Griffith.

Take it away, Walter

From the e-mail inbox Dear Wilkes-Barre Online,

I would like to write in regarding the story about Bob Reilly " Luzerne County Clerk of Courts" and his ability to have a job as a Automobile salesman in addition to his County Row Office.

Mr. Reilly is a disgrace to the County Row Officers and the taxpayers for his behavior and he should immediately quit his job as a salesman or County Row Officer. This is the same person that has stated "on the record" that his job requires more money from the taxpayers and he has demonstrated that he isn't even on the job "Full Time". This is the same person that used the County Taxpayers money to fund a lawsuit against the taxpayers to stop the Clerk of Courts budget because it was not enough funds for his office.

The Luzerne County Courthouse has had its time in the sun for to long for all the wrong reasons, and this is just another case of the abilities of a few, that tarnish the entire beauty of the wonderful building that will be celebrating its 150.year's of existence.

My time has been spent the past 3 years trying to hold the elected officials of this County accountable to the taxpayers, by attending County Commissioner meetings, and asking for accountability and transparency in government, when all the rest of the candidates that have now come on the scene have been silent.

The County Commissioners have never held anyone accountable for their abuse of power in government in the past, and I as a taxpayer advocate, have been trying to have them do this since attending the first meeting regarding the issue of the Debit Card abuser's in which I call the "magnificent seven".

The taxpayers of Luzerne County should and must have elected officials that are "Full Time" and should not accept anything less, and this can be accomplished by instituting a policy in personnel that requires everyone to "Log In" and "Log Out" and show mileage for all travel to designate their time out of the office.

I have been asking for the use of a " Badge Scanner" or "time Clock" to verify the attendance of all County Employee's and I feel with the abuse of this type with Mr. Rielly it is long over due for the taxpayers.

I, as a taxpayer advocate, the past three years in the County, and the past 7 years in the City of Wilkes Barre, have taught me several lessons about our government regarding our Elected Officials like Mr. Reilly and Ms. Moran, as well as a few others, that feel they are above the same rules of employment as the people they supervise, and that is that we, as taxpayers, are always being taken advantage of by a few people in government that can get away with it, and we need people to always be there asking questions and holding our government accountable.

I, as your taxpayer advocate, have attended the meetings at my own cost, and have been a taxpayer advocate for the taxpayers of Luzerne County on many issues that concern abuse of power by the elected officials. I spoke out for the taxpayers regarding the "Debit Cards" and tried to have the "Abuser's" fired for their actions, however the Commissioners chose to turn their heads and wink and nod at this type of corruption.

I, as a your taxpayer advocate, represented everyone in the County. at my own cost, regarding the court case to borrow over 16 million dollars because of the Commissioners reckless spending and was successful in having the courts rule in the taxpayers favor to lower that to 5 million.

The reason for my bringing this to light is because at election time, we always seem to see candidate ask for the taxpayers confidence and vote, and then we never hear from them again after the election. I have demonstrated that I will always be there for the taxpayers "AT MY OWN EXPENSE" because I truly care about them and its not about myself or the money.

I vow to all the taxpayers that I will be a " FULL TIME" Controller, and that means that I will be in the office at the same times that I expect my staff to be there, and I will lead by example. I will not abuse the taxpayers like Mr. Reilly or Ms. Moran or the others that are pledging to be "FULL TIME" just to get elected and then "Thumb their noses" at the taxpayers once they are elected. I will be the right person for the job and will not pay a vendor for work if they don't follow the contract like what happened with 21st Century and our botched reassessment for the profit of our corrupt officials.

I would like to conclude by saying that there are several people that are professionals running for public office, and are asking for your support to get the votes required to win the election on May 19th.I would suggest that each taxpayer ask this one very important question on election day and that is " Where were these people that are asking for our vote when we needed them when our elected officials were abusing their power and our money" ?

The answer is clear that on election day we need to vote for "Walter L Griffith JR for Luzerne County Controller. He truly is a man of "Honesty and Integrity" and also someone that has demonstrated his ability to fight and speak for the taxpayers because he cares and will not abandon the taxpayers after he is elected as your next County Controller.

Walter L Griffith Jr
Candidate for Luzerne County Controller
570-735-XXXX (work)
570-822-XXXX (home)
570-239-XXXX (cell)

How痴 that for a free plug?

Let me say this about the Luzerne County government and all of it痴 vast holdings. Thanks to a former and my current employer, I致e been in just about every property the county--we--own. And the stories I could tell you would curl your last couple of fraying, graying hairs. But I致e always held back rather than put my employer in any sorts of compromising positions.

And while I may not post them on the internet for obvious reasons, feel free to jog my memory in private. Trust me, you値l be glad you did.

And with that, my last ever post on the formerly expansive electronic pages of Wilkes-Barre Online